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  1. Tom, it’s great to hear how things have changed over the past year for you. A year ago you made the most important first step; speaking out and seeking help. As someone who has been there myself, it’s a tough step to take too, but once taken it’s a huge weight off your shoulders. Amazing work and can’t wait to see the article. When are you breaking cover on the second aspect? :-)
  2. Having spent 12 months working in it I couldn’t not see it!
  3. A two storey version of the ‘green house’ at Basford Hall! Looks great, Jack. Great job on the back scenes!
  4. Tom, I have no words for your work and I'm fairly certain it would be impossible to over-saturate us with such wonderful modelling! A quick question, if I may. Where do you get the sea moss trees from - I'm most impressed from them and am thinking something similar would work on my planned layout. Thanks. I'm sure I speak for many when I say 'keep posting, whatever it may be!'
  5. Tom, I’m assuming at some point you will confess you’ve found Sodor in real life and have been busy taking photos of the real Skarloey Railway, rather than building a model…? :-)
  6. @Phil Parker, is the tool box (if it is a tool box) on Britomart able to be removed, do you know? Thanks for the video and interview; annoyingly I have Alice on pre-order but very much fancy a cabbed version too. My bank account won’t thank you!
  7. You’ll have to let everyone know when the articles appear. Another superb photo, by the way.
  8. Crikey, Tom! I looked at the first photo and though 'you can't beat that' and then looked at the second and thought 'you can't beat that.' Then I looked at the last one... wow! You are an incredibly talented fellow! Incidentally, I was driving into North Wales last week and spotted the Cwm Prysor station house and gate etc, made me think of your other work.
  9. I love how, amongst the dark under covers, the colour of Rheneas just ‘pops.’ Excellent work.
  10. The layout, as many have said, looks superb. I must add that this paragraph sounds very interesting too!
  11. I bought the navy blue one and turned it into a Rocket-a-like (named Noah after my little lad) at the Telford Steam Railway.
  12. The Great Western livery is a thing of beauty. So well done too.
  13. Looks good Jack. Are you planning to raise the height in some areas?
  14. Merry Christmas Jack. Love the SMS kits, enjoyable to build.
  15. Looks super Jack. The arch is just the ticket!
  16. Absolutely. I did this to my Wills Pagoda and thought it made it more convincing too. It’s very ‘Lawley Village’ on the Telford Steam Railway.
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