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  1. When buying second hand I always take the view that there’s a high chance that the loco was surplus to requirements, so probably not run for a while so will need a wheel clean and light oil.. usually right. My loco shop will always run them for me, where-as i am not always convinced that the two big box shifters do , so it’s more of a chance purchase given they are warehouses as opposed to model shops.
  2. Mtk class81 on eBay at present, looks nicely built and lightly weathered, front windows a classic massingham disaster…and the price will make you take a breath!!
  3. Great pictures of the early 50s, and modelling inspiration of a subject not really covered, I doubt Hornby will ever cover them… ought to be easy enough for us modellers to produce!
  4. You have to feel for Ben having put his heart and soul into the 25/45/47 models with two being challenged by other manufacturers, I guess for us it will come down to price at the end of the day "……it’s becoming a crowded market place.
  5. Is there a compliment due here to Lima in bucking the reputation of Italian metal !! (i cut some with an angle grinder, beat a hacksaw hands down)
  6. I would suggest a web search of , railtec, fox to name a couple.
  7. Here are some comparisons between the two Heljan runs, and credit to Ben for the subtle changes on the new version makes a much better model, particularly the pantograph which although does sit a little high on the insulators looks better, but as Ben explained was a compromise that had to be made.
  8. Some more to whet appetites v/s one of my Hornby models with a Lima phantograph. Heljan model is nice not weathering issues like the 25.
  9. Interesting as well in that hattons still have these on their website despite communication last year, be great if they have had a change of heart.!
  10. There is always eBay as a last resort.
  11. 40106 looks ok....and as you say the Green is a bit challenging! and on a lighter note we both seem to be the prominent eBay trawlers for locos, I picked up an unmade class 24 last week ,all the mouldings look ok and just need a little filing ,so touch wood very little filler will be needed, the glazing looks to be a fair fit as well , a. Hornby class 25 unit will power it. It would be great if the trail can flush out some pics of MTK ac electrics ,as those always seem to fetch a hefty premium on EBay . hattons still have a peak kit on their books , the photos just don’t show enough to judge if any bits are missing.
  12. That would be great please...also like others I have a challenge in getting all lights to function, which I imagine is down to the contacts as I have only one tail light. Working at present.
  13. Great thread, I recently picked up one on eBay relisted as a non runner, the nuts/ bearings were locked solid with the famous green gunge, and now freed up and runs superbly , what I do find odd is that I have a number of other 56’s and 50’s which aren’t used that often and none have suffered the same way. I have another with a broken coupling mount has anyone any experience in replacing the part ? I assume it is mounted to the chassis as opposed to any part of the bogie.
  14. Does look a good step up from the Bachmann offering , and as we all agree weathering is very subjective and in this instance almost looks dry brushed as opposed to an airbrush.
  15. Per Andy and the admin, please give Heljan a break, take a step back to look at what they have achieved in the uk ...0 gauge for the masses and a great run of the unique locos, kestrel/ lion/ falcon class 128 to name a few , all of which I very much would have seen the light of day from Hornby or Bachmann, and ok there has been the odd hiccups in the learning curve but we have all been there.
  16. Progress on my other 33 , covic has locked down the motor repair. And another one for curiosity on the go , a Q-kits 56 with shawplan widow frames , I need to file the resin down a little more, and, figure out the best way to locate and wire up the power units as surprisingly they both fire up and run well. And also tempted to get the Dremel out and attempt to convert it to a class 69.. perhaps someone will do a 3D print run of the exhaust. ,
  17. Another interesting publication from Key presents , covering rail testing from 1960 to date, picked up a copy today at WHS , so no doubt available at the usual outlets.
  18. Looking good so far is your cab Genesis ?
  19. Thank you everyone, the airfix 31 is very marmite, but given proper servicing especially the bearings they will run quietly, and With flush glazing makes an excellent model and in some aspects better than the Lima offerings which is let down by the massive coupling, one area where airfix were years ahead of the curve.
  20. Hi, this might help..opposite end view of 31215 with the additional lights.lots of good photos on the net depending on which colour scheme is the preference... and schoolboy error on my part in filing down the wrong head code end.
  21. Some Class 31 oddities using the Airfix model that as rtr will probably not see the light of day from Hornby. 31/0 , 31101 with no head code at one end, 31215 with the unique paint job, and 31294 I think was the only green one to carry a tops number. And an effort on the unique 56042...a bit of a Heinz... Hornby body, on a mainline chassis with Hornby class 58 bogie frames.. still need to sort out the steps, but it was an interesting exercise in adhesive’s and trimming.
  22. Hi Vivian , thank you for the note, do you have a rough sketch of how to run the wiring?
  23. Can the power bogies used on the ex Lima models such as on the 47/66/59 be wired up without the pcb board.
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