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  1. Hi All I have been to every TINGS, bar one, since it started and I thoroughly enjoyed this one as well. I thought the range and quality of the layouts was good and there seemed to be the usual mix of traders. It was great to catch up with old friends after such a long time. I think Pauline and Avril are to be congratulated on putting together such a successful show considering the current climate. Rewarding too, that visitors were only 25% down on previous years. I have put together a short video of our modular layout, that we exhibited, for those who were unable to visit. All the Best, Ged.
  2. Just back home after a week helping daughter prepare to move house and 2 locos waiting for me. They are amazing! Very fine, exquisite detail and lots of it!! The painting and print finish is superb and the weathered version has just the right amount of grime. They both run like a dream, very smooth and almost silent. They put other manufacturers to shame and I am very impressed. Thanks again to Ben, Mike and particularly Sam for such a fine model.
  3. The 2 rakes I ordered have arrived. Thanks again to Ben & Mike for sets of superb models. Fabulous detail and nicely weighted. Could make an appearance at TINGS. cheers, Ged.
  4. Hi Ben & Mike delighted with the choice of wagon and the eras it covers. You can count me in on a few, as usual, Cheers, Ged.
  5. I will be there with the Northumberland Area Group exhibiting our large modular layout ‘Longhirston’. Hope to see many of you there. cheers, Ged.
  6. Sorry, it should be the driving trailers. However, on the real thing, they are the power cars and have the pantographs. cheers, Ged.
  7. Hi Nova Scotian Thank your partner for the compliment. It is funny, as one of my Youtube subscribers suggested I take up doing Station Announcements!!
  8. Hi All I have put together a short video of the LNER Azuma and a Class 802 in TPX livery. I used ElectraRail vinyls for the conversion. I have also included 2 Azumas coupled together. Here is the link:
  9. GWR set arrived and Adam’s TPE vinyls. Set duly converted but I wasn’t sure what colour was needed for the coach ends and the roofs. So, I took photos of a couple of TPE sets this afternoon at Morpeth. One set in the station and the other from a high footbridge. Now to find matching paints. cheers, Ged.
  10. So, I had to give in to temptation. GWR set ordered along with Adam's vinyls to convert to TPE.
  11. Well Done Adam. Those vinyls look very tempting. I’m not sure how long I will be able to resist!! cheers, Ged.
  12. A HUGE thank you and congratulations to Ben & Mike once again. The 12 I ordered arrived this morning and they are superb! Fantastic, comprehensive detail as usual with a plethora of small parts. They run very smoothly and I am pleased that they are lighter than the Class Bs. I am very, very happy. Cheers, Ged.
  13. Brilliant model and runs beautifully. I had a problem with the front bogie as well. I unscrewed it, inserted a thin washer, screwed it back on and had no further problems. I have another on order. cheers, Ged.
  14. There are several companies who will respray a Class 47 for you and that will be much cheaper than a commission with Bachmann. cheers, Ged.
  15. I am delighted to see the accolades that Revolution have earned in the recent Model Rail Awards. Top of the tree for the KUA and right up there as an N Gauge Manufacturer.. Congratulations Ben and Mike, richly deserved recognition! The wonderful think is there is more to come!! Cheers, Ged
  16. Great! Thanks Arran. can’t wait, Cheers, Ged.
  17. Hi Folks Order pages are now OPEN! Early bird until the end of March. cheers, Ged.
  18. Hi All My 3 Class 92s arrived last week (92003, 92018, 92036). 92003 performed like a dream straight from the box. Smooth and quiet form very slow crawl to high speed. I held back for commenting, though, as the other 2 did not run well at all. 92018 stuttered a little and 92036 was a very poor runner, would often stop without reason and struggled even with a small load. Close inspection showed that, on both locos, one of the traction tyres was slightly twisted and not correctly seated on its wheel. This meant the bogie was not lying flat and so not all the wheels were touching the rails. Adjustments made and they now run perfectly. I am very impressed with the locos and they look superb. Amazing detail throughout and the roof is a work of art. The intricate detail on the roof is far better than my CJM 92s. Printing is spot on and very fine. I love the etched roundels and depot plaques. Although the locos are light, haulage for me is OK as I will not be asking them to haul more than 10 coaches or 12 IPAs. Well worth the wait and Congratulations, once again, to Ben and Mike. Cheers, Ged.
  19. Really pleased with the way these are looking! Thanks for the update. cheers, Ged.
  20. HI Ben & Mike Tried to order the dummy screw link coupling bars. Are they sold out already or have they not arrived yet? Cheers, Ged.
  21. Really delighted with this decision! I will be buying 2 at least. cheers, Ged.
  22. Thanks for the update Arran - Looking Good!! Cheers, Ged.
  23. Thanks Christopher, I have weathered them now to match my other stock and I like them more and more as I use them. The detail is amazing and the running qualities are superb! I have run them empty, with plastic cars and with metal Transit Vans. Perfect running no matter what the load. I guarantee, you will enjoy them! Cheers, Ged.
  24. Hi All 12 of these beauties have arrived in the post. They are superb! Congratulations Arran on the intricate detail and the very fine printing!! Cheers, Ged.
  25. World of Railways has confirmed that the CADs for these wagons have been approved. So dust off your credit cards as they could soon get some use. (I wonder if they will beat the 128s) cheers, Ged.
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