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    Diesels blue and newer. Portugal, Canadian Pacific, US North West.....visiting Norfolk, walking dogs, driving lawn tractors, gardening, cooking, wine, Manchester United, Rail Photography, Music obsessive. http://gridwatchersrailpages.weebly.com https://www.facebook.com/sdeg.co.uk/

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  1. Chris Welcome. You SHOULD go. Once the travel stuff gets easier it's still a brilliant place to travel around by train. Relatively cheap to get to Sleazy Jet to Porto is a good option and relatively cheap to travel around by rail, proper loco hauled inter city and regional services and an increasing number of more tourist focussed trains. I would say definitely spend a day or two on the Douro valley and try and fit in the meter gauge Vouga line further south too. The only place that it's a bit of a desert these days is the far south. Andrew Donnelly (158722 on here) would keep you
  2. That's brill John. Hadn't noticed that one. Meanwhile we have been told that Wigan Show is cancelled for 2021 so our hope of CAmpo getting a few days out and about has gone, and due to rejigging of the schedules and invited layout list needing to be shortened we have agreed to it being 2023! when we attend. Sorry folks. We will try and get another invite somewhere before then
  3. If anyone is after a set of Heljan door guards I might have a set or two? PM me.
  4. We had a little look at the prototypes for other technical reasons some time ago and I can assure you that much like the 25/3 the 'sound guys' have been listened to and there is a very generous amount of space provided for sound of your choosing.
  5. OK here goes. I have a 102 in 1977 green here and the general report is very good indeed. Some lovely finesse about the bogies/roof and fan grille etc etc. Of the 'reported issues' I have had to slightly ream out one hole in the balance beam on bogie nothing that a minute's work won't sort. Running quality is first class and hooray there is plenty of room for some serious sound installation. Certainly if the fancy took you 2 speakers of the 40x20x10 scale would fit easily. The jury will remain out until SLW loco appears (in late 2021?) but this is a huge step forward from what we had before an
  6. They were..... so we'll get you a Sutton One, and pull out the gearing from the bogie ? That OK for you? In essence a slightly speedy tickover is all that's required I believe with the requisite brake noises, door slams or anything else you chose to add to sound file? We have already had one done (years ago) for a Bachmann 25 which ran out of 'puff' in Harburn Hobbies window and donated itself (having died) to the old Ethel project. Bryan at Howes did the sounds AFAIR??
  7. If we are being really pedantic it might have a Sulzer prime mover that makes a noise (and the Heljan one will allow wiring of a sound chip) but as there was no connection to traction motors it ain't going anywhere, so I will be waiting to claim my prize at the first show one motors past on the front of a train....
  8. ...and it shouldn't have, if we are going to be pedantic
  9. Thanks Darius. I am not sure why I didn't find them. Shapeways generally a bit of a minefield, but still, that's that problem solved.
  10. Has anyone found a new source for the Rail Cranes since Genesis packed up or tried 3D printing them? I am sure they would sell?
  11. Neil. Andrew has convinced me that they are actually 'FREE' Yes they may be expensive but in every case, with their previous models 1500, 1800, Sentinel etc) they are now worth way more than they were when purchased, a supply and demand thing I guess? So like buying quality antiques or First Growth Bordeaux wine I guess it could be seen as in investment! (ahem!...... and that's what I am telling SWMBO)
  12. Look what has begun being painted in Korea. Very limted run of hand built brass and we have two (sound fitted) on the way to grace Campo De Leste.
  13. The loco is wired for headlights at both ends. (we know that from DRS version). So why not fit a working headlight if that's what you want?
  14. This looks good..... https://mainline-maritime.myshopify.com/products/railways-of-portugal?fbclid=IwAR204axhoVXh5ZHbMTn3BNAMgHFXL2tRIpqIJcAIrFBhD_Zqz4pBlCxE8MI
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