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  1. No Place (sometimes AKA Co-operative Villas) was still there last time I went past: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_Place PS. really enjoyed the pics and words on Hawthorn Dene.
  2. An interesting project: http://therailwayproject.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/hard-graft-and-discovery.html Being amongst the sewage works probably makes it one of the few London locations that's unlikely to be turned into luxury flats. The open days at Crossness are well worth visiting already - this could make it really something.
  3. Looks like they've beaten their target. Quite an intriguing project; certainly can't fault them for the execution of their marketing so far.
  4. Neil C

    Pen y Bryn

    Superb model railway AND music studio combined: this is the ideal combination to which I aspire!
  5. I could look at Wansbeck Road all day. Chapel St was very interesting, I thought, and PMP's backscene looks superb in the pictures.
  6. This post from the ever-excellent London Reconnections is quite something: http://www.londonreconnections.com/2013/crossrail-begins-to-get-visible-part-1/ Fascinating to see the spaces they're working in, and also how it all fits together.
  7. This Design Observer photo collection might be of interest: http://places.designobserver.com/feature/la-petite-ceinture-paris/36978/. Some interesting and atmospheric shots.
  8. On the iPad it appears at the moment that buying one issues gets you access to read all the back issues they've loaded up so far - back to November 2011 at the moment.
  9. You can on iPad, I believe.
  10. http://beamishtransport.blogspot.com/2012/03/weve-gone-and-bought-another-one-one-of.html Nice story.
  11. Apologies if these have been posted before, but as some of the uploads are very recent they might not have been seen. A treasure trove of industrial shots: http://www.flickr.com/photos/12a_kingmoor_klickr/
  12. Some really good photos (and accompanying explanation) here: http://www.londonreconnections.com/2012/in-pictures-track-laying-on-the-ellx2/ of the work going on currently on the ELL extension. You can see this quite well travelling east out of London Bridge at the moment. London Reconnections blog is well worth bookmarking if you've not seen it before.
  13. Some nice pictures posted on this thread: looks like it was a good weekend. They do have a lot of stock, much of it unrestored and it would be interesting to know what their plans and priorities are for much of it - ie how feasible it is to get some of the more esoteric stuff (eg the electrics) running again. I've not found much about their plans on the web (though their new photo blog is doing a nice job of showing day to day activity around the railway). Anyone got any insight into their restoration strategy?
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