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  1. In my model railway garage I have two twin tube 8 ft fluorescent light fixtures. Getting life expired and I find 8 ft tubes impossible to find now, I intend to replace these with LED battens in the spring. Any suggestions ? - I'm looking for a warm light - what colour temperature / deg kelvin should I look out for ? I don't want the harsh blueish light. I have received a Screwfix flyer and they have advertised Twin 6 ft 60 watt LED battens, 6000 lumens, £36.49 each Would three of these be a suitable replacement ? I also have eight five foot fluorescents in the loft. Interesting to read that tubes for these will become unavailable after 2023. I might just buy some spare tubes before that date. Brit15
  2. Shut the whole lot, buses, tubes, taxis etc. Total ban on all cars and give everybody one of these, Should be loads of fun !!!!! Brit15
  3. Living at the side of the WCML just to the north of Wigan (on the 2 track bit) I see 3 options extending HS2 to somewhere between Wigan & Preston. 1. Upgrade current route. Feasible but the bends at Wigan NW are sharp(ish) and it's also virtually town centre here. Lots of residential property (me !!!) lineside both sides for a mile or two out of Wigan going north, mostly on an embankment up to Boars Head. Easy from there, straight, little property and from Standish a four track alignment exists. 2. New route to the west. Very difficult due to terrain, property, Douglas Valley etc. I suppose it COULD follow the M6 motorway, straight through Heinz bean factory at Kitt Green - THEN what will we eat !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3. New route to the east - Existing proposal along the old GC route and onto the Whelley loop allignment seems possible. Any further east and its very hilly & awkward indeed. I really hope it ALL gets built, but like everything Government related these days ----------- Brit15
  4. Interesting - Where can they move it to to save 2-3 minutes ? Certainly not further south - a very sharp bend exists a couple of miles further south, then it's two tracks to Winwick. Further north than the current proposed junction site just south of Bamfurlong would mean by passing Wigan (as I discussed in an earlier thread). Viable as the route exists, but expensive. The more I look at this the more I think Boris's new plans are drawn on the back of a fag packet with a thick marker pen. At least the old route had detailed published plans instantly available. It's all talk at the moment apart from the work in progress to Birmingham, which I think is all we will get. The end of tilting trains Preston - Glasgow will be a retrograde step akin to the scrapping of Concord. Straightening out the many, many curves just won't happen due to the mega expense. We as a nation are skint. Brit15
  5. As I wrote several pages ago the WCML problem with the Golborne spur starts immediately at Wigan North Western, 60mph speed limit through the s curves either end of the station then 8 miles of very busy double track to Coppull. North of Preston is another matter. Will the new HS2 trains tilt - they will need to over Shap etc. With Covid, climate, energy, state of the nations finances etc I think a lot of HS2 talk is pie in the sky. We will be lucky to see it get to Crewe, or perhaps even cut back to the 4 tracks at Stafford. I even doubt it getting to Manchester. Time will tell. Brit15
  6. I use Peco track. When laying curves this Peco track gauge is very useful https://peco-uk.com/products/6ft-way-gauge Brit15
  7. Trip to West Hartlepool 9 July 1968. Thornaby's breakdown train. Heading the train was this Clayton. What is the vehicle it was hauling, the first in the breakdown train ? Went to Hartlepool looking for steam - a year too late !! This was the only steam loco I saw. Never mind, Lostock Hall, Rose Grove & Carnforth beckoned a month later. 1966 or so, Wigan Springs Branch crane off to a job. Brit15
  8. £98 Billion to be spent on railways one week, Yippee !! Peppa Pig, Brrrrooomm, Brrrrooomm the next !!!!!! Does anyone thing the North will get ANYTHING in the sad, sad years to come ? I will believe it when I can ride on it. Empty houses ? - Soon to be conscripted for - well, you know who. Glad I'm retired, I worry for all our children and those that have grandchildren. Brit15
  9. Were having pancakes for tea right now !!!!!!!!!!! Brit15
  10. How much is that Deltic in the window? The one with the wobbly wheel How much is that Deltic in the window? I do hope that Deltics for sale I must take a trip to a shop in Liverpool And leave my poor sweetheart alone If he has a Deltic, he won't be lonesome And the Deltic will have a good home Brit15
  11. They say a picture tells a thousand words. End of HS2 Birmingham 2040 ??? Brit15
  12. Indeed. All Yap and no action. Bulldog tools Wigan await the orders for spades !!!!!!!!!! Wigan - Where we call a spade a spade an implement of torture !!! Brit15
  13. It's not a high speed railway we want, it's a blimmin wall --- HADRIAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brit15
  14. Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) - Wot's won ov thoze ? I doubt the Whelley loop line will be under such restrictions !! Brit15
  15. I read the integrated report a bit more earlier. Re this paragraph, page 12 https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1034359/integrated-rail-plan-for-the-north-and-midlands-print.pdf We will build High Speed 2 (HS2) from Crewe to Manchester… on the route and line speed as previously planned with new stations at Manchester Airport5 and Manchester Piccadilly. HS2 trains will run from London to Manchester in 1 hour 11 minutes6 , and from Birmingham to Manchester in 41–51 minutes7 . This line and Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR) will allow direct high speed services from Birmingham to Leeds, taking 79–89 minutes8 . NPR trains between Liverpool and Manchester will also use part of this route. The Union Connectivity Review is considering the case for alternatives to the Golborne Spur for faster and higher capacity connections from HS2 services to Scotland. Our plans allow the Crewe Hub vision to be realised, with up to 5–7 HS2 trains per hour able to call at Crewe which would also enhance connectivity to much of the West Midlands, Cheshire and North Wales not directly served by HS2. So the Golborne spur, or an alternative will be built. Interesting. I can't find anything in the current Union Connectivity Review. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/970476/Union-Connectivity-Review-Interim-Report-March-2021-accessible.pdf Golborne as a choice for the WCML connection is quite fine, open farmland, the WCML here is four track and a flying junction not difficult. Going north the 4 tracks become 6 to Springs Branch then 5 for the mile or so to Wigan North Western (One track is bi directional for Liverpool bound EMU's terminating in Wigan.) It is at Wigan NW where the problems begin. the station is two long, narrow island platforms (with a bay for Manchester trains). There is a bend at both ends with around an 60mph (or so - may be a bit higher) speed limit. For the next 7 miles or so the line is double track to beyond Coppull - it's straight though and the 1 in 105 gradient shouldn't cause problems. The line is four tracks from here to Preston. Once it was 4 tracked from Standish Junction, and was electrified as 4 tracks, later cut to 2 from here towards Coppull. The OLE headspans are still in place. The Wigan-Coppull section is already a bottleneck at times, I live alongside it and traffic is heavy. At times late running southbound trains calling at NW cause slow running Pendolinos etc. Not ideal for long & fast HS trains. If the Edinburgh services are also to use this line also it will be mayhem. The alternative, as I see it, is to not connect at Golborne, but construct the HS2 spur to Lowton, then continue along the extant old GC route to Hindley, onto the old LNWR Whelley Loop line around Wigan to Standish Junction & 4 track again to Coppull. Expensive but feasible, no (too) sharp curves, and most of the route exists as footpaths. Hardly any property would need demolishing either. I wonder if this route may be considered ? Anyway, I think lots can happen between now and spades in ground (10 years plus ?). Brit15
  16. 20mph into Yorkshire is 19mph too fast. 225mph out of Yorkshire back to Lancashire ain't fast enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brit15
  17. Quite simple - No price - no sale (to me) Just walk on by. Brit15
  18. All pipe will carry hydrogen, safety is THE issue. I must have planned / supervised literally thousands of Km of gas mains both new and replacement over my 40 years. Renewal was mostly cast iron, and quite a lot over 100 years old at the time of renewal. Cast iron mains (especially the smaller diameters) break easily (ground movement, frost heave, heavy traffic). Most, probably all (in the North West) has been replaced but if some small % remains I would not be surprised. Large Dia cast iron is a lot safer in this respect (far thicker wall), but all cast iron has joint leakage problems, addressed over the years by many techniques. Another material that we had problems with was Ductile Iron, introduced in the late 60's this material graphitised in certain ground conditions, basically crumbling away in small areas. Most if not all Ductile (at medium pressure) has been replaced also, certainly the high risk ones. Every metallic gas main (known about !!) has a risk value calculated by a number of factors, property with cellars, distance from property, ground surface type (sealed / unsealed), building use / occupancy etc. High risk mains were the main target for renewal, especially streets of terraced houses. These SHOULD be all plastic by now, and plastic (PE) mains should be quite OK Hydrogen wise. Study re this is being undertaken right now. https://www.dnv.com/oilgas/perspectives/heating-homes-with-hydrogen-proving-the-safety-case.html Hydrogen is certainly not a no go, but I doubt full scale conversion will happen, perhaps inxsome localised areas. Hydrogen blending with natural gas (which will give a composition similar to town gas) also may happen. I read a smallish % of Hydrogen can be added without any conversion being required. I think this is the way we will go when Hydrogen production becomes economic. Brit15
  19. Buckingham had three gasworks models if I remember correctly. I started an engineering apprenticeship with The North Western Gas Board in 1969, retired in 2009, 40 years on the distribution side, 20 of those at Warrington. I worked on appliance conversion in Wigan (1970) and mains conversion in Warrington (1974) - then planning & replacing gas mains in all of South Lancs area. Conversion is a mammoth undertaking, expensive also. There is just not the numbers of skilled people in the industry to do this again. 75,000 worked in the industry back then. The existing network will no doubt carry hydrogen, but appliances would need converting, and converting each town sector by sector, both mains and appliances - one sector per week, Warrington alone had about 15 sectors. well, been there done that - it won't happen again (££££££££££££££). Technical note added - Each sectors mains were converted by introducing the new gas & flaring off the old gas at many locations within the sector, then an army of fitters would start appliance conversion. Lots of work / planning was done beforehand. A sectors size was set at the number of consumers / appliances, injection points etc. Military type planning was required. It mostly went well, but when it didn't - well I never got home for several days. This is the real time flow of Natural Gas into the UK network, scroll down to the bar graphs. https://mip-prd-web.azurewebsites.net/InstantaneousView/Index Predicted daily demand (Demand Forecast) is currently just over 201 million cubic metres / day, Tomorrow's prediction is 245 million cubic metres / day, https://mip-prd-web.azurewebsites.net/ A very good % of which is generating electricity. I'll let someone else calculate how much Hydrogen that equates to, and how much "unwanted surplus green" electricity would needed to produce it. That is the SCALE of the problem. Brit15
  20. Pity those Greenies are not gas engineers understanding the vast scale of the problem replacing natural gas.. On paper, lots of things are possible (even the low level Warrington line). Its a question of scale, cost etc. Boris has pared back HS2 due to cost. Same with energy. Hydrogen has its uses and advantages, but also comes at cost. Can we afford it ? Technology though advances very rapidly these days. We will see. Brit15
  21. So we plan a HS route at the side of the tidal River Mersey through Warrington where known high spring tide flooding occurs (been involved with this at that location a few times over the years). The existing route is carried high over the Mersey on the Runcorn Widnes bridge. https://www.warringtonguardian.co.uk/yoursay/letters/19061764.letter-surprise-get-flooding-floodplains-gone/ WITH the recent floods at Sankey Bridges, could it be down to the fact that flood plains have gone. There was one at the point where Sankey Brook enters the Mersey at Gatewarth Farm, there was one lower down just south of the rail line, there was also one near Buttermilk Bridge which has now been filled in in for the construction of Sankey Way. Further up the river was dredged from Walton Lock to Howley and Athertons Quay. The arm from the ship canal to the river has now been silted up as there now seems to be no holding points for river water. Could this be why we now have floods in parts of the town that never flooded in the 50s and 60s? Brit15
  22. “Let China Sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world” so states a quote attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte. He was correct about this. Whatever the politics of China, they make a decision and get on with it PDQ. They don't faff around like we do. I'll say this. We, the west, need to wean off Chinese goods quickly. We are far too dependent on them. A very complex subject and I'll leave it there. China will meet it's Waterloo (!!!!) soon, energy, food, fresh water, 1.4 billion mouths to feed, all wanting the west's lifestyle. China may implode soon, and could take us all with it if we are not careful. Brit15
  23. My thoughts entirely. A knee jerk political announcement to appease the masses. Ill thought out, no detail of any description just a line on a map of the UK. Typical Boris bluff and bluster. When detailed plans are available I'll sit up and listen with interest. Going to be a long, long wait, and I predict disappointment yet again for many. Brit15
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