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  1. Check / clean / replace the traction tyres, they're probably loose and spinning on the wheel. Brit15
  2. Many years ago my father found a book on a second hand book stall. It is "The principles of mechanics" by T M Goodeve, dated 1891 What is interesting is not really the book, but what was stuck on the fly leaf just inside. Here is a (poor quality unfortunately) scan. Brit15
  3. Very nice models indeed. The L&Y is an oft forgotten railway. The Highflyers ran through and around Wigan on the Pemberton loop line with non stop Liverpool - Manchester expresses in competition with the CLC & LNWR routes back at the turn of the 20th century The loop line I saw from Mum & Dads bedroom window - alas just a goods line back in the 60's). Highflers on Walkden station & water troughs on the 4 track Hindley to Manchester line - there is talk of converting this line to a tram line !! - How have the mighty fallen !! In 1884 Hoy moved to the L&YR, becoming an outdoor assistant in the locomotive department under Barton Wright in Manchester; he was promoted to works manager a year later. In 1886 Hoy was made works manager at the L&YR's new works at Horwich. Hoy died in 1910 Nigel Gresley began his engineering apprenticeship in 1893 under Francis Webb at the Crewe locomotive works, London and North Western Railway. Subsequently he was a pupil of John Aspinall of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway at Horwich, near Bolton; he then became an assistant manager at their carriage workshops at Newton Heath, Manchester, in 1901, and works manager in the following year. In 1904 Gresley was appointed assistant carriage and wagon superintendent of the L&YR, and, in 1905, he transferred to the Great Northern Railway in Doncaster as carriage and wagon superintendent. I wonder what (if any) influence his time at Horwich had on Mr Gresley ? Brit15
  4. I like the chimney giving two fingers to the greenies !!!!!!!!!! Great photo of a (sadly) bygone age. Now where's my old Hornby clockwork trains ? Brit15
  5. I use Peco O bullhead, and indeed OO fishplates / insulated fishplates work well. Never used Peco flat bottom track. Nice idea to transport beer & fish food - don't mix them up though !!!! Brit15
  6. I use Peco Nickel Silver in OO, O & G gauges. Just run trains min once a week and no need for track cleaning. Metal wheeled stock helps also. Simple Brit15
  7. Derwent Valley Light Railway perhaps ? Brit15
  8. DP2 Thirsk accident report https://www.railwaysarchive.co.uk/documents/MoT_Thirsk1967.pdf Brit15
  9. I fitted Hunt magnetic couplings to a rake of Olivia (Hattons) BOC 100T tank wagons a while ago. I had constant derailment problems caused by the tension locks bunching up on curved down hill sections. The direct replacement plug in couplings solved the problem immediately, and also look better. The only downside is a decouple if the train is snatched. Start gently and all is OK. Agree though with Kadees, most of my O gauge N American stock is so fitted. Problems Zero. I get mine from Gaugemaster at competitive prices. No plug in, all are fitted with BA nuts and bolts !! Brit15
  10. Sorry to disagree tony, every model railway layout is not rubbish in the eyes of it's maker at the time of making. Hopefully we all learn over the years and improve our efforts, with help from many involved - manufacturers, press, rmweb, friends etc. I would never call any layout rubbish - just that some are better than others !! Glad to see 2400 pages, looking forward to 5000+ !! Interesting thoughts by many earlier re disposal of friends stock - god knows what will happen to mine as no one I know (or family) are even remotely interested. Bit sad really. I have my stuff insured for basically what I bought things for, time and effort not taken into account. Selling it all would attract far less than the insurance value I think reading this thread. Lastly well done for your work / contributions to CRUK, a noble act indeed. Brit15
  11. Years ago whilst working in Oldham I visited Norman Wissenden's shop several times. Norman was a true gent, east to talk to and always had the kettle on. I usually bought a few books, bits n bobs and some American O gauge stock he sold cheaply to get rid of. It was a pleasure to be invited "upstairs" to view the mainly OO gauge kit built stuff, which ranged from A1 excellent to dire - but all was expensive in my eyes. The locos / stock which stood out by a mile were built and / or painted by Larry Goddard who posted here a while ago - superb stuff, probably worth the price, but not for me. The only OO gauge kit built loco I have ever bought ready made is an LNER J10, bought off Tony a couple of years ago, a superbly built and painted little loco and excellent runner both then and now. Brit15
  12. This western region loco (what class is it ?) was photographed by my dad at Central Wagon Wigan. Date unknown. Brit15
  13. Ain't just model trains, I see serious price rises everywhere, most worrying. Trains we can do without, food, energy etc we can't. I read about looming big problems looming with OPEC re oil & gas prices, that really will cause problems. Problems in the plastics production also, which will affect Hornby etc. https://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/The-Plastics-Sector-Is-Suffering-As-Oil-Prices-Rise.html Brit15
  14. Crazy times indeed. More than fed up, overfed statistics, graphs, opinions. it's all getting silly now. Anyway, I'm double jabbed and tomorrow, I'm With my mask and sanitiser !!!! Brit15
  15. Interesting article https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9759929/Westfield-encourage-shoppers-wear-masks-NOT-require-them.html Brit15
  16. DON'T go to China !! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9168707/Coronavirus-China-blasts-fake-video-people-waddling-like-penguins-COVID-19-anal-swabs.html Brit15
  17. 3 Jan 1970 - just a couple of days to go. Loco E26053 Perseus backing onto train at Piccadilly, no end door !!!! Brit15
  18. Could you not put a sign on your door stating "For staff health reasons all customers MUST wear a mask upon entry, unless medically exempt" ? I don't know the legalities of this though. Best wishes, Brit15
  19. Pre Covid the only exhibition worry I had was getting my eye poked by a yard of Peco track stuck out of a smelly unwashed Eejits (like the word !!) rucksack !! Anyway, last 18 months I have adjusted my world, and will continue post Covid (if there is such a thing) to do the following (as best I can). Public Transport - Avoid. Not been on a plane / train / bus / taxi for a year and a half. So perhaps I can do without. Crowds - always find a tad stressful, I will now avoid if I can. Queues - avoid, but at checkouts I will wear a mask, try as best as possible to distance, and if anyone is breathing down my neck they will be asked to back off a bit. Pubs. My local three are OK. One is a large Wetherspoon's hotel which is quite OK. I will use the app. Friday night scrums at the bar in pubs closer to town are now history for me. As we say in Wigan "Sod that for a game of soldiers" !! One good thing is I walk a lot more, one hour a day whatever the weather. I'm lucky to have some very nice rural areas nearby. I feel a lot better for it also, physically & mentally. This will continue as long as I can. In lots of areas there is no going back to pre covid ways for me, and I feel better for it. Brit15
  20. Couple more Never seen this before !! Hope they are of use. Brit15
  21. Some good photos on the web to help Guestimate A great station to model, Brit15
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