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  1. Hi all, Seems like only yesterday since I said I would be doing the Tope in N/2mm! Anyway - I did do the chopping and changing, just not done the paint yet as it is one of eight that I am working on.
  2. Hi all, Looking for drawings of the various designs of these wagons. So - Ex Doorand, Ex MKA, Ex ZKA - MTA with chopped bodies? Also - MTA with new bodies? Thanks Phil H
  3. Hi Richard, I also wondered about the McGowan kit but when I checked my sold models list I could not see a reference to Mcgowan Models - only to a Foxhunter model I sold in 1984. It's possible that I did get the Mcgowan Models 2-10-0 when it came out, but, if I did, I have no recollection of building one. I know we did have both the McGowan Models and Foxhunter kits for sale in the shop at the time though. Like you, I thoought the McGowan Models were rough castings, but there were worse castings out there! Thanks Phil H EDIT - I had to go into my loft earlier today - whilst up there I had a dig about in the records box (Don't ask why I have records for tax purposes going back to 1977!) It appears I was wrong and that I bought 2 McGowan Kits and chassis for them at the Xmas 1977 Manchester Exhibition for the princely sum of £98.00 from Norman!
  4. Hi there, My initial posting says N Gauge..... Having passed on the livery information the guy has reacted by saying he will buy a pair of each livery - if he can find them. Thanks Phil H In the meantime? I'm busy building freght stock for him.
  5. Hi there, Foxhunter Models - WD 2-10-0 Good model at the time it was introduced. Massive haulage ability - I had one that could take 100 Peco wagons round a large layout with 15" radius return loops. I never had a problem with it's weight, but it needed to be kept serviced and needed pickups to be tweaked regularly. Didn't want them too tight, but also needed to make sure they kept in contact all the time. This one probably has never been serviced and that is where I would start. Thanks Phil H
  6. Hi Kris, Close but not 100% correct. Not all Modelmaster N gauge items came to the NGS - Only those that had been commissioned from Modelmaster and produced by him for the society made the transfer. After the transfer from him back to the NGS - you are correct - he did say he was going to stop all N Gauge, but instead decided to introduce a totally new range of his own products in N with all new artwork. The model bus stuff had been on a 'When its gone - it's gone' basis for a fair while. I understodd that he had agreed to produce some bus stuff on a commission basis but that arrangement fell through after he had done all the work - hence he decided to release it via the website. Jim has not been a well man for some time, that, plus other things that have happened within his family, are the reasons that there are often delays in the supply of items purchased. I'm not looking to make excuses for him, but feel he could have handled things better. Phil H
  7. Hi all, Available here on eBay.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/British-N-Gauge-Railway-Modelling-magazine-/124789880478?hash=item1d0e0e769e
  8. Hi Stephen, I'm watching this (the 2mm GWR signals bit) with interest as I will have some to build in the not too distant future. I've asked Mr Wizard if he is aware of any write up on using the rangee of bits he does in 2mm for GWR - nothing much he is aware of. The MSE bits plus the Modelu bits seem to be a possible way forward, but I'll only know for sure once a trackplan is finalised. Watching future developments with interest! Thanks Phil H
  9. Hi there, Looking at the prices currently being fetched for either chassis or locos... For the price you pay it would be better for you to buy complete running models and forget about restoring these bodies. Phil H
  10. Hi Gareth, Should I be able to see my pre-order when I log in? Also - as I have funs in my Paypal I was hoping to use them - but no Paypal option? Thanks Phil H
  11. Hi there, Go into Halfords and ask them for a can of paint to RAL 6011 spec Not all paints they do are listed, but they do still mix to order. Thanks Phil H
  12. Hi Mike It will be a case of seeing what appears on ebay, what is avaiable from Farish Spares and Peters Spares. Also put a Wanted add in N Gauge Forum or on Facebook N Gauge Forum. Thanks Phil H
  13. Hi Kris, You are correct - designed to fit the old type Farish Black Five chassis. Yes - it will fit the current Bachfar 2-6-4T chassis - may need slight carving on the inside to give sufficient clearance but plenty of meat in the castings to do this. Thanks Phil H
  14. Hi Alex, In the early 70's there were some of this type tank used as storage at ICI Huddersfiled. They were on a disconnected siding alongside the mainline, all piped up and never moved. Trying to find the actual location on Old Maps - still looking! Phil H Edit - looking at maps - sidings woould have been btween Fieldhouse Bridge and Riddings Bridge, south of the line.
  15. Hi there, No joy this end - the remaining brake van etches I have are for the Queen Mary van. Upside of this is that it means I have 2 of each built - just where they are is the question? Phil H
  16. Hi Sithlord, I'll have to check my boxes but I think I have the lon version somewhere. I'll pm you if I find it. Phil H
  17. Hi all, I'm looking for information abut the allocation and traffic patterns for both Rail and Road type horseboxes in the WR areas. Records of what road horseboxes existed and where allocated and when? Records of what rail horseboxes existed and where allocated and when? I've been scouring the web trying to find information and photos bnut the pickings are very slim! Thanks Phil H
  18. Hi Missy, Great looking wheel - not sure if I have any need for them, but great to see them anyway. One of the things I've been looking at are some 9 spoke, 3ft*wagon wheels - to go into the 2fs rims and fit the 2fs axles. Now, I know next to nothing (at present) about how to do this, but am starting by learning 3D CAD as that seems to be the way to get a handle on that aspect. Thanks Phil H edit * may be 3ft 1+1/2in
  19. Hi David, Agreed - weight would be the issue. Not found any to the north at all - furthest I can find was to Leuchers plus a couple of Central Belt workings. Thanks Phil H
  20. Hi there, This will need to be a Rule 1 situation. In the forty odd years researching and modelling the railways in Scotland I've never found anything for TEA on either the West Highland or Far North lines. Thanks Phil H
  21. Hi Pugsley, When you asked this on DEMU Forum - Paul Harrison said he would send you scans from the diagram book he had. Which ones did he send or did he forget? Thanks Phil H
  22. Hi William, I used Humbrol 5065 - RAF Aircraft Blue over a white primer to get as near the colour as I could. I had tried a rattle can grey to start with but didn't like the finish compared to colour photos of the real thing. Thanks Phil H
  23. Hi Mike, Finding a chassis - either a runner or non runner is a case of searching ebay. I have a running chassiis and you ha\ve the body I wanted for it! So - that will be at least 2 of us with ebay searches running for the item! Thanks Phil H
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