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  1. Hi Phil, Yep, he has done some great work. I’m not too bad thanks, certainly doing better than many others in these trying times. As lack of updates on this thread indicate, I haven’t really progressed with the layout over the past few years. However I have been keeping busy building coaches for it and also contributing to Rod and John’s Balcombe project by building a few coaches and EMUs. Don’t worry about what you have or haven’t managed to achieve this year - it’s a hobby, not a job. Good to see your mojo is starting to return though.
  2. Tony, I’ve just found your thread thanks to Ducky’s links. There is some seriously impressive modelling here. In particular, the work you put into the interiors is stunning and it is encouraging me to raise my game in this area.
  3. I also drill .5mm holes and solder in the hinges (either Comet from their detailing etch or the Dart castings ones listed above - they are much the same) i’m curious about the glued plastic strip option though. For those that have used it how do you rate it’s durability?
  4. Yes, i solder mine so they are flush. The resultant bogies are a bit wide compared to prototype but i live with that and you don’t have mush choice if using brass / white metal bogies.
  5. Hi, I guess how far the bogie needs to swing will depend on the curves on your layout. I have a very tight R2 curve leading into my traverser so I need a fair bit of bogie swing. Conversely some of these coaches run on a P4 layout with a change of bogie where little bogie swing is required. Most of my coaches have bogies packed with a piece of 20 thou plasticard. I measure buffer height against a gauge. This normally suffices and I don’t have to remove much if any from the top of the cosmetic side frames. With the white metal side frames I remove extra material from the back using a burr tool in my dremel. I just carefully nibble away until enough material has been removed to fit the brass bogie. I think the original pattern maker for these side frames didn’t account for shrinkage when positioning the holes for the bearings. So they are just ever so slightly too close together. You can also remove a bit of material above the holes to allow the side frames to sit a bit lower if required to help with clearing the solebars. Hope that helps.
  6. Thanks Johnster, I appreciate the comments. To get a nice square body i solder the ends to the sides against a 90 degree wood jig and keep the body square by soldering a strip across the top of the sides and then adding cross members. This keeps the body nice and square and not reliant on the roof for rigidity.
  7. Going back to fixing roofs on brass coaches - I have always struggled to get a neat join (due to my cack handedness) with either having glue to clean up that has seeped out or bulges where too much glue is in the joint. To get around this i solder brass strip at the top of the coach side and then brass spacers between the two sides. By using roof off cuts to space the sides you end up with a tight friction fit between the body and roof. I then secure at either end from the inside with evostick. This then allows the roof to be easily removed if required in the future. It also makes painting easier as the body and roof are separate items. I think it produces a nice clean join
  8. Do you mean like this Comet kit? If so you use a piece of scrap etch soldered in from behind
  9. The replacement heads are 18”, same as the outside end. Not sure what the original ones were, much smaller standard wagon heads - 13”?
  10. Hi Rich, have a look at this post on what I did for a E147 pair. I modified some shock absorbing wagon buffers from MJT.
  11. 7928 Wolf Hall. Cool name and a great book / tv series.
  12. I use Humbrol 67 for coach roofs (as recommended by Tony Wright)
  13. Clive, I don’t think Rob has to worry. There is plenty of photographic evidence of an ex LNER 4 wheel BY on the Kingsbridge branch. Even if it isn’t the exact same diagram to us Western aficionados they all look the same
  14. At the risk of (almost) repeating myself from the last poll, as I am from Plumuff it has to be Plymouth
  15. Being from Plymuff it has to be Sir Francis Drake.
  16. Thanks Chris. I guess the model goes in the donor pile then to be converted to something else
  17. I’m reviving this thread to ask a related question. Does anyone know what formation the chocolate & cream MK1 RFO as modelled by Bachmann was used in. I’m wondering if it is suitable for any of the named trains which worked to / from the South West circa 1960. I can’t see it referenced in any of the timetables I’ve looked at.
  18. Would 5551 The Unknown Warrior be eligible for this poll?
  19. It was an unlucky engine but I’ve always liked ‘Windward Islands’ as a name.
  20. Thanks. I’m also building a Comet Bullied FK for Balcombe (to be finished in crimson & cream). It was part of the batch of coaches completed above but I got some bad bleed when masking so i has to strip it and start again. Once complete I’ll post pictures here.
  21. Thanks. Once I have finished what is currently on my bench ( a couple more Collet coaches and some Southern stuff for Balcombe) I think my next project will be a H39 & H40 restaurant combo which will form part of my Cornish Riviera Express. So these will be in WR chocolate & cream. Close enough?
  22. I have recently experienced the super glue fogging issue. On this recently completed Comet coach I fitted the grab handles, securing with super glue, after adding the glazing. This was done before joining to the roof, so there was plenty of ventilation. It still fogged up so I had to rip out the glazing and start again. Lesson learnt and I will either fit the details before glazing or use glue ‘n’ glaze in the future.
  23. Time to drag this thread up to date. I've had several coaches 90% finished over the past year and a long Xmas break has given me opportunity to get them finished. E152 BCK E155 CK C60 SK C67 SK D121 BSK C70 SK C73 SK These were my first attempt at bow pen lining. Not yet perfect but getting there
  24. Working on government IT, 2020 has turned out to be one of the busiest years in my working life. This has meant modelling output hasn’t been as high as I hoped. But a nice long Xmas break has given me the opportunity to finish off some models. So in the spirit of showing what we’ve done over the past year here are some Comet coaches I’ve completed. Collett E152 BCK Collett E155 CK Collett C73 SK Collett C70 SK Collett D121 BSK This was my first attempt with a bow pen. Not perfect, but getting there. Merry Christmas all!
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