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  1. Hi This has just come in to day. Darren https://railsofsheffield.com/products/39190/Dapol-4s-027-001-oo-gauge-wainwright-d-class-secr-green-4-4-0-steam-locomotive-no-488-pre-grouping-silk-finish-
  2. So are these coaches being re tooled or just having a new paint job?.
  3. One set of the set tool van and Mess coach was made up from some very old LSWR ones still in LSWR brown! A very good book i would recommend it called, Off the rails, all about the work of the brake down gang on SR/BR.
  4. Here one working. https://youtu.be/KSn8NN-CYs0?t=13 https://youtu.be/TnFItOiomeU?t=4
  5. Glade their doing the Restaurant car again, missed out first time round.
  6. I love this little loco, i having one of these, and what a left field move by Hornby.
  7. Would be nice if Hornby are doing them as sets to maybe color code the box for each set?.
  8. Q, Why have they gone for so many brake thirds ?.
  9. Well done Hornby, the long drought is over for Bulleid coaches, (Sorry Bachmann you taken to long) will be adding a few set of these to my roster. I never would have thought they would ever do these.
  10. You won't be seeing them at that price again me thinks, saw one shop selling them (Dapol 08) for £299.99!
  11. Oh dear that lettering is very bad on the tender, i would have sent it back after paying such high price for it,I would have expected a lot better than that.
  12. The chairs used to be £15.00 for 500.
  13. Yes, Like 500 4mm chairs going up to £27.50!, what a joke, i have been looking at doing them myself on a 3D printer.
  14. Also the under frames are weathered and the body of the loco are clean, so i am thinking this was from another 25. Also the hand rails are missing and i bet the detail pack is missing as well.
  15. Yes i know they only did the chassis on the new one, But they did get it very wrong with the numbering.
  16. The under frames look very out of shape, would look for another one myself.
  17. Sorry to take this OT, But they do make mistakes, When Bachmann made the new Ivarrt tank they showed 41291 that had the wrong chimney fitted, should have been fitted with a taller one. I sent an email to them and photo of the real loco showing them this, https://www.Bachmann.co.uk/product/branchline-ivatt-class-2mt-2-6-2-tank-41291-br-lined-black-l-crest-dcc-31-441dc/. They did not bother and still went ahead and made the loco with the wrong chimney!. The TPO is wrong and for them to try and fob you off is not right, I would not be happy with it for the prices they are asking now days it should be the same as the others they have done. Darren
  18. At the end of the show it was announced there would be a second series and where asking for people to apply, we should have an Rmweb team?.
  19. Hi Had an email from them today about my order; Thanks for your order for our D600 Warship model(s). As you are no doubt aware the development of this model has taken far longer than we ever intended. However we are now pleased to announce that the model has now progressed to the point that we are now approving working samples and production should commence in the not too distant future. We did allow for price increases when we originally announced the model but we could not foresee that the exchange rate would collapse in the way it has. While we have previously honoured pre-order prices when we can, we cannot do so in this case and the models will now cost £169.99. Although we cannot keep to the original price if you wish to keep your order we will add 1500 loyalty points to your account in recognition of your patience to date (worth £15 off a future order). With the model now getting close to production, we are now taking payment. If you still wish to receive one of these locos, please let us know. You can either call or email. If you believe your payment details will have expired, we will need your current details. You can also place a new order on our website if you prefer, but please remember to add a note to the order in the ‘Special Instructions’ box during checkout to say that it replaces your existing order. If you would prefer to cancel the order please also let us know so that we do not keep trying to contact you! The deadline for responses to this email/letter is 30th November 2018. If we have not heard from you by this date we will assume you no longer want the model and will cancel your order. You will not be able to take advantage of this offer of 1500 Loyalty Points after we have cancelled your order. Looks like it won't be long now, Darren. PS. Looks like there asking for full payment up front for this model and the payments has to be in by the end of this month, thing is i never seen the model in the flesh and how it runs, or have they got it right, and when i would likely see said model?.
  20. I have this one a PDK 700, Good kit.
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