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  1. Original Hornby (Meccano) used to show one of their Deltics pulling a young boy on a trolley. More realistically, the hauling power of many Triang or Triang-Hornby locos depended on having steel track, where their Magnadhesion feature really came into its own (yes, it did work very well, especially on gradients). Without the steel track, many would simply slip to a halt with moderate loads - plenty of power, not so much traction. On steel track I never found the load limit for my Triang EM2 or Brush type 2 models, I ran out of coaches first. Straying slightly, a friend of mine
  2. Brute force, Ron. They can be very tight, but you are on the right track to removing the bogie.
  3. Just tried to purchase it, but got the message that they won't ship to my address (in Australia).
  4. Eliminating the annoying humps at the right-hand entry to the storage sidings. I replaced the short stubs of track that went between the points and the edge of the lifting section with longer sections of track cut into the approach curves. I will have to slide back the fishplates to allow the new sections to lift with the lifting flap. The short video clips of the test trains were strung together hastily to demonstrate the new, smoother flow.
  5. Perhaps not directly related to the film shots shown here, some Maunsell coaches had droplights but no door on their corridor side, with only every second droplight window being a door as well.
  6. I have a few of the new ones in SECR liveries on the way. It is anyone's guess as to when they will arrive here in Oz - some recent deliveries from Britain have got here in 10 days, some from Germany in anything from 12 days to 3 months! I'll be interested to see how these new ones run. I found the one previous example I have was very stiff, although I managed to get the wheels out without breaking anything and drilling the axle boxes out slightly before reinserting the axles. It now runs much more freely. I am looking forward to receiving these new variants, appetite whetted by so
  7. Still on the European side, I have been having difficulty finding the correct colours for current Danish passenger stock, However, I recently landed some Lifecolor sets for the DSB, the earlier period set (Set 1) having a light grey for RAL7038. I had purchased a set of Roco (ex-Hobbytrade) double deck coaches with the lower door positions, perfect for the DSB, but in DB Regio red. Anyway, the RAL7038 light grey seemed very close to what was on the one Hobbytrade driving trailer I had in DSB livery, so I have just done a quick livery test on one coach on one side only. This is extr
  8. SRman

    Heljan Western

    I like the robustness, quietness, smoothness and sheer power of the Heljan mechanism, and can forgive the inaccuracy. Having said that, I did eventually do the mods as illustrated above. I think I overdid the green one slightly, the maroon one looks about right, to me. Maybe I'll get out the filler and just add a tiny bit back into the peak in the middle on the green one.
  9. SRman

    Heljan Western

    Agreed regarding pricing. Buying Heljan's own branded Hymek is approximately £40 cheaper than buying the EFE branded version. EFE simply gives a wider retailer base for the Heljan products, but there is a premium involved. Returning to the Heljan Western, the front 'face' is not too bad, mainly let down by the over-prominent peaks above the windscreens. There is sufficient 'meat' in the cab roofs to allow one to file the profile down considerably, being careful to leave the horn bumps untouched. A coat of correct paint colour, plus a bit of weathering will hide the modifications.
  10. Another couple of newbies arrived at Newton Broadway. Both models came from ModellBahn Lippe Shop, with the second one being on sale - I think I got a bargain here. I finally managed to get hold of a Danish Vectron, from the Piko Expert range. EB 3201 ran absolutely superbly straight out of the box when tested on DC, sufficiently so for me to add a decoder straight away. The actual interface is intended or PLuX 16, but I only had PLuX 22 decoders available here, which should work perfectly well, so popped in an ESU LokPilot v5 and away it went,. I did my usual tweaks for acceleration
  11. I don't really have any idea on costings, but would it also be possible to lower the tracks and rebuild part of the station - obviously the platforms would have to be lowered to match the lowered tracks, or truncated short of the bridge and extended at the other ends. Would that be any cheaper or more cost effective than demolishing the road bridge and rebuilding, including raising the road level? The way I was looking at it (with no engineering expertise), they could excavate the centre roads and put new tracks in with wires, then once that was up and running, excavate and rebuild the existin
  12. Crossgates station in February 1999: some rather shaky video footage I took on a trip to England to visit my Mother in Leeds. Note that the suburb is Cross Gates, but the station name is Crossgates - I hadn't noticed this before but the station name boards show this quite clearly. It had snowed overnight and was still quite chilly on the rather windswept platforms. This shows the Ring Road overbridge mentioned in earlier posts.
  13. The Cross Gates location shouldn' be too difficult if they can lower the tracks a little under that bridge. It is spacious enough to allow excavation without stopping trains on the line altogether, although that would interfere with trains stopping in the station.
  14. A couple more wagons weathered and graffiti added, but only a few bits ths tme. Left-hand wagon was done using the same techniques as before, but the right-hand one was done with a different technique, so that more of its original livery showed through. This shot shows the four wagons in a train, with a couple of pristine wagons in between.
  15. Thanks for the tip and for the emailed sheet. I set CV143 to 0 and it has, indeed, cured the popping. It may well have been intentional, but to me it really just sounded like speaker pops rather than Spirax valve releases, so I am happy to have it turned off altogether. I have found the Econami decoders don't particularly like the Bachmann LMS twins and have had to tweak a number of motor parameters to get them to run nicely, without surging. It works perfectly well in the Heljan 'Lion', though. "Lion' presented a slightly different problem though: the Econamis (and other Soundtraxx decod
  16. Thanks muchly for this. I'll try that in the morning tomorrow (10 hours ahead of you here! ).
  17. Sorry Richard, I was trying to post before yours appeared, but I have been having some difficulties with RMweb loading very slowly, so by the time I had got the reply up, you had posted (while I was still typing).
  18. Soundtraxx sell different variations of their decoders: besides the 8 or 21 pin interfaces, they have British diesel or steam, and a few American variants, as separate decoders. It's not a case of loading different sound files onto them, you purchase the decoder with the sound selections already loaded. The principle is the same, though, where you change various CVs to get the engines and horns in the combinations you want. The American diesel version has the choice of EMD 567 non-turbo (default), EMD 645 turbo, EMD 710 turbo, GE FDL-16 modern, ALCO 244, 15 horns and 7 bells, amon
  19. There is no cure, you know, Kym! I have all sorts of oddballs and things that don't belong, but are simply there because I like them. It's a lo-o-ong slippery slope! p.s. I also bought two 4-coach rakes of the Hornby 4-wheelers, one for LBSC, and the other for LSWR, but am really holding out for the Hatton's versions to get some more. With theirs, I want to supplement the Hornby ones to make 7, 8 or 9 car rakes, plus I want to get some SECR ones too, including a few 6-wheelers. As you say, they are generic, but they fill a gap that can only otherwise be filled with kit or scratch buildin
  20. I have used three of these decoders - one in D0260 Lion, using the class 47 sounds but with different horns selected, and two in Ivatt 10,000 and 10,001 diesels, using class 37 sounds and arbitrarily slected horns. In all cases the sounds are good, but I have had some trouble with speaker selections, as they all seem to pop and crackle randomly, just a little. I'm still experimenting at present.
  21. Going back a little, and drifting just a little off-topic, I think it is high time Hornby dropped the 8-pin socket altogether ... and don't get me started on that ridiculous 4-pin version they came out with. Bachmann got smart a long time ago, using the same PCBs for their models regardless of whether or not they had sound fitted. Most of the diesels and electrics got 21-pin interfaces, and if one wanted to change to sound, all one had to do was fit the sound decoder and solder the speaker(s) to the marked solder pads on the PCB. For smaller locos, they have moved from 6-pin to NEXT18. Th
  22. As per Geep7's response, Meir's experience is not typical. As Geep said, the mechanism is identical to the EPB, MLV and CEP units, and almost identical to the class 150 as well. I don't have a plain blue 205, but I do have a green one, a Connex one and an NSE liveried version, plus five 2 EPBs, six MLVs, and eight 4 CEPs, plus a few of the aforementioned class 150 units, and not one grinds or growls.
  23. 3. (continued) - apply the transfers 4. Stage 3 was applying a coat of satin or matt varnish to fix the transfers and first weathering coat (no photos). 5. Stage 4 , to date, weathering powders applied liberally. I mainly used dark earth, with some touches of dirty black. 6. To follow, I will add a little more in dirty browns (powders or washes), plus some black flowed into door gaps and joints.
  24. Thanks Andy. The Continental stuff is the result of seeing and experiencing some of these trains in 2018. Yours looks fascinating. On that subject, I decided that even though I really don't agree with graffiti being done on items that don't belong to the perpetrators, I wanted to model some of the trains as I actually saw them. With that in mind, I purchased some (American) graffiti transfers, which are laser cut so that there is no observable carrier film outside if the actual designs. These may not be 100% accurate for European trains, but they give the right impression, so I have been
  25. Aahh! Sorry, I misunderstood.
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