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    I retired in Dec 2007 after years of flying round the world as a passenger, not pilot! Loved trains since my first sighting at Alexandra Palace in the early 50's. Misspent youth at the end of platform 10 Kings Cross and a love for ECML locos ever since. Spent every summer in Glasgow, so second passion is Glasgow trams.

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  1. Thanks Andy. Sadly Marc Models have now ceased trading, so the chances of getting another Quad Art set is zero unless some pop up on the 2nd hand market. I couldn’t recall seeing the 51’ coaches around KX, yet they were familiar, so probably saw them at Liverpool Street. Spent the morning packing up around 40 loco’s that were spread around ET. It was fun playing trains, but in some respects it stopped any progress as I didn’t want to lift up track sections to fit the new crossovers and double slip. Now they are packed away, I will get stuck into rebuilding the main stairwell board and then drop in the additional turnouts. Probably a month or two away as lifting anything will be off limits until everything heals up. Onward and upward...
  2. I agree in sliding off the lift, but it was more when the box is being moved around with a full complement of locos. From memory the loco lift track sections are low profile and it wouldn't take much for them to slip off sideways and crash into each other if the storage box moves moves away from the horizontal position. I bit like carrying a tray with a dozen cups of tea full to the brim without spilling anything. As I said, I'm sure the OP has it covered.
  3. I have the same problem with my DJH Black 5. Even on 4'+ radius curves the loco front bogie just touches the brake gear and shorts out. It's on the list of things to do.......
  4. I like the idea of using Peco lifts as I have a couple laying around when I was experimenting with a loco cassette system. The only thing I'm not sure of is I can't see anything actually holding the locos in place within the loco lifts. Are you counting on lifting it square and level or is there something holding the loco onto the lift track? I'd shudder to think of tripping on something that's sufficient to throw the locos off the track itself and they all cascade into each other. I'm sure you have it covered.
  5. ......or these guys may have what you want, but more expensive for a pack of 10..... https://www.newmodellersshop.co.uk/hornby_spares_screws.htm
  6. As I said the postage will be more.....£2.44.... https://www.petersspares.com/Hornby-x6976-k1-coupling-rods-screws.ir
  7. Absolutely incredible! Thanks for sharing that as I heard not heard or seen it before......
  8. Shhhhh! My wife will kill me if she reads this.... I think I'm cured now as I went to self help classes a few years back. 'My name is Gordon and I like trains'......
  9. You're a star Barry.....It was on the top shelf of my glass case with my US loco's. Once you mentioned the Standard 4, I suddenly had visions of it being there. Rule 1 is really going to apply now. N2 69572 based at KX. Same as the others with a Comet chassis, motor and gearbox. ....and just to make sure it isn't left out, the Standard Class 4. I know little about this as it came from a local model shop. It has a Portescap motor and I assume was kit built by builder unknown. Fairly sure the sale card said it was painted by Larry Goddard but a) it doesn't have his signature that I believe he adds to his loco's and b) he didn't recall it when I sent him a pic, so that's one fact out of the window..... I must have imagined it...... Fact 2 was Baz added the tender pickups for me. That's bit is true..... It still needs some magic touches, in terms of running quality, but I'll deal with it in a few months time. This loco will need Rule 1, 2 & 3 as it appears to have only been shedded at Motherwell. Perhaps the driver and Fireman fancied a day out south of the border..... I wonder what tomorrow holds in store....
  10. It’s around somewhere, Baz. The Standard 4 you did the pick ups for is here, so I know it’s around. Truth is I thought I had two and it wasn’t until I saw the original receipt did I realise there were three......
  11. With any gradient, don’t forget to add at least a foot each end at half the gradient to accommodate the vertical curve transitions from flat to slope.
  12. I’d buy the half dozen or so as they won’t be the only ones you lose and the postage will be much more than the cost of the screws.
  13. You won’t go wrong with Wiha screwdrivers. Not the cheapest, but quality tools are never cheap but will outlast the cheap versions. The other ones I use are Wera and this is their set of 12. https://www.screwfix.com/p/wera-kraftform-micro-mixed-precision-screwdriver-set-12-pieces/930fp
  14. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I loved the Coffee Pots as I grew up surrounded by them at Hornby and Kings Cross. They had a charm of their own...... I saw the Standard 5 with Caprotti Valve Gear listed earlier. Pure coincidence as I was cataloging stock a day or two ago. A DJH kit built by Graham Varley and sat in a box for years, but soon to have a decoder added and the wheels will turn once more....
  15. Afternoon all..... Had my Covid test this morning, so now all set.... Just to show life isn't all beer and skittles and large Pacific loco's, here are a few of the more mundane loco's and coaches I grew up with in North London. N2's and L1's were a way of life to a young trainspotter, consequently they had to be included one way or the other. Rule 1 was specifically designed for this eventuality and you'll see why. Late 50's and Palmers Green was well served by N2's and Quad Arts, mostly double sets for the rush hour trip to KX for all the city workers. Trains were packed and every compartment had its share of smokers. Pipes and cigarettes in those days....No wonder passive smoking became an issue years later. Hornby introduced a new N2 in the early 2000's (my receipt is dated 2003) and Graham converted three of them for me with Comet chassis, DS10 motors, flywheel and gearboxes along with new wheels. Managed to find two this morning, so the third must be around somewhere. The four coach Quad set was from Marc Models and is cleverly articulated with press studs. I guess they would have disappeared by the early 60's. 69522 was based at Hornsey, so Rule 1 will have to apply when it appears on ET suburban traffic. I seem to have a wonky toplight. Photography certainly pulls up the things you don't normally see. The next N2 is 69506 from KX, so I probably was pulled by both of them many years ago. Here it is with three LNER 51' coaches from Kirk Kits. Bogies are from Comet and MJT supplied under frame components. Here I'll plead ignorance as I knew little about these coaches at the time (2003) in terms of where they ran and what time period. I'm guessing from the panelling etc they were a Gresley design, so please feel free to fill in the history. And so the years roll by. The Quads had gone and along came diesels for the Hertford North and Hatfield suburban traffic. Of course as a youngster you plonked yourself in the front seat behind the driver and sat wide eyed with a drivers view of the track ahead. I still recall the Acme Brush Company on the left as you approached KX. Of course all long gone and under the Millennium Stadium I suspect. This is another kit built version which clearly pre dates the Bachmann version. Runs smoothly with a similar noise to a Cravens unit even without a sound decoder. I hope you enjoyed the meanderings around North London....
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