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    I retired in Dec 2007 after years of flying round the world as a passenger, not pilot! Loved trains since my first sighting at Alexandra Palace in the early 50's. Misspent youth at the end of platform 10 Kings Cross and a love for ECML locos ever since. Spent every summer in Glasgow, so second passion is Glasgow trams.

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  1. ...but surely that would only work if the storage was empty. The roads are just over 8’ each and most trains will fill each line. The ends have so much pointwork it may not be practical. I could make a ‘gate’ similar to 92220’s Camden Shed, but suspect it will just be two big to move and accurately align. Joking apart, my quick sketch of vertical storage is fascinating me. Not an automated version, but simply a rack where the top line is in and out and once full it is moved a minimal distance to sit on steel rods projecting each side. The width of each bed could be fairly tight so
  2. Needs a bit of work, but job done..... This is the budget model.....
  3. I wish you hadn't reminded me of those as I can see a home made vertical rack on wheels to store the cassettes. Fill it up and turn it round once full. Job done..... Thankfully I'm sure don't have an area big enough in which to turn a fully loaded vertical cassette unit......of course I'll have to check though....
  4. Just out of interest, Companies House says they are still active, but a Statement is due by March 4th and Accounts by 31 October 2021.
  5. As always I’m open to suggestions. I have tried moving a dummy 8’ cassette around and it’s an accident waiting to happen. The other problem is storing 15 x 8’ cassettes and there just isn’t the space. Short of moving home, I’m stuck with the space I have. Other than a few hours on Templot, nothing has been made, so if you can miraculously find an alternative that deals with a 1:100 gradient and 8’ storage, the beers are on me..... Edit: Just to add to that, I haven’t cleaned the track for gone best part of a year and as you saw from the video, everything runs well. Ther
  6. That was always the case Jonathan. Sadly no way round it, so the outer line beyond turnout B is omni directional. When travelling clockwise, a tank will move the stock into the confines of ET station. The main line loco will couple up at the other end and away you go. Anti clockwise a main line loco will travel straight through and across to lines 1 or 2. No problem route wise as they are all automated via the ECoS. It is has to cross the clockwise lines, but then all the conflicting routes are shut down and eventually the signalling and power feeds will prevent any potential acciden
  7. You may wish to drop a line to Eldavo as he has just gone down a similar route. Doesn’t sound too hopeful.... I have up years ago waiting for a 70’ Cowans and Sheldon.... Click on Feb 6th.
  8. Thanks SS. No, I didn't consider it, but now you have mentioned it, I think it would fail on several grounds. The length alone would be in the region of 10' and the weight of the boards considerable, particularly once loaded with 14 full length trains. I ruled out a traverser as even with three entry points, you need space to move it in and out. What isn't showing on the plan above is the stairwell which is right up against the right hand edge of the storage boards. This means all movement on a traverser has to be towards the left edge and that takes it too close to the main line
  9. Saw this post earlier, which may be of interest..... May be the answer for those of us with bent footplates, missing parts or poorly fitted cabs. Mine runs so well, I'd be loathe to change it, but a new body would certainly be very welcome.
  10. gordon s


    A five minute check would show they are still on sale direct at £165, so why on earth would someone pay £200. Must be one born every minute......
  11. One of the plusses of being in hospital is that you have plenty of time to think and I've never really been happy with either the shed facility or traverser storage on ET. Whilst you can scribble away to your heart's content, you really can't assess what's possible and what isn't without ploughing into Templot, so any sketches/ideas I had really had to wait until I got home. Having made the recent video, I realised just how much I wanted to make the rear of the layout into a scenic section free from buildings or other railway related paraphernalia. Took me years, but I eventually b
  12. Thanks Dylan. As the loco runs so well, I'm inclined to keep mine and have it weathered to tone down the green bodywork. I had already been in touch with Hornby regarding my wavy footplate and missing parts, so have mailed them this morning to hopefully secure a new body shell.
  13. That’s a huge improvement and tempted to do the same. Just one question though, can you still apply weathering powders on top of a coating of Klear?
  14. Glad to hear it all went well and I'm with you, Jonathan. The treatment I have had from the NHS has been outstanding, particularly when you consider the COVID situation. Both hospitals really had control of the situation with very strict segregation and COVID tests every few days. Shame there were no visitors, but totally understandable. The next stage may be tougher for the family as I will be laid up in ERU (Enhanced Recovery Unit) for 10-12 days and doubt I will be able to use my phone for a few days. Take it easy for now as a few more months will see us out in the garden bathed
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