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    I retired in Dec 2007 after years of flying round the world as a passenger, not pilot! Loved trains since my first sighting at Alexandra Palace in the early 50's. Misspent youth at the end of platform 10 Kings Cross and a love for ECML locos ever since. Spent every summer in Glasgow, so second passion is Glasgow trams.

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  1. Depends how many holes in your panel, but £19 sounds very reasonable. When searching around I was quoted prices up to a £0.60 per hole and with 150-200 holes in my panel, that wasn't an option. The biggest problem when drilling by hand or in a bench drill is the alignment of holes and it doesn't take much to be a fraction of a mm out. Normally that's not an issue, but once you get into possible 'route illumination', one hole out of line in a line of 6 really sticks out. Still working on a way to overcome that possibility. Going back to pricing, I saw this paragraph on the Supersizeprint website this morning, so you will get similar prices every time.
  2. Does this help? https://caldernorthern.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/pecoturnoutdimensions.pdf
  3. Hi Guys Hoping for a massive storm and tons of rain, as it's bloomin' hot 'ere..... Just had the second control panel in and there's nothing to choose between them. Nice to have a spare as I'm bound to cock up the first...... Also made some headway of route selection. Turns out there is a way of having buttons on the mimic panel which would feed back into the ECoS to change routes. Quite tempted, but we'd be on bread and gruel for a for weeks to pay for it...... There are 16 channel modules you can buy from Digikeijs for around £36 that would do the job, but I'd need four of them. Maybe I'll just get stronger glasses..... Perhaps I'll add it to the wish list and just focus on the led switching for now.. It's stinking hot up my railway room and that's really stopping any work. Even golf today was tough and we started at 08.30am. By the time we came up 18 at 12.30, we were all whacked. The two pints of Doom Bar did a lot to ease the pain....but ET work is really off limits until it cools down a bit.
  4. Hi Guys I see we've moved on since I last posted. I hadn't realised Optimalprint didn't offer custom sizes, but they have a wide range. Maybe I was just lucky..... The Supersizeprint panel has just arrived and there is nothing to choose between them. The outer packaging from both companies was superb with a heavily glued box that really was a challenge to get into. I suspect there is little chance of damage to your panel, so 10/10 for both companies. Print wise, I cannot separate them....both 10/10 again.... Optimalprint at the top, Supersizeprint at the bottom. The only difference is that Optimalprint leave 'sharp' corners, which I like. Supersizeprint radius their corners. Overall, I cannot fault either company. £28 from Optimalprint or £21 from Supersizeprint. Just one word on pricing though. Like many high volume companies these days pricing can change at any time. Both companies offered significant 'discounts'. Whether this was a first order basis or driven by volume etc, I don't know, but clearly the prices can change and probably does depending on how they are and who you are..... These really are very good panels. Strong. lightweight, good print quality and to my mind exceptional value. I have yet to drill them out for led's as it's been too hot and in any case I need to choose one to fit led's with the other one as a backup when I drill holes in the wrong place..... Take your pick. You could use either company and expect in return a quality product. Of course the end result is subject to the quality of the print file you send them, so very much in your court.
  5. Beautifully done, but sadly outside my skill level....... Is that one of those new ‘secret until lit’ panels?
  6. Not sure what you are showing me, Mike, as your link doesn’t go anywhere. Nothing appears on the page....
  7. There will be guest operators once I’m in a position to run things. I’ve pencilled in 2025.........Aren’t you on the waiting list?... Just had an email that confirmed our 90 points was a winner.... This will hardly put us the Net Worth list, but could be enough for a few golf balls...... Anyone see Ronnie O’Sullivan’s interview last night? Made me chuckle...... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/snooker/53725609
  8. Quite the opposite. I have two crossovers on the panel that aren't on the layout...... That will confuse any guest operators....
  9. Just to complete the circle, DHL have just delivered my first panel from Germany. Really well packed and the product is first class. It comes with metal plates on the back and two huge circular magnets that will hold anything in place. The panel has a lovely satin sheen and the printing is first class. I really cannot fault it and at £28 including delivery it would be hard to beat, The panel size is 600 x 200 and it's made from 3mm Dibond material, which is two thin sheets of aluminium separated by a black plastic separator. Total cost £28 including DHL delivery. Perfectly flat and strong in 3mm material. Just a shame to have to drill 200 x 3mm holes in it.... It will be interesting to see how it compares to a second version of the same panel from a cheaper supplier. £21.14 for the same size, same plan, same material, delivered.
  10. Must be my day....DHL have just delivered my panel from Optimalprint in Germany. Very pleased indeed.... Printed on 3mm Dibond, it has a lovely satin finish and reminds me of Formica in the old days. Cannot fault the printing and it comes with two huge circular magnets that could hold Titanic in place in Liverpool Docks. Faultless and perfect until I start drilling holes in it..... Oh, and £28 including delivery for a perfect 600 x 200 control panel. It will be interesting to compare to the other cheaper one I ordered.....
  11. Don't upset me this afternoon. Just back from golf and played 6 under my handicap, so all thoughts of led's, 00-SF and whatever contentious issues you may wish to choose are off limits...... Not only that our team came in with 90 points, 18 under as a team, so we could be in the money. Unlike railway modelling, occasionally it all comes together.......
  12. Not that I'm aware of. It's a simple but complex process as each turnout needs to be set up with DCC address etc and then loaded into a blank square on the track plan page. The fact that the turnout and accessory symbols are all interactive would probably preclude uploading.
  13. New balls please..... Good news in that Sky took pity on me and are coming Tuesday. Whilst I can watch one TV, I can't record anything and as we have guests for lunch I have been instructed Moto GP is verboten..... There could be a new Q box on the horizon.....
  14. You forgot the ball must be 18.83mm diameter and definitely not 16.2mm as that has been proven not to work.......
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