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    I retired in Dec 2007 after years of flying round the world as a passenger, not pilot! Loved trains since my first sighting at Alexandra Palace in the early 50's. Misspent youth at the end of platform 10 Kings Cross and a love for ECML locos ever since. Spent every summer in Glasgow, so second passion is Glasgow trams.

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  1. I will get back to you tomorrow afternoon with some more info after golf, but I have left the panel for a month or two whilst the weather has meant being outside was more fun..... I tend to use Cobalt drills which are sharp, but always drill pilot holes first, say 1mm, then 4.5mm and finally 6.5 or 7mm. I would also use a 10mm drill in my fingers to remove any signs of burrs on the top surface. I will check tomorrow by drilling some more large holes as the panel has been pilot drilled so far and then I should be able to see how they turn out and provide more guidance. For me drilli
  2. Now skipped through the Switch Pilot manual and this talks about using the programming track. It is as per your earlier post above which I have just read..... To read the Switch Pilot on the programming track, you need to apply a load of 180Ω. This is the same principle of the motor load on a loco. A 1 watt resistor is perfectly acceptable according to the manual. To programme on Main, you need to know the address of the Switch Pilot decoder.... I assume from that you need to read the address first via the programming track and the
  3. I may have my lines crossed, but the DCC Concepts decoder seems very similar to the NCE product I'm using, so hopefully I can help. I've just flicked through both manuals and managed to understand the basics. The DCC Concepts manual has a note re ECoS as follows; OK, page 24 in the ECoS manual is about programming turnouts, so wondered where the need to programme CV's is coming from. To set up turnouts in the ECoS you will need to go to this screen. This allows you to choose a left or right hand turnout and the detail parameters ar
  4. Just trying to get my head round this one as I have an ECoS and use route selection continually. I have Tortoise motors, so slightly different, but each pair of turnouts in a crossover have the same DCC address. Might be worth a try to see if that improves the situation. At least it would show whether or not there is sufficient power to switch two solenoids together. I don't have slips, but do have a switched diamond crossing and again, the two motors have the same address to switch simultaneously.
  5. Bought some of these via eBay. They could fit the bill....... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Micro-JST-1-25-2-Pin-5-Pairs-Male-Female-Connector-Plug-15cm-150mm-Wires-Wire/283733902524?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  6. Hi Martin, just to let you know I have popped in. Apologies for the late arrival.... It says back soon and I can hear you typing away, so I guess everything is working OK. No immediate issues right now as ET has had to take a bit of a back seat, whilst my MiL moves in with us. Hope it all goes well.....
  7. Beds all sorted. I can’t fault Dreams who gave us full credit for the mattress and 80% of the bed frame in exchange for a new double. Overall it broke even, so no cost at all to change everything. Second leg of the match against Minchinhampton this morning for the ‘Sandy Minge’ Trophy, followed by a few beers and a curry. We still seem to be living in this parallel universe where things are relatively normal compared to other parts of the country. Having shielded since March, I know what another lockdown will mean to many, so really hope things improve soon for those of you in high
  8. Just back home and heard most of the NE is now on lockdown. I feel for you guys, so stay safe. Clubs were marginal, but a decent pint of Doom Bar and a lot of laughs made up for it. I joke with MiL that she is the oldest Au Pair in town. She's always asking to do the washing up or ironing and certainly does her bit around the house. Of course she's banned from any household duties right now. I've never seen bruising like it.... Makes you realise just how vulnerable the elderly are.... US Open starts tonight, so another late night watching guys ma
  9. They all are..... We finally made the decision that my 91 year old MiL would be coming to live with us permanently. Unlike many, she's a diamond and always makes us chuckle, so have converted our study into a bedroom for her and had a wash basin put in, plus an adjustable single bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers. All went well until she fell on Tuesday night and caught her ribs on the edge of a coffee table. Paramedics in and off to hospital, much against her will, but a no brainer as she was struggling to breathe. She came home yesterday, very bruised and battered, but at least n
  10. KISS (keep it simple, stupid) should be put on my gravestone......or should that be Kiss Me Quick....those were the days. Middle of the golfing season, so not a lot has been done other than abandoning a bright idea of fitting 3mm blue led's to provide route illumination on a smaller panel. Not one of my better ideas.... I got around a third of the way through and then the penny dropped and rain stopped play.. Not only were the routes not clear, the amount of soldering resistors in series and splicing the wiring completely overcame any potential
  11. Sorry guys, I haven't forgotten you. After much soldering with 3mm led's, I decided the route illumination didn't add anything and in fact just made it less clear which line was selected. The amount of work adding resistors to every led and cutting and splicing around 300 wires seemed to be a never ending task which wasn't going to provide what was needed. Decided to go with a mid size panel and the plug in capability of the DCC Concepts original led's, so just waiting for a new panel. Add in a few golf competitions and some domestic jobs and it's all gone quiet over there......
  12. The ESU decoder tester is a useful piece of kit to check decoders. At £38 it’s not cheap if you are only testing one or two decoders, but for a large roster it can save a lot of time checking things. https://www.coastaldcc.co.uk/products/esu/53900-decoder-tester
  13. Price comparison is a difficult one as we always disregard the cost of a high quality table saw, sharp circular saw blades plus a routing table and pillar drill to make something accurately to size and perfectly square. Add in all the other associated tools and adhesives plus high quality ply which is probably £30+ a sheet, not to mention the free labour, free rent of the workshop and zero profit margin and it’s easy to see how price comparisons always make bought in items appear expensive. If you haven’t got those tools or the necessary woodworking skills, professionally made boar
  14. You must be bonkers to cycle down there......
  15. As promised a couple of pics of the mimic led fitted into 3mm Dibond. I tried two different hole sizes, 6.5mm and 7mm. From the front, the led sits comfortably without any problem. These leds already contain resistors, so are a little larger than plain leds with the front bezel measuring 9mm diameter. The 6.5mm hole was my preferred size. The led is a tight fit, but certainly won't fall out. The small ribs on the outside of the led are shaved as you press it into the hole. The 7mm hole was still a good fit, but my preference would be to add a sm
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