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  1. HMRS sheet 13, 'Southern' and 'Southern Pre-Grouping', IF anybody has them in stock
  2. 'Printed copies of the February issue are available in stores from December 3' ?
  3. In the photo, though not reproducible are a couple (or more) 'CD' wagons too. 'Central Division' (Crewe).
  4. Compound 2632, This is a very good? copy of a very faded sepia print I have of the Penmaenmawr accident/landslip in January 1899, again showing the lettering between the middle hinges. I originally enhanced this for a conversation I was having with the late Jim Richards some 45 years ago.. re. the LNWR's Open Fish Trucks. How time passes.
  5. And here's a LNWR photo, circa 1900 at Crewe... Which seems to show, there wasn't that much protection to the tops of the axleboxes. The nearest wagon has the cut away headstocks, plus a steel drop door guard, the second wagon has straight headstocks with some padding on them for the drop door.
  6. I agree, I've basically been observing lockdown since March bar Medical trips and a couple of drinks in a local. Your latest photo's are showing everything's really starting to come together, well done. My family had a funeral in Inverkeilor a couple of weeks ago, which obviously with me living in west Cornwall, it had it's limitations for me to attend as head of family, but that stonework on the Imperial Hotel etc., really caught my imagination as a reminder of the area. Thank you.
  7. In the Letters Section on page 43, re. Bob Willis' query on Telegraph pole insulators, and Tony Wrights reply, there's plenty of data available for a proper article on Telegraph poles, especially in Peter Kay's reprint of 'Railway Signalling and Communications ....' (ISBN 1 899890 24 6), which presumably BRM has on it's Library Resource Bookshelves, somewhere Not knowing where this should be posted, but this should explain the brackets - an extract from the above book :
  8. .. and delivered by our postman today
  9. I think the roof vents on MSWJR's Van could be turned 90 deg's. Normally the points don't point in the direction of travel.
  10. My understanding, and my Father was born in Dundee and the basic family is from the Arbroath & Montrose area, is that a Butt & Ben is only two rooms. Certainly where I lived in Inverkeilor there were a a number of Butt & Ben's that various members of my family (Grand Mother & me, Cousins, Uncles/Aunts etc., ) lived in, water from the pump at the end of the lane, toilet t'other end of the garden....... this was the 1940's to mid 50's. That bungalow is similar to the one the Village Nurse lived in, proper posh.
  11. Further to an earlier post re the distribution of pre-group stock, I have posted this before somewhere, but here we are again....
  12. I was waiting for somebody to mention the RCH involvements. RCH was established in the 1830's, agreements arranged between different companies for working traffic etc., and thus fee's. Basically, every Junction where traffic stopped had RCH number takers, so the charges on other companies tracks could be charged, etc, plus demurrage, and so it goes on. Plenty of reading on the subject in 'The Railway Clearing House' by Philip Bagwell. As an aside, I can't see any reference in the book to illiterate symbols
  13. I have one area that has sheep grazing etc., already, but there's another area at the other end of the layout that would benefit from some grazing sheep too. The sun shines on the righteous
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