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  1. Len Tavender in 'Coal trade Wagons' book, gives a number of measurements. 1. 1840's > 5' 9" c/c of Dumb Buffers, each buffer being 7" wide. 2. 1850's > 5' 10" c/c with 11" wide buffer 3. 1865 > 6' 0" c/c with 9" wide buffer. 4. A wagon rescued and still alive somewhere, has an overall width of the dumb buffers of 6' 9.75"* with the width of the each dumb buffer being 12.25". * In line with outside edge of Solebar. - Page 29 of Lavender's book. I doubt if the above helps. BTW, 'Coal Trade Wagons' is for rivet counters, but recommended if you really want to know all about the history of 'Coal Trade Wagons'. Excellent drawings, masses of data.
  2. I see what you mean. Totally off topic, I had a lot of difficulty at one time understanding how the 'Dipping Rig' on a 1881 Mackerel Driver was lowered/raised etc., until I managed to get up very close to the top of a mast - there's a pully situated within the top of the mast.
  3. On the assumption, there will be knowledgeable modellers of the S.E.Rly here.... Can somebody explain how the upper spectacles on the signals are intended to display a light through them? The lower arms have a lamp behind them. The upper spectacles are at a different angle and I can't make out any lamp fittings. The extract is from a 1893 photo of Hastings Station, copyrighted, from the Tonbridge Historical Society Collection, their Negative No. 6B. As I haven't obtained permission to reproduce the whole or majority of the photo., I haven't. The clarity of the detail is because thise is a contact print from the original wholeplate photo.
  4. John-Miles said: IIRC the Midland had 3000 locomotives in 1923 and 6000 horses. That's a lot of dung to get rid of. Perhaps that's why the Midland had a dark Rose livery
  5. Which can be found here >>> Not sure I understand the new system, but....
  6. Hopefully a few more 'Potrans7' will appear on Ebay, soon.... I had the last one...... Because I'm not into Hornby RTR, the 'Potrans8' transfer says it's for a Hornby 6 plank. What length is that wagon, please.
  7. Is there a photo available of a 1:1 scale Barry Slip, please.
  8. The reason I'm using such thin material, is that if it's much thicker, at an angle, there tends to be a double reflection of say the side of the window moulding/etch... Yes, even with my declining eyesight. Some 30+ years ago I had some resin moulded horse box kits and they have 15 thou glass in them - part of the moulding - I see the double reflection at the edges. Looks like scoring, then over a sharp edge, snap and go......... I will report back over the weekend. Many thanks for taking the time to reply.
  9. What is the easiest way, without to much wastage, of cutting thin Acrylic sheets? I've ordered 'Evergreen' 0.005" & 0.010" clear Acrylic sheets. I don't have a laser cutter, etc., just handtools, scalpels etc., The purpose >>> Glazing 4mm scale coaches, thus small (around 12mm x 7mm) individual pieces. In the past, for me, Acrylic has been brittle, thus I wondering......... In the past I've used 0.005" microscope slip cover glass, but this is proving a fafff this days, and my eyesight is not that good either. With many thanks. PS - I searched RMweb, but couldn't see a straight answer, if there was one.
  10. Of course it is... My apologies, I'm still recovering from the '6 Nations' on Saturday....
  11. Going back to that page, I noticed the drawings of Bridge Rail... The piece of Bridge Rail track I have, looks a little different - Overall width is 11.5". It was an off-cut (for me) when working on the M5 in Somerset in 1971. The full length of this rail was supporting the first floor of a cottage, along with an early (very rusty) lorry chassis as the vertical, middle, support.
  12. A nice Isle of Wight based layout - 'Merston' - is featured, among others in this issue. ...... and 'Arun Quay' by the Gravett's. . Due out tomorrow, but in Sainsbury's, Penzance, today.... PS - Got the year right this time......
  13. 10 years? That's yesterday, at my age . In a social circle I attend on Wednesday nights (Think 'Legion Club', drinks, natter & chatter), saying something along the lines of " ... remember 50 years ago.." is not allowed, but "... remember back in '69 .... Woodstock...." is OK
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