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  1. And why don't I have the Digital version? (Or subs, but that's another matter) Once read, and anything useful copied, the mags go to the local Hospital for patients. It's a small hospital, so no Smiths etc., to upset.
  2. AY Mod, many thanks. 'Nature Calls', as he's picking up various Ales. Ciders etc., to sustain our house for another week, I think he will see the connection Words unfortunately are not enough for a description of BRM, as he has demonstrated in the past with wrong mags.... So a photo of the cover helps him to select. Model Railways is an alien subject to him. No trouble getting the right Beers/Ciders though, 'Bath Gem' and 'Thatchers Gold'.
  3. What does the cover of the retail/shop magazines look like, or is that plastered in 'Bumper Digital Issue' too. Why? because the person who collects my copy from Sainsburys (this Wednesday) likes to have a photo on his phone to ensure he picks up the right magazine. I'm still in lockdown, etc., Thank you.
  4. That's not mine, that's Jim's. I was fortunate to be able to visit Jim back in the late 60's at Abergwynant Hall, when he was getting to the end of his LNWR's wagon production, a wonderful modeller, I made a few notes at the time, though many were lost during some 'upheavals' in life. I take a more relaxed colour approach, grey primer, which varies according to source, and add a bit of 'difference', plus handling grime ? ....... These days I'm the only one who see's my work, so I can relax, I'm happy.... Some mischievous person is trying to get another article out of the layout, probably in 2 - 3 years time - It celebrates it's first appearance at Kidderminster 30 years ago next year, when it was the property of John Degg and Bill Wood, though a lot of my stock was on the layout then too. Currently it's being changed from an 'end to end' to a 'roundy-roundy' with about 60' of a run all the way round, in EM. So from the article, I expect there will be further comments on the colours I use, or not.
  5. Mention of J.P.Richards grey colour, This is a photo of one of his wagons, a Swansea & Carmarthan District Coal Wagon ( Dia., 27). I'm not sure where I've copied this from, I thought it was from the excellent 'Forty Years of the L&NWR Soc., ' publication, But I can't see it........ There are various photo's of Jim's stock in there, all of a similar grey, plus other erstwhile LNWR modellers models who all seem to have come to a similar colour rendition. My interest in this wagon, I model the southern end of the Central Wales line, circa 1910 and I have a few of these on my layout. Also attached, two in traffic and note different lettering, or none visible. .... and the footprints on the coal of the G.C.G wagons
  6. In one sense the tops of the vans may be very dark, but look light because of the sky, I doubt if the top of the loco boiler in the photo above has been painted a lighter colour than the sides etc., of the boiler.
  7. Page 129 of LNWR Liveries, HMRS, says '... the overwhelming majority of goods wagons were a plain medium lead grey, the paint being mixed from black and white pigments in equal proportions, and accordingly a little darker than LMS grey......'. I would agree that as the early 20th century advanced, the grey did appear to be roughly darker, but if that was from weathering or not, I don't know. Peter King, I personally wouldn't be happy with how dark that grey is, but that's just me. If the wagon had been photographed in bright sunlight, it might well look a bit/lot lighter. Phoenix Precision paints have varied a bit over the years too - I have 3 different LNWR coach whites.
  8. All will become clear after a pint or three of Fersty-Ferret indeed it will probably give physical proof of the meaning of entropic
  9. An excellent book by L.T.C.Rolt, 'The making of a Railway'. I believe it's been republished a time or two, I see I have the original 1971 edition. So I'm not sure where you could buy it now, bar Ebay etc., I like these types of book, and thus 'The Meon Valley Railway, Part 1:....' also an excellent book for construction details.
  10. Arrived this morning, many, many thanks. If your down this way again in the future, let me know...... The layout (Penlan) should be up and running 'roundy-roundy' by then
  11. John, I have sent you a personal message on RMweb.
  12. Now why is it, suddenly, I can get to Branchlines Sales in my search, when earlier, I was having problems? Yes got their email addy [email protected] - Thankyou.
  13. Who do I contact for the tiny screws that hold the gearbox to small 12v motors. My contacts seem to be all out of date.
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