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  1. Swings and roundabouts, what works for some, doesn't for others..... ... and I will leave it at that. However, I will admit it's a damn sight easier to fit Tortoise than fiddle around with various linkages etc., but PENLAN (the layout) continued on from ILAM using the Fulgurex motors, and time was not of the essence in constructing the layouts, some of the Fulgurex motors are 40 years old and still working. From my own experience in helping on other layouts, especially at exhibitions, I'm aware that not all Tortoise motors are faultless.
  2. No, I have various methods but basically based on a sliding piece of Copper clad in some Swish curtain rail. The idea is long in the tooth, and I just can't find the article to illustrate it, but some time ago it was for two thin wires to go up through the baseboard, one connected to each blade - I'm sure the TOU's are available from one of the supplliers, but Google images wasn't delivering. I've stepped back to something more agricultural . The back of the Swish rail has a textured surface and I've used surplus ali angle araldited to the back to provide the fixing. One of the legs on the Swish rail has been cut off, probably the right hand one in the photo. It all works for me and thus I'm happy. The photo's hopefully explain. Fulgurex Point motors are plentiful, if a member of a Club etc., especially from Probate leftovers. A sad thing but that's were the last 30+ I've had came from, of which around 26 were servicable, the others provided spare springs etc., As 'Enterprisingwestern' indicates, the switches can be stacked too, I have a couple like that, they are for a couple of Barry Slips, changing other related points and switching the sections related to their configuration. (That was a long and tiresome exercise to make sure everything worked, eventually).
  3. I have 48 of the Fulgurex motors operating on my layout, 22 of which have been in operation for 30 years, I haven't had that many problems over the years, a handful. As Miss Prism mentions easing the contacts block a little and moving them slightly may well solve any 'contact' problems, but also check the two screws holding each contacts block are tight. There are in fact very minor differences in older/newer Fulgerex motors, such as the contact springs have a very slightly different size of the 'holes' that slip over the contact prongs, I've forgotten which way it is, but I think it's the older ones that won't fit over the later ones. Again as Miss Prism indicates, you do need a reduction in throw twixt the motor and the tie-bar. Best of luck.
  4. T'was Friday I popped in.. 5 mags on the stand, 2 without DVD's.... Somebody's lifting them I'm sure. But, I now have the DVD, from a friend's copy of the mag. Many thanks Phil for taking the time to comment on my post.
  5. Correct, there was a lot of trade in bark from the Radnor Forest area in the late Victorian and Edwardian era.
  6. I may have mentioned it sometime past, there's 82 pages to check and it's to early in the morning to go through them all, but, why not 'tree bark' as a load - This is Bucknell, on the LNWR Central Wales Line. Sorry not a MR wagon though. Date is after 1909, in another view there's a LNWR Dia 33 Van with LNWR lettering, plus diamonds. "Don't mention H&S, Pike"
  7. Uhmn, I will pop in tomorrow (today, Thurs) and check. 'spect somebody's had the DVD and left the mag.....
  8. I have to agree, I had to check a couple of times it wasn't 00. I have only the mag, from Sainsburys, not the DVD.
  9. Reading the last few posts, I'm reminded of something on Countryfile this last Sunday " ..... all sheep want to do, once they are born, is die....." PS : In Newlyn, outside the Ice Cream shoppie there's a (plastic) Sheep, so it's not all fish way down west... In the best of Sheep tradition, this is a cloned photo from the web.....
  10. Dia 133, originally built in 1907-8 and probably the first LNWR elliptical roofed coaches. The compt's., (looking from the compt side) were 3rd, 3rd, 2nd, 2nd, 1st, 1st. In the 1916 LNWR Dia Book, amended to 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, 1st, 1st >> abolition of 2nd Class Jenkinson's book has both side drawings as Fig 27, on page 86. My understanding is that in later LMS life, some were further downgraded to all 3rd's.
  11. Penlan


    Sometimes, somebody even does a model of a E & W.Y.U.Rly wagon In a census count of Goods vehicles at Bristol in 1920, there was one E & W.Y.U.Rly open recorded there.
  12. It doesn't get any better, it can't be said the Highland or NB wagons wouldn't be seen much south of the border. At a Wagon Count Census at 4pm on Sunday, July 4th, 1920, at Bristol - the only details I have of the origin of the data, though I suspect a RCH exercise - there are 3 HR and 43 NB open wagons........ Happy wagon building
  13. Ah, Huntspill. I was working on that section of M5 construction, over which the link line to the munitions factory existed. A new overbridge to the M5 was built, but the existing loco didn't have the power to get up the slope with a load on, therefore 'Extra Works materials' were required from the contractor in the shape of a more powerful loco to be supplied to the MoD munitions factory. And.... no I don't know what the loco's were, my interests at the time were more, shall we 'social'
  14. The leading coach is a bit of a mystery.... The only diagram I can see that has 8 compt's is the Dia 262 wide bodied Corridor Lav Third (there were 2 of these), or the narrow bodied version Dia 265, and perhaps the lav's have been replaced with a couple of luggage compt's., but Jenkinson doesn't mention that and I don't have access to the LNWR Society's records to verify if there were any changes, there weren't that many 8 compt, elliptical roof coaches anyway (176). There's a similar WCJS Coach to Dia 49, which became LNWR Dia., 264A A mystery.
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