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  1. My Lighting supply box has an small extractor fan fitted at one end and vents at the other end to keep it all cool.
  2. I have a dedicated box on the floor just for lighting power. completely remote from the Layouts power box on the floor too.
  3. The only image I can find of my Pelmet is this one at York and I think that's 'Beattock' behind. Oh and another at Railex.... The extra brightness in the centre of 21 ft length is from another inverted 'U' box, a foldable 3' 6" + 3' 6" trough that clipped onto the two supports (spaced 7' apart) that lit the rear part of the layout, which also meant we - the operators - could see the stock to some advantage too. As to weight, heavy 'ish. Re. Dimming LED's, my understanding there are now LED's that can be dimmed. Oh, and yes, that's obviously a 1st Class toilet...... though missing th
  4. If the illuminated detailed coach interiors are anything like the trains I travelled on in Chine some 25+ years ago, then that will be interesting. I was managing Civil Engineering contracts, etc., Think basic toilet - no door, kettle on a heater/stove for tea etc., Nothing to do with the topic, but I was always amazed as we came in to land at Nanjing Airport to see people cycling along on the (edge ?) runway.
  5. TEAMYAKIMA - Quote "Basically, I don't particularly want layout lighting," I would suggest that lighting is essential if you are intending to exhibit the layout. At least then you have some control over how it's seen for colours etc., Some Venues are ill lit, others have (or did have) Sodium lighting. Sports halls have subdued lighting suitable for sports, not suitable for exhibiting layouts. But Rule 1 - It's your layout, so do what you feel comfortable with.
  6. TEAMYAKIMA, in your second sketch, I also added a drop down piece of ply behind the strip, so the lights don't 'blind' the operators - 7 - 8 hours behind a layout is a long time to be staring at lights. Thus the tubes etc., are in a inverted U shaped pelmet. On Ynysbwl (Not my layout, but I've copied the idea on my revised Penlan layout) they use inverted guttering, suspended on a light metal square tube framework. Typical product is B&Q's https://www.diy.com/departments/floplast-white-square-gutter-length-l-3m-dia-114mm/90044_BQ.prd On Penlan originally I had thin ply on a 1.5" x
  7. I have a (another) gearbox on order and I had a nice email saying due to other suppliers delivery problems, there will be a slight delay in delivery of my order, which isn't a problem for me. There's plenty of other modelling work to be done.
  8. Appeared today, adverts etc., on a third of the screen on RH side. How do I get rid of them, e.g. back to a full width for say, 'New Content' topics etc., I'm sure it's been addressed elsewhere, but... They are not there as I type this though.
  9. Many thanks Stephen, I don't have Vol.2, and I couldn't find a suitable drawing searching the internet. I may not be able to model these things properly, but I do like to know how it works - part of the legacy of having been an Engineer in the past. Best wishes to you and stay safe.
  10. I might be answering my own question, but in a Topic on LBSC Grey, I've posted a picture of some wagons and this seems to show them in a train, not sheeted and upright, perhaps they never left the upright position, thus riveted to the end arrangement.
  11. How was the sheet rail retained in a vertical position in LBSC / SR days to the end curved 'L' shaped rail? This detail of the preserved wagon on the Bluebell Line seems to show it's been riveted in the upright position, thus the rail is unable to be allowed to drop down to the side sheet when not required to be vertical. My query is on the assumption of course it was able to be dropped down.
  12. Postal edition. Last page, almost, 'Buffer Stop' and the bottom photo.. "With time on our hands, we're sorting out some old photographs. This one, of the R.H & D. Rly is from the early 1980's" Uhmn, how much time did you have? There's always some nit picker. Meanwhile, Retford, terrific.
  13. I found out how to do it... There's a couple of tabs on the front cab plate that locate into the tank tops, This photos I have used elsewhere on FB.
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