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  1. My apologies for not coming back sooner, a small matter of the death of a close friend and arranging the funeral etc.,. I asked the owner of the loco if he had a spare blanking plate, Yes. He dropped it round to my place sometime last week. I had been wondering when he was going to do it, but as above, I had other things on my mind. Whilst having coffee this morning with my 97 year old Mother-in-Law, I noticed on her window-cill, a blanking plate. I deemed it better to quietly remove it, rather than set up a "Why is it there.." situation, she has dementia and probably some other age related condition(s) too. Plugged it and "Hey-Presto" all's well with DC.... I've phoned the owner, apologised for the delay, and told him he can collect. Many thanks again for you guidance. IF it had been my loco, and because I'm a DC dinosaur, I would have stripped all the gubbins off and wired the pick-ups directly to the motor
  2. I'm reaching that conclusion too, Oh, the agony, doing something I don't like, subscription magazines (blame my parents) There were no BRM's on the shelf yesterday or today either according to my scouts. So I don't know were all these BRM readers are in the wild west....
  3. "Sorry about that omission from the parts list. The sheep and lambs are from Model Scene" Not a problem Many thanks, PS. There's always someone!!!!
  4. Last Thursday - Day of release in Newsagents etc., at 11.55am in PZ Sainsbury's there was 1 (One) copy on the shelf, now it maybe there had been a stampede earlier to grab the copies - or not, but in more settled times a pile of BRM would be there for at least 2 weeks before they were all gone (I accept there may have been more in the store room to bring out the following morning rush, but that's not a certainty). Fortunately the person obtaining the magazine for me managed to get it - I'm in the very vulnerable Covid category, and please no silly remarks
  5. I agree with 'Chard - I've had mine on Excel for 20+ years, having come up through DBase 2 / 3 etc., Easy to rearrange, select type of stock etc., My list covers 396 rows and many columns for various descriptions....
  6. Page 63, process '29', can Michael Russell advise which manufacturer's Sheep he has grazing under the tree, please From other Forum postings you may be aware I'm seeking proper fed etc., grazing Sheep. BTW, I like the use of plant roots, that's a good idea, especially for trees in decay.
  7. As my layout is a roundy-roundy now, and bar stopping in the platform, nobody really see's details to the n'th degree, I'm happy enough with the 'detailed' GEM's I have, and certainly these days with my failing eyesight, brass 'footplate and above' kits are a nightmare for me. I'm looking forward to seeing the Lychett Chassis and taking the waddle out of this old loco. Part of the waddle may be due to the nylon centred first generation Mike Sharman wheels too bought in the days of the Bristol Show at White Ladies Road........
  8. I was looking for a replacement LNWR 4'6" 2-4-2T chassis, the other manufacturer of suitable chassis kits doesn't do the 4'6" version, though the complete loco is in their lists. I did email them (twice) re. availability, but to no avail. As you say, the cost differential is large. I have a very old (50+ years?) GEM 2-4-2T running with a unknown chassis that needs replacing as the loco waddles along and I can't be faffed to try and rectify/destroy it. So I've gone mad with the money I've saved (£££'sa) by not visiting the Pub during lockdown and bought the Lychett Manor one. We will see how good it is, soon.
  9. Uhmn... I eased out the blanking piece - no change. The resistance is around 0.9 ohms, so nothing in the way - Short Circuit. Take off the blanking piece, all's well across the wheels, with the blanking piece off the loco. I also took out the screw retaining the small circuit board to check there's no metallic fly's behind it, nil. I put a meter over all the pins, as I felt I should , and with the pins numbered as follows, with the word DC at the top of the blanking piece 1....2 3....4 5....6 7....8 Numbers 4 & 5 were the only ones that did not connect with any other pins, or each other, all the rest had around 1 ohm resistance (no resistance) in any combination. I don't know the history of the loco, presumably the owner hasn't just bought it, otherwise it should go back under warranty It seems to me I should be telling the owner "get another Blanking Piece and try it". He can get one from Kernow Models presumably, they are our nearest shop, only 20+ miles away. Again I'm grateful for any advise.
  10. Many thanks. Better to ask than have to replace it.... The plate just looked different to the Googled image. Right, now to find the short...
  11. First - I know NOTHING about DCC, But I have reputation? for resolving model railway problems in our Village I have been asked to look at a Bachmann Jinty Chassis, because it's shorting? The owner assures me it's (set) in a DC mode. However comparing a photo on Google with the one I've been handed, I'm tempted to say it's fitted with a DCC chip and should be on a AC supply from the track. Any guidance is welcome, before I start putting a meter etc., across everything. Photo's : The Chassis I've been handed and then the chassis on Google:
  12. AY & Howard Smith, Thank you.. Did I miss that in the OP? If so, I'm in a worse state than I thought
  13. Thank you, if it went on sale on 3rd Sept., then either it hasn't reached PZ yet, or they are all sold. My 'Shopping Assistant' can check Sainsbury's tomorrow
  14. Can we have a picture of the (shop/newsagents copy) cover please, so I can instruct the person who buys my copy what to look for, Thank you.
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