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  1. This layout is going to need a name soon. Unfortunately some of the wonderful ideas I came up with have already been used by others so I may have to resort to awful puns! Could end up being "Pandemdale" or "Covidale". I'm still pushing on with track building and have now completed the 3 point complex on the exit curve. Again severe treatment with a razor saw was required to deal with board joints and application of suitable weights while glue dried. I've also been looking at how to operate the pointwork and have hacked together some turnout operating units
  2. Progress is slow but there is some. I still haven't finished fitting stretcher bars to the double slip so that hasn't been laid yet. Nothing like a bit of prevarication. I have built an enclosure for the CNC machine so I don't have to be wearing fetching green dark glasses all the time it's busy doing stuff. I included an extractor fan system so the workshop doesn't fill up with smoke which helps considerably! The laser is not overly powerful and doing multiple pass cuts was causing a lot of charring and a wider than desirable kerf so I've added a rudimentary air assist jet which seems to hel
  3. Apart from being distracted by other things like golf, bowls and drinking beer I have managed to complete the double slip, almost! It still needs stretcher bars which is a job I have carefully been putting off. I should get on and sort this job out so the beast can be stuck down to the baseboard and I can move on to the next challenge. Unfortunately I have to build another one which will sit to the right of the loco in the picture above. Ho hum there is nothing like a challenge. Cheers Dave
  4. Guest operators? I thought that was only a myth when it came to ET! Very smart panel. Cheers Dave
  5. Thanks for the help Martin. I'll see what I can sort out when I next need some point timbering i.e. when I've finished the double slip on my workbench! Cheers Dave
  6. That looks very interesting Martin. I looked at the DXF export but couldn't see a way of using it for what I'm trying to do. The DXF as it stands has the sleeper outlines in the positions, and at the angles, they will be laid. Also it looks as if the sleeper end lines are longer than the width of the the sleeper. What I would like to do is get the number off and length of sleepers in a template, as you have it in your post, so that I can programmatically generated a DXF, or other format, file where they are laid out to efficiently cut from an A5 or A4 sheet of ply with a laser cu
  7. I've been pushing on with track building. The next turnout on the build list was a tandem which took several hours of work to build. After carefully getting everything right it's just a tad scary to fix it down on the baseboards and then cut it in half with a razor saw! I carefully considered the position of all the turnouts with respect to the baseboard framing but of course some of them were bound to fall across baseboard joints. While building this I realized just how many chairs and sleepers are involved. I've exhausted my initial order of chairs and have just one
  8. Thinking some more it probably needs a bit of fiddling as Martin suggested to take into account of the case where there is no route selected through P1 i.e. traffic is running from for 1 through P2. Hmmm Cheers Dave
  9. My initial thought was I would put 4 LEDs along P1 section wired as 2 pairs. I would feed each pair from the normal and reverse LED feeds of the points at the relevant end. If you include a diode in each feed it will stop it feeding back into the uppowered output. After writing that though I realize it's complete rubbish and all that will do is give you 4 LEDs permanently lit. Doh! The simple solution is to wire 3 or 4 LEDs in series and feed them 12 volts. You should probably include a 1K ohm resistor to limit the current further and dim them down a bit. Cheers D
  10. Managed to finish off the first B8 turnout. There is something really satisfying about building trackwork. I chose this point as it is one of the most straightforward and I haven't built track in O gauge before. It can't installed yet as it's position will be determined by the position of some more complex bits, a tandem and a double slip. I've spent several hours on the tandem this weekend but there's a fair bit more to do on it. Cheers Dave
  11. Although I used Trax to map out the overall trackplan for this layout I've been using Templot to create templates for the individual turnouts. When you start printing these out you start to realise how big they are. I've been fairly generous with the radius of most of the turnouts with the tightest being something like 1 in 6 and most being at least 1 in 8. In the picture above the turnout under construction is B8 and almost 2 feet long. The template alongside is for a 1 in 8 double slip and is loooonnnngggggg. I have two of these to build! Cheers
  12. Out of interest Gordon for the mimic panels on the Winchester club's layout I used 3mm flat top LEDs simply pushed into holes in the panel and secured with a tiny dab of glue from a hot glue gun. They are plenty bright enough to be visible from a reasonable distance. Cheers Dave
  13. While I was fiddling about testing a couple of locos on some track plonked down on the baseboards I noticed that there is a tendency for boards to resonate sounds. To try and reduce this I've added a 3mm layer of closed cell foam underlay glued down with latex based adhesive. This stuff is actually designed for use under hard flooring. Spreading the adhesive is a messy business... With the foam down I then transferred a rough approximation of the trackplan on to it. This only needs to be a guide as I will build the turnouts based on Templot templates. I've
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