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  1. Whoopee, it's working again. Makes it so much easier to find the threads you're interested in. Cheers Dave
  2. Having finished wiring up the recently laid track and tweaking the servo controllers it was time to go back to working on the top of the baseboards. Some "testing" has been carried out which has resulted in some track fettling and then it was on to ballasting and painting. 30 odd feet of track takes a while to ballast (if you are picky like me) but it's done now. I'm also trying to finalize the goods yard layout and have printed a couple of templates from templot. Not entirely convinced by my current plan and may leave out one of the sidings. I think I need to build a goods shed and see how it looks in the space. Having laid the long goods siding it needs a bufferstop. I've got some white metal kit jobbies but not enough so I thought it was time to scratch build something. Initially I thought I would build a sleeper-built bufferstop, based on a Midland Railway drawing, using coffee stirrers. Cutting stirrers is a bit of a fag so I ended up sketching out the core structure in 3D CAD and printing it. Some bits of bent rail, fishplates and a bit of timber and it's mostly there. Painted up, bedded in and a turfed soil pile added and it looks like this... Up close you can make out a printing anomaly but standing back a bit it doesn't look too bad. It's had a bit of weathering since I took the photos and I think it will do the job. Clearly I'm not working fast enough on this project as the grass is growing! Cheers Dave
  3. Following on from the bufferstop question, a bit of fiddling in my favourite CAD program and the 3D printer came up with this... The proportions don't look quite right as it's designed to be inset into the baseboard. In the intended location it looks ok. Cheers Dave
  4. Recently the "Content I posted in" option has stopped working for me. It always times out with a 524 error. It's there a fix in the offing? Cheers Dave
  5. Having pretty much completed the coaling shed I've created another problem for myself. Originally I was going to build a fairly small affair along the lines of the one at Leicester but somehow it grew into something rather larger like the shed at St Albans. With the larger shed I've sort of run out of space for a bufferstop on the coal road. Certainly no space for a standard Midland rail built stop. After posing the question on the Midland Railway Company thread Dave Hunt came up with a photo of a wooden stop at Whitwell. My first thought was to build something like it out of coffee stirrers but I ended up back in the CAD software and giving the job to my 3D printer. It's a tight fit but it should stop wagons ending up in the turntable well! Of course as with all these things you can't really see it properly. Is not wonky, now! On to the next problem... Cheers Dave
  6. More wiring has been done which involved lifting (or scrabbling underneath) all 6 scenic boards. Just to add to the fun I realised I had missed out catering for the goods headshunt which can be switched between different control areas. Additional feeds had to be strung between board 2 and the control box and extra work done in both sections of the control panel. Not too arduous but... Some of the boards are getting quite busy. Still signals to add! Having the boards up gave the opportunity to address a couple of issues on the snagging list. One or two of the connections to the servo control boards have proved to be a bit flaky so I've rewired them all. Another issue is that occasionally some of the servo control boards will flip the orientation of throw of their turnout. Annoying to say the least. I suspect this is because the ATtiny85 chip is sensing the configuration pin has been grounded. The way you change the orientation, if you actually want to, is to short the 2 pins at the bottom of the board. To try and prevent this I've added a pull-up 10k resistor between the input and the 5volt supply. Unfortunately I hadn't catered for this on the original board design so it's a bit of a crude fix. Time to look at other things. Cheers Dave
  7. Hmmm. Not sure what's going on, I see all the save options except the "Save Changes" button. This happens both on my Android tablet and my Win 10 PC. Very frustrating. It would be quite nice if the system just "worked" as it used to. For me the problem only started happening a couple of days ago. Cheers Dave
  8. I'm obviously being thick as I can't see a "save" button. I can save the changed options as a new stream but can't change the default options. What am I doing wrong? Cheers Dave
  9. I have exactly the same problem. I've cleared the browser cache (Chrome on an Android tablet) but still always fails. Cheers Dave
  10. That's great Dave. Exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for. Looks like a job for coffee stirrers. Cheers Dave
  11. All this discussion of coal stacks is very interesting and somewhat timely for me as I'm working on the engine shed area of my layout and had planned to have at least one stack. In addition I'd like to pose a problem to this learned company. As with all layouts things are rather compressed and one area is causing me a problem. Below is a shot of the rear of my coaling shed. As can be seen the coal road exits the coal shed very close to the turntable pit. I need a bufferstop. I have some standard rail built jobbies and drawings of a sleeper built version. Both of these are really too big for the site. So, does anybody have references to photos or drawings of a small Midland Railway bufferstop? Cheers Dave
  12. Is the problem occurring with one particular decoder or all decoders? I have seen the same on my setup but I'm struggling to remember how I overcame it! Cheers Dave
  13. Probably because they seemed to stack it on every available free bit of ground. There are photos of lines of locos with stacks between them and just enough space for crews to get to the locos. They clearly bought big time in the summer. Cheers Dave
  14. More coal bins have been produced and paint, weathering powders and coal have been thrown at them. The crane has had chains added and been painted. It's still an approximation but a much better approximation after help from some Midland Railway Society members. Being the impatient soul I am this have been glued in position almost before the paint has dried (the PVA holding the coal hadn't!). With the layout arranged as it is at home I can't see any of this detail! With the shed in it's position on the layout I have to use the selfie camera to get a look at it. I really should stop tinkering with this now and get on with some wiring. Cheers Dave
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