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  1. Given you largely use the machine for templot tinkering and not for your general browsing or email and it sits behind a firewall in your router the chances of a hack have to be miniscule. Just keep using it. I'm still getting security patches for win 7 on my machine and have no intention of upgrading as it would require replacing the machine. Heck, I'm still running a machine on Windows XP! Cheers Dave
  2. I'm sure Gordon said he was never going to build a layout with gradients and definitely never going to build a full train traverser again. Who are you and what have you done with Gordon? Mad. Cheers Dave
  3. My experience is that 5 to 10 seconds is far from uncommon. My network is about 17+ Mbs download with a ping time of 30ish ms. Seeing these sorts of delays on a lot of threads/pages. Cheers Dave
  4. I seem to recall a couple of years back we had photos of exactly that though I think he only got one side done! Cheers Dave
  5. A few snaps of Redbridge Wharf at the Fareham exhibition...
  6. I certainly do. All my devices exhibit this problem to some extent. My household broadband delivers around 20mbits/sec download and right now I am getting 11mbits/sec across my WiFi. The worst performance is with my Google Nexus 10 tablet running Android using the Chrome browser where the performance is frankly dire and puts me off visiting the site (of course this is the device I use most!). The best performance is with a Windows laptop directly connected via ethernet using the Firefox browser where the page loading speed is acceptable but the flickering is still visible although as the load is quick enough is less of a problem. In my view it is a fundamental problem with the way some of the pages of RMweb are delivered. They are simply too complex with a ton of stuff that 90% of users will never use, umpteen bits of JavaScript which are probably unnecessary and to top it all advert streams that deliver varying sizes of content. The latter is an absolute no no when it comes to designing usable interfaces. Many studies have been done on this topic and screen images that flicker and reorganise in view of the user have always been the number 1 annoyance to users. I don't know what you can do about it but as you can see from other posts in this thread I'm not the only one seeing the issues. I'm afraid your software provider has sold you a poorly designed piece of software that is suffering from serious code bloat. I'm sure if we all went out and bought the latest and greatest hardware the problem would go away but that ain't gonna happen. Hopefully this comes across as positive rather than a winge but for someone who was in the business of building complex software systems for 40 years this sort of stuff really gets my goat. Cheers Dave (dinosaur software designer who knows how this stuff works rather than some of the unskilled code jockeys who are churning stuff out these days)
  7. The slowness of page loading is really hacking me off. Apart from the layout of the page changing as the adverts load as things resize the avatars on each post, even in compressed mode, take for ever to load. I've lost count of the number of times I touched a post only to find the stupid system takes me to some other post entirely as the layout has changed. Anybody know of a way of changing settings to get rid of the avatar on every list entry? Cheers Dave (aka fed up of Winchester)
  8. I doubt very much it is down to WiFi channel interference. If this were the case we would have problems with every web site and page loaded even if only intermittently. To my mind the crux of the problem is the complexity of the page layout and the sheer number of different things that have to be loaded for each page. Even if these are cached locally much of the time it causes significant load in the client browser. From my basic experiments this seems to impact Chrome more than other browsers and the older the hardware it is running on the worse it will be. As a grumpy old software developer I would put this down to stuff being developed by folks who have little understanding of the underlying hardware and just add stuff because they can without thinking about the overall performance of the system. Software bloat. I do find using RMweb increasingly frustrating. Cheers Dave
  9. eldavo


    Waton has been abandoned crated up in a corner of the workshop for another year but it's due out to Brockenhurst exhibition this weekend. Stop by and have a chat if you are in the area. Cheers Dave
  10. As everyone else has said this is truly awful news. There is no way the time and effort can be repaid or the emotional attachment healed. As a practical matter I note some have suggested that stock should be removed from layouts and taken to overnight accommodation. If you intend to do this please, please check your insurance very carefully. My understanding of the usual show insurance cover is that your items are covered on the journey from home to the venue, while at the venue and the journey back home. If you remove items from the venue overnight you will likely need your own insurance policy to cover this. Cheers Dave
  11. OK done some more testing. On a fairly aged Windows 7 laptop running Firefox performance is not bad but certainly not snappy and there are still twitches as bits of the page resize. Not such an issue as the complete page loads in a reasonable time. On my Android tablet with Chrome the performance is poor. The layout twitches around as various bits load and things resize. Several seconds to completely load a page. Running Chrome on the Windows 7 PC again the performance is poor and the pages dance around as various bits load. Tried it on a much more recent Windows 10 laptop, again with Chrome, and while better it's still not quick enough to avoid seeing all the bits of the page dancing around as the pages load. Not a definitive set of results but to me it would indicate that there is something in the page layout that is causing Chrome to struggle. Not ideal given the number of devices and users that use Chrome. Taking a look at the page source it would only take a miniscule difference in the download and caching behaviour between browsers to cause mayhem as there are an awful lot of downloaded scripts and other stuff! Seems somewhat OTT to my dinosaur eyes. Cheers Dave
  12. I really don't want to be one of those that looks a gift horse in the mouth but... We've had this new forum software and layout for a while now but there still seem to be a fundamental problems. Maybe it's just me but just about every page that loads from RMweb is slow compared to other sites. I'm not using the latest super turbo whizzy devices and I'm on mere 20Mbs broadband link but there are fundamental issues with the way pages are being served and rendered. You can see the layout twitching about as different elements of the page are being loaded as the sizes of images and other things are being accommodated in the browser rather than being computed ahead of time. This means that you go to touch or click on an item and if there is a delay in an element downloading it can move and you end up clicking on something else. When I was designing user interfaces this was always seen as a big no no as it frustrates the heck out of the users. Much of the general slowness seems to be with loading adverts or sidebar content and the user avatars. I never observed this with the previous software so something is being done differently. I'm not sure what can be done about this but I wouldn't mind betting the developers never test their software on anything other than in-house ethernet or fibre broadband so never see how poor this all is out in the real world with a complex site like RMweb. I have to admit I do less on the site these days as it just too frustrating to use. Cheers Dave
  13. All perfectly doable and not really that complicated. For large numbers of inputs and outputs look at examples of using 74HC595 and 74HC165 chips. Lots of examples on Arduino playground and other places. Also cheap as chips! You can use I2C devices but these basic chips can be strung together very simply. I've never used an external flasher circuit as I've always found the Arduino is fast enough to do the work as long as your code isn't dreadfully inefficient. Timers are easy. Do it all in the loop() function. Grab the current time using the millis() function then simply compare against the time you last made a state change. Multiple ifs don't cost much. Just note down when you last changed a flashing LED from on to off or changed a switch etc. and do a compare. Only use millis() once at the top of your loop() function as it's much more efficient. Happy to share examples of all this if you need it. The Arduino is a great tool for the job. Cheers Dave
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