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  1. Do you need to turn the locos in the storage area? How about if you leave the locos trapped until their train has been hauled out by another engine then send em back up to the MPD to be turned. Would generate a bit more traffic. Cheers Dave
  2. The turntable is a Metalsmiths/Midland Railway Centre jobby as you suggested. They are not really in production as the guy is supposed to be retiring and also at the moment there are problems with supply of some parts. Originally I was looking for a 50ft Cowans and Sheldon but after a couple of phone calls and an email he managed to put together a kit of parts for a 60ft C&S so I went with that. Looks to be quite a nice kit. Cheers Dave
  3. As ever I've been flitting from one thing to another. To help finalize the shed area I've had a bit of a look at the turntable kit. The mounting kit is already half built having been a demo unit so I can easily see how it will fit in the layout. As supplied the mounting unit is made up of several layers of MDF each 600mm square. For a 60ft turntable this seems a bit over generous so the first thing to do was take a jigsaw to it and lop off 60mm all round. Should fit ok I think but I have to work out a way to motorized it. I've also been continuing with th
  4. Hi Gordon, Can't help thinking that you'll very quickly get tired of having the centre of the room totally taken up with the storage area. How will you clean the track/evict the spiders/sort out a derailment on the scenic run? Ok so I realize derailments don't happen on your track. ;-) Cheers Dave
  5. Building the turntable and finalizing the engine shed layout requirs several decisions so the obvious thing to do is prevaricate! I pushed on with a bit more wiring and have all the connections to the boards tested. My intention is to allow the layout to be configured for DC or DCC operation so there is a bit of faffing involved. For DC operation the control panel will have isolation switches and will determine how track feeds are supplied to various areas of the layout allowing the use of two controllers simultaneously through a form of cab control. In DCC mode none of this will be requir
  6. I've got past the boring bit of painting all the butchered timber of the control boxes. My clothes and the floor of the workshop will for ever bear the evidence of the use of black and red paint! Next step is to make the connections from each of the boards to the concentrator box. The connections from five of the boards have been made to tag strips. It's been a bit of a slog but I'm getting there. I can now jury rig power feeds to get all the track tested. All seems well so far! It's now decision time. I had a bit of a result and a kit of parts
  7. The packing case has gained a lid and some holes... So this packing case is actually the control gear for the layout packed up for transport. It's built in 4 parts with the lowest part providing a base and storage for cables, extension leads and the like... The uprights hold the various boxes together for transport and raise the control panel to a convenient height for operation. Castors are yet to be added. No point in lifting and carrying if it can be rolled. The lid is inverted and located on top of the uprights and the middle b
  8. The good thing about this lockdown lark is that you get a couple of hours a day in the workshop, if not more. Progress has been steady and I now have all the track down and wired for all 3 platform roads, the up and down running lines, the run round loop and the loco shed pointwork. The goods yard is yet to be started and I can't progress the engine shed area until I've made progress on the turntable issues. This is what the underside of board 5 looks like. I followed up on the link provided by Lez above and though the website suggests the turntables are ou
  9. If you run that through a reasonable printer you will see all the flats on the curved surfaces!
  10. This looks like an interesting starting point for interfacing to the NCE bits... https://mrrwa.org/nce-cab-bus-interface/ Cheers Dave
  11. Still looking for a turntable but no response from suppliers. Need to be patient at this time I guess. Luckily plenty of other stuff to do. Decided it's time to do some testing of trackwork. Most of the baseboards are at least partially wired so I've jury rigged the down main line so I can give some of the toys a run. At least nothing has fallen off the track yet! As is tradition with my layouts I have to run an 08. Actually it's a useful way of testing as it's a short wheel base and is fitted with sound so you can identify any track peculiarities through the stutters in the s
  12. The majority of STL files are shipped as plain text so the watermark can simply be edited out with a simple text editor. Even if you store in binary form unless you are very smart and include a watermark that is printed as part of the model there is nothing to stop someone printing any number of models from the STL file and selling them. Cheers Dave
  13. Pretty little thing. Amazing you can get such results from a (relatively) simple machine. Cheers Dave
  14. I really don't like to be negative but I think you have hugely underestimated the work involved in getting from your 3D models to a usable kit of parts in any scale. I'm speaking with quite a lot of experience of 3D modelling for simulations and having written a book on 3D printing. Looking at the work you have posted recently the models look great and I could see them working well in simulators but that is a far cry from something printable! For these to be printable you would have to have started with that aim in mind. You need to think how they will be broken apart to print and
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