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  1. Never had a train set when I was young, only a weebles toy, by Airfix like the one in this picture.
  2. Some 16mm scale Workbenches i have made from plastic while i have being on lock down.
  3. First met Peter through 16mm Yorkshire group, about 25 years ago. Always had time to talk to me. Will miss him.
  4. A tool box, all from scratch in plastic.
  5. I must credit Phil Parker for the photos.
  6. I model in 16mm scale and for a planed workshop on the club layout (Huddersfield railway modelers, Nant Mawr light railway) i scratch built these shelves. They are made from plastic and lots of bits from the spares box.
  7. Having been involved with the trade, most of the stolen items are boxed locos, so selling empty boxes will not make any difference.
  8. Will have to check on progress next time i am down, the weekend that the Swansea show is on???
  9. I have one of these rail clip things, makes a good rest for the soldering iron.
  10. Thursday on C4 at 9pm, host George Clarke. A conversion of a station in Northumberland to a house. Don't know anything more but might be interesting. Jeremy.
  11. Some of it was filmed at the Colne valley museum, Golcar near Huddersfield where I work (voluntary).
  12. Will have to visit next time I am in Chester. My mums side of the family (Thomas & Pemberton) go back to the 1700s living in Chester.
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