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    Railway modelling in the British Rail Blue period mid 1980's
    Real ale,Photography(railway), and watching British Ice Hockey in particular the Coventry Blaze.

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  1. I thought you might have been on our 196's as I passed one this morning as I was approaching New St. The Joy's of being a failure and waiting at your protection point thankfully I've only had to do it once. Cheers Colin
  2. Oi every West Midland Train I drive is on time or dare I say it actually early....
  3. Was this you this morning Jim on 4O46 passing Coventry North Yard.
  4. I believe you past me as I was in Coventry North Yard trying to sort a brake test failure on the pair of 350's on Rd 1 I was hoping to take a pic but didn't have time. Cheers Colin
  5. I noticed the signal box and shunters cabin this morning as I passed by it was all still there last week. Great pics as ever Jim
  6. Do you know who's driving the 730 around on the mileage accumulation runs ? And it's good to see a proper named loco on the front of the milling machine. As I still need to get a decent photo of 66756. Cheers Colin

    • FOR SALE
    • AS NEW - as purchased (unused)

    Here we have three Bachmann 37-074 5 plank coal wagons (Binley) Coventry. They're all as new and never been out of the boxes. This was for a small steam era layout that's never going to happen now. I will only accept PayPal as payment either F&F or G&S but the buyer must agree to pay the relevant fees if G&S is the preferred option. I will insist on using Royal Mail signed for delivery and once the items have been posted I will message the buyer with a picture of the proof of postage. If you have any questions then please message me thank you.


  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • AS NEW - as purchased (unused)

    Here we have two Bachmann mk1 TPO sorting vans in BR Blue & Grey livery they are both as new and never been out of the box. I'm no longer going to need these so they may as well be sold to someone who will use them rather than collecting dust. As with all sales do through RMWEB I will accept only PayPal either F&F or G&S but the buyer must agree to pay the relevant fees if G&S is the preferred payment. I also insist on Royal mail signed for delivery as once the the items are posted I will send the buyer a picture of the proof of postage. Any questions then please message me.


  9. As the title states I'm after a BR Blue or BR Large logo blue class 47 Bodyshell from the Heljan range. Glazing and handrails are not important as they're going to be replaced anyway. But the paint finish must be upto a reasonable standard. If anyone has one of these who is willing to sell at a fair price please message me. Cheers Colin
  10. Are people seriously selling these for that price.... £75 for a pair of Bachmann class 37 nose ends.
  11. Well that was a shock and a pleasant surprise as well, I'm not really a steam fan let alone GWR but I've always had a soft spot for the Cambrian line so I may have to purchase one when they are released.
  12. Well the Layout now has it's name Loch Doon yes it's a play on words of Lockdown but seen as it's Scottish region based I thought Loch Doon would be more appropriate. The name comes from an actual freshwater Loch in the Dumfries and Galloway region of Scotland. there has been no work as such carried out on the layout as such for the past two weeks as work and home schooling is taking up way much to time at the moment. But I'm trying to fit in the odd half hour a day doing research and detailing rolling stock. That's all for now Colin
  13. This is how the layout currently stands the track is laid on the scenic section and is wired up for DCC operation the only 3points are now wired up correctly with cobalt ip digital motors. The track has been sprayed with acrylic railmatch sleeper grime thats been toned down a shade. A start has been made on the retaining wall I'm not sure on that yet. And the loco is a Heljan 27 that was bought via ebay it was an absolute wreck but I've managed to rebuild it and detail it up to a half decent standard. Im stuck for a name on the layout i was going to base it upon Balloch pier but not use that particular name. Has anybody got any ideas? Cheers Colin
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