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  1. Well so much for the two jobs I had planned for today instead I managed to resurrect two old sound chips one was a Zimo mx440d with class 25 sounds all I had to do was resolder the wires from the 8pin plug and add a bass boost speaker. The other I think is an old Loksound V3.5 with Howes class 37 sounds it's that old I had to search for a 100 ohm speaker to hear the sounds. But the class 25 which I've put in a class 24 sounds absolutely hellfire that's going to be for the next project which I'm already planning as I'm looking at getting rid of Shortby as it is. Cheers Colin
  2. Thank you very much Mark, work on the layout has come to a halt as there is just simply not enough hours in the day at the moment but all being well tomorrow I'm planning on getting power to the fiddleyard and possibly some work on the signal box. Cheers Colin
  3. Well after a morning of adding some finer details on the layout in particular to waiting shelter has had a new roof and guttering added followed by a new window frame with some glue 'n' glaze added it looks okay to me what does anybody else think ? The foot crossing is now almost complete I think the signal box will be next for some detailing. So it's now getting ready for an evening of cross city and brief visit to Soho Depot followed by the 0017 local from New St back to Coventry. Cheers Colin
  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • AS NEW - as purchased (unused)

    Here we have an as new Bachmann class 37 (37012 Loch Rannoch) in the large logo blue livery it was an impulse buy it's never been out of the plastic covers as seen in the picture. The detailing parts are still sealed and the etched nameplates are also included. Any questions then please message me. Payment via PayPal please postage will be 1st class signed for with Royal Mail.


  5. I will only say this once as I don't want to end up on the naughty step for speaking out of term. The new timetable is an absolute farce it works perfectly on paper or a computer but when you mix a big busy station (New St) and passengers it's a complete nightmare coupling and uncoupling the class 350's for the Liverpool and Rugeley TV services. Before it took 1x Driver 1xGuard and 1 member of platform staff to safely couple/uncouple now we have to have 3 Drivers 2 guards and member of platform staff. And as for our Driver diagrams all I'll say is recipe for disaster there's no padding in the turn around times and most of them have the minimum legal breaks. Think I'll stop now and get off my soapbox. Cheers
  6. I had a similar layout many years ago and when it was scrapped I forgot I still had the layout plaque and I found it again in the garage. I thought why not it's something different and it fits in with the small station theme. Cheers Colin
  7. Many thanks guys I will have a look while I'm waiting for my units to be prepped on Soho depot tonight but in the meantime the layout now has a name.
  8. Here is a photo of the approach into to the small fiddle yard the points are all peco code 75 electrofrog. I'm not planning on using and point motors at this stage but I simply haven't got a clue how to wire up the track for DCC operation, such as where to put isolating fishplates and feeds etc... Could anybody help me on this as I'd like to get it up and running asap . Many thanks Colin
  9. Thank you for the kind comment the platform is built up from a plasticard frame then peco platform edges have added with brick paper inserts and weathered. The platform surface is just plasticard and painted grey
  10. Hi sorry the original post was a bit misleading I didn't realise exactly how much BR southern region stock I had so it was changed to a kent branchline I really must change the original post thank you for pointing it out as I didn't notice it for looking so to speak. Many thanks for your ideas regarding a name I'll be following that up for certain. Cheers Colin
  11. This could be my last post as SWMBO is going to go mental if she knew I had brought the layout down and set it up in the living room but here's a few pics of the current state of the layout that still hasn't got a name. Please excuse the mess as the joys of having a 5yr old daughter who will insist on playing with every toy that she owns for about 30 seconds then becomes bored until the DCC sound loco's are run on the layout.... Any suggestions please as I really can't think of something suitable. Anyway I hope you enjoy the pics. Cheers Colin
  12. I love the quote stabiliser rail from now on when ever I'm asked about the shoe gear on our 350/1 fleet they're gonna be called stabilisers for our trainee drivers. Some cracking photos Jim. Cheers Colin
  13. I'm really looking forward to this book this is my old stamping ground as a kid and now my bread and butter it'll be great to compare the views from then to today. Cheers Colin
  14. And the law of sod strikes again as I'm on long weekend. I'm not back in until Wednesday morning with a 0526 book on and prepping a 12 car 350 set at Birmingham International.
  15. Great pictures Jim I'll have to keep an eye out for you as from next week I'll be doing a lot more trips to Walsall with the new Rugeley/Walsall to London services starting again after 50 years. And I agree it's great to see the 08's back at Bescot doing what they had been built for. Cheers Colin
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