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  1. Fantastic to hear about EM options. Kits and bits would be very welcome.
  2. FINALLY! Yes there have been kits but this is very welcome. I just hope it can be P4'd without an engineering faff... Look at it as a new source material. Yes it will come out of a box but it's the gilding that will bring out the full potential.....
  3. So far as my source tells me, my Father in Law who is a member, the show is not happening. If Manchester University is doing what a lot of Universities are doing, they will be pretty much shut..
  4. Well is a bit Malcolm Tucker isn't it?
  5. It is even better North of the Mersey. The route through Widnes, Warrington and Irlam was a very busy route. As for the kits? No chance of any sales fae me, I have need of the beasties...
  6. CLC articulated stock... Well that has made me sit up in a hurry. My stash of auld Kirk suburbans suddenly have a genuine use apart frae butchery into oddities... There are some nice beasties on this thread mind.
  7. Might I be added to the list for this project please - Comet chassis please...
  8. Well that will be another future purchase then... A very splendid looking beastie Ian, will look nice in a varied rake of fish carrying stockage.
  9. I can safely say I would like at least one C14. That is one fine looking beastie.
  10. Calm down people. With all that is going on in the world, I see no reason for silliness. So we disagree, fine. It's not really "that" important is it...
  11. And that is all your right and privilege gentleman. I simply felt a forensic analysis was required - the choice is yours...
  12. Gentlemen, I think the earlier comparisons with SLW are a little unfair since D1051’s pictures contrasted the very newest Bachmann release with one of the original Sutton’s models. The SLW Class 24 got upgraded last year with a number of improvements. This included much better radiator grilles, new glazing and re-done wipers. I fully expect these changes will be incorporated into the Scottish version of the Class 24/1 that SLW are currently working on and that I ordered months ago. I have one of the latest SLW locos in blue as 24009 in P4 – it’s a peach… There are some pictur
  13. iak

    Heljan Class 27

    What ever happened to modelling?
  14. So for us picky , proper sized P4 wheels will be available then? I trust you will be contacting people at a suitable time for what flavour wheels they would like?
  15. The new Hornsby efforts seem pretty accurate. Yes they need tarting up but that's modelling - allegedly...
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