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  1. Hallo again Chris.

    Can I enquire again as to the availability and cost of your Coal Tank chassis please? 

    I contacted you a month ago but one was out of the country...

    Many thanks

    Iain Kirk

  2. However one looks at this, a pre group CLC layout will be difficult to populate with stock except freight wise. Scratch building is pretty much your only option for coaching stock. There are locomotives to build in Judith Edges N5 and if you are lucky, you might turn up an auld white whitemetal beast. I was lucky enough to have operated Andy Gibbs' Whetstone on a couple of occasions and that was a pure GC London extension layout. It took a good deal of scratch building and butchery produced the stock from various sources frae memory. I also was part of the Plemsworth team, a layout which was CLC post grouping, circa 1929. Locomotives used were mainly ex GC but again, limited by what was available. No genuine CLC coaching stock was ever built as none of us were coach builders. Bill Bedford did do some CLC stock, as built by the GNR pre WW1. Those etched now seem unavailable.
  3. Flipping Nora... He keeps producing these tempting morals. WIBBLE!
  4. One has created another beauty there Ian. Masterful as ever and, again, temptation...
  5. Wibbling furiously... Stunningly impressive beastie and it's only a prototype - whooooosh!
  6. Smashing, I shall be back in touch. Thanks .
  7. Hallo Chris. I don't suppose any of these are still available? A bit late I know but I've just acquired a set of the Coal Tank etches... Sláinte Iain Kirk
  8. Are you getting your website sorted out please Dave? All these morsels are getting me hungry...
  9. Yup, more naughtiness from Mr Macdonald... Time for PM.
  10. Some recent new items from the works... It's taken long enough mind - thanks DWP!
  11. iak

    MRJ 272

    Damned fine issue! Great images and smashing articles - more please...
  12. The author of the article would be pleased to hear that you have used it. Sadly, he is no longer with us but he knew a thing or two about wagon construction. Mr Goodwin wrote other articles as well around that time that you might find it interesting.
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