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  1. Those pictures did it for me too when I first saw them. Wonder why Hull fitted the new exhausts in the first photo
  2. Good to hear...they are still good models! Are you putting plastic or metal wheels in?
  3. Evening! You should find these just pull off too ....unless they have been modified in some way.... same split pin system IIRC
  4. if I have this correct then Hornby are giving us an RB - maroon and green models - and an RBR - Blue/Grey and Exec models. Would I be correct in thinking that the only external difference would be the RBR - for those transformed from RBs - only has one footstep on the end - and internally the RB has loose and the RBR fixed seats? The Blue/Grey RBR is dual braked era 7 but if the livery illustration is correct it lacks a data panel - that suits me for 1971! Where is @Flood when we need him???? Cheers
  5. Or you could fit pick ups to a Bachmann Conflat as an alternative ....
  6. Precision Labels do some excellent class specific data panels Robert - you specify what you want on them No connection other than a satisfied customer....
  7. This might help... https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/49099657217/
  8. But those of us in the old farts club clearly are immutable! Difficult when you have grown up to have clear understanding which is now corrupted....
  9. Yes apparently it wasn't built to P4 standards and the coaches were the wrong livery..... The whole Mark Felton channel makes for very interesting viewing - particularly like the story of Heydrich's car given we have a very tenuous family connection with the assassination episode.
  10. Plainly not written by railway people then!
  11. From my interpretation of the carriage working notes yes that is correct Gordon - the same rake. 7 coaches - BSK, RBK, TSO, 3xFK, BSK - plus 10 flats. At most locations the flats were loaded away from a passenger platform so the coaches were seperated - what were the arrangements at NLW like? And have just realised I have a saved photo of 1547 on the NLW train at Cheltenham - 1M36 .... so not running via Hereford! Now confused.com.....
  12. And just answered my own question by reading back up this thread... page 2 .... many thanks to @br2975 , yes it ran via Hereford
  13. According to Robert Carroll's carriage workings the train ran from NLW to either NA MFO or Stirling WThSO. WTT for the Birmingham - Gloucester section in 71/72 has Stirling - NA service as 1V54/1S56 - but no record of the NLW train. Does that mean it ran via the North and West and through the Severn Tunnel? Booked load 17 on the NLW trains!!! Thats where TCVs would help as they are 6 cars per vehicle as opposed to 4 in a GUV or Carflat. Ratio of flats/GUVs to passenger coaches is 2:1 but TCVs cut that to 1.5:1 so more scope. We are planning load 12 for our version of the NA - Stirling - should be 17 too. No record .... but thats not to say it didnt happen - or wont some time in the future! Would have loved to have been at Vigo to see load 17 go up with the bankers....
  14. Wasnt there a facility to pre-order a picnic hamper on some services?
  15. There was a great mix of stock being used for motorail traffic to the West Country from the north at this time.... TCVs from Stirling and Sheffield GUVs from Worcester Flats from Newton Le Willows And all within our compass on Abbotswood.... now how about some TCVs in Blue boxes please?
  16. Sorry but NB had nothing to do with Maybachs - that was Bristol Siddeley. NB built MAN engines and Voith transmissions - and Stones built Mekydro transmissions.
  17. Might cause a slight problem with that lift! Was bad enough getting Abbotswood up there. She cannae take any more Jim! Link to layout at Stow show ... Unfortunately all the cake was eaten at the RMweb SWAG virtual do....
  18. Do these help? http://www.archive-images.co.uk/gallery/Archive-Colour-Images-of-the-Railways-of-Worcester/image/29/Kidderminster_Goods_Shed__Railcar_c1961 https://www.miac.org.uk/kidderminster.html
  19. Problem is no-one knows what is happening to the R number until 3 weeks have passed - its what we were doing 3 weeks ago that influences the number today.
  20. Unfortunately I suspect you are right. You are not the first to have this happen believe me! By all means try your supplier but if that fails go to ESU directly. Have done this a couple of times, they have always offered a replacement, cost about £30 last time I had to do it. Frustrating I know....
  21. Have you got another loco you can test it in?
  22. I can’t have a permanent layout but for a test track I use Kato HO track ... the HV5 set is a good start
  23. Without wishing to sound unkind the shop is a veritable Alladins cave of alcoves to browse .... it comes as no surprise that additional stock would "materialise"! But a great bunch of folks...
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