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  1. I'm sure there is a published photo of a Kirtley 0-4-4WT on a passenger train at Ripley but can't find it at the mo. IIRC taken by Casserley some time in the 1920s so Derby did let one out on the line at some time. If it worked to Ripley, it quite likely worked to Wirksworth and Melbourne as well if the Rail Motor diagram is anything to go by. I wouldn't have thought the type was a suitable choice for the works shunter unless there was a shortage of other types but then what do I know?
  2. Merry Christmas to everybody. Allington Junction, GNR, 8 Aug 1979
  3. There are several published photos showing whole trains of 6-wheel coaches in the late 1920s, still in LNWR livery to boot.
  4. Don't forget a Spinner to pilot a Compound, although the 2-4-0s did last a lot longer and would be more suitable for a BLT layout
  5. I,ve got pictures of the Sleaford boxes somewhere but not for today so we jump to Rauceby, GNR, 8 Aug 1979.
  6. Tea, buns and ice cream Edit: Probably Lyon's fruit pies as well!
  7. Heckington, between Boston and Sleaford, GNR, 8 Aug 1979
  8. Just being pedantic I know but these cranes were rated at 75 Tons (Imperial Tons) when built but that changed to 76 tonnes (metric tonnes) at metication. Metric tonnes being a bit lighter than imperial ones. Sorry!
  9. the cranes would have been lined black like mixed traffic locos and the coaches and/or vans probably plain black with any markings in yellow
  10. Boston Sleaford Junction, GNR, 8 Aug 1979. No name boards and a broken window.
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