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  1. Hi, Sorry, I do have one question on these. Will they be available from retailers or is just Accurascale direct? Simon
  2. Hi, Quite frankly, these look utterly stunning, no other words in my view. I'm very very tempted to get a rake of the TPE ones to go with my DRS 68, even if they never ventured south of the thames, let along around Eastleigh. Simon
  3. Hi, A small update, but quite an important one! Finally I have managed to get one signal connected up and working with the CBUS Modules, thanks to the help of a couple of MERG members, I have created an Interface Board for each signal. which converts the 'common positive' of the CBUS modules into the 'common negative' of the Signals. Currently I only have CD810 operational, as I have to replace the PIC on one of the Output Modules as that has gone wrong But it is a step in the right direction. I am now investigating the PCBs being manufactured for me to make
  4. Hi, It might also be an insurance / responsibility issue. If a train is being run by the manufacturer to gain mileage prior to formal acceptance by the TOC, but is being crewed by a crew from the TOC customer, who's responsibility / liability is it if something goes wrong? It could be argued that the TOC has accepted the train as it being crewed by its own drivers and therefore the TOC responsibility. By having a having a freight operator (or even a different TOC) provide the crew clearly separates out the who is liable for what. Simon
  5. Hi, Thanks for the replies, I obviously got my dates mixed up, I was under the impression that the tipplers were withdrawn in the mid 2000’s rather than the mid 2010’s! I’m not bothered by the fact that 59s didn’t haul the tipplers in grey in reality, however I would be bothered if it was completely impossible, i.e. if the tipplers had been withdrawn before the 59s went into red. I’ll keep my order for a DB 59 then. Simon
  6. Hi, I’m trying to do a little working out of livery timescales of the Class 59. I currently have the DB one on order to haul my Accurascale VTG Grey Tipplers, however I now realise that DB didn’t appear until after the tipplers were withdrawn. So, my choice now is a Yeoman 59 or go for something else, however I’m not sure when the Yeoman Livery being offered by Dapol changed to the broad ‘blue stripe’ Yeoman livery. Does anyone have a date? (Ideally I want a Hanson one to recreate the Loco I had a cab ride on between Westbury and Acton when I jo
  7. Hi, A quick pre-Christmas post. Tuesday saw the arrival of the first couple of batches of signals from Absolute Aspects: After a couple of days of hard graft cutting holes in the baseboard and wiring them up, I have discovered that, at the moment, they are completely useless to me! This is because they are wired up as Common Negative, but the MERG Modules can only control Common Positive, and when I discovered this latter fact, I wasn't the happiest of bunnies! Now, I knew the former fact about the signals, but the new fact was no
  8. Hi, No reason really, Stopboards have more ‘functionality’ than Fixed Reds, in that they can be used to provide more detail instructions to the driver (if required) than a fixed red. I can only assume the reason for a fixed red over a Stop board (as I can’t remember any official guidance on one way or the other when it’s a 50:50 choice) is that the additional instructions aren’t necessary or to be consistent with other signalling in the areas make it more ‘driveable’ Simon
  9. Hi Paul, Thank you for buying the book, it is much appreciated! The picture is of Princes Risborough, looking towards Birmingham :) Simon
  10. Not anymore, the last ‘gaps’ in electrification were plugged at the beginning of the year, so now there should only be a single switch between modes in a journey. The only hopping between modes is now down to a failure or degraded working / diversions. Simon
  11. Hi Phil, At risk of going off topic, but the use of speed signalling or route based signalling isn't the same as the interlocking principles. If we were to convert from a route based lineside signalling to speed based lineside signalling, the only parts of the interlocking which are affected is a small part of the aspect level of the interlocking, effectively the aspect sequence data. The route calling, locking and release data would remain fundamentally the same. It's only when you getting into system that requires two way communication between interlocking and train w
  12. Thanks Rich, I hadn’t thought of the Neodymium magnets, I’ve got some somewhere, so I’ll give them a try! Simon
  13. I like that Paul, I shall use that in the future! I hope you enjoy retirement (but do keep in touch!) Simon
  14. Hi Paul, The brackets are simply just lengths of inch square timber cut and mounted at 90 degrees to each other, we used triangular pieces of plywood to reinforce the join, but I would probably use metal right angle bracket instead now. The actual light units are Aluminium ‘L’ Angle with the exterior surfaces painted and the ends shaped to remove sharp corners. Then the actual lighting is self adhesive ‘Daylight White’ LED strips from Simple Lighting. Then I use nuts and bolts to attach the light units to the brackets and the brackets to the layout (I have p
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