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  1. This one is local to me and it is right next to a quiet country lane, so is easily accessible for a close-up pic. The owner has cut the corrugated rear end panel in half to make it into doors, as a tree, rather inconsiderately, decide to grow next to the, original, sliding door
  2. There's this one at Dawlish and looking through Flickr, I even found one on a, cross country passenger train, under the wires and apparently heading for Plymouth
  3. Off the top of my head, I remember one of the Lima catalogues, from around 1980/1 having a photo of a "Peak" Diesel locomotive, with a note saying they were planned in OO gauge, but, I guess, they decided not to bother in the end, as the Mainline Palitoy version was considered to be quite a decent model at that time.
  4. In the customer cafe at my workplace, you have to write down your name and 'phone number when ordering food, so if someone subsequently falls ill with the virus, other customers who visited the cafe on that day, can be notified (track and trace method) Perhaps the Christmas market may be considered to be an an essential part of life, as it provides food and drink and being an outdoor event, perhaps they won't need to be involved with the track and trace system ? I should imagine the Christmas market organisers, will ask the visitors, to keep to social distancing guidelines, using markings on the ground and a one way system could / would / should ? be in operation. I bet scientists and the government are having many an interesting conversation these days about what they would like to do and what options they have to keep us all safe in the long term !
  5. I work in a supermarket and through all the frustration, frayed tempers and angry customers, all I can say is, we are now, looking at the possibility of having the festive season during December 2020, being muted, along the lines of Easter and Mother's day, where people, will not be being encouraged to travel around visiting family and relatives. The virus is likely to become more aggressive during the winter months, when people are already suffering from colds and flu, which could escalate into being a huge burden in hospitals and on the NHS. The vaccine has to be tested, which will take some time, so it looks likely that we will be well into 2021 before we can get our lives back on track. Local lockdowns in various areas of the UK, may well be a feature of the coming months ! There are different strains of the virus and no one knows if people who have had it, can get it again, or how long the immunity (from getting it again) might last when they have had it and made a recovery. I've never washed my hands, or had so many showers in my life as I am at present. I don't think life will be back to normal for ages. Certainly we will be lucky if any hobby shows and toy fairs, etc will be up and running before spring next year at the earliest. I Just hope everyone here will be ok and stay safe in the meantime.
  6. The Calder valley book, by Martin Bairstow is an interesting read https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/The-Manchester-and-Leeds-Railway-The-Calder-Valley-Line-by-Martin-Bairstow-Pap/143563018405?epid=88878289&hash=item216d05d0a5:g:5UYAAOSwc15eeOOQ
  7. I was a shunter in the past, and looking at the above photo, I would say the valve is in quite a vulnerable position for an important piece of kit ! In the past, those kind of things were out of harms way, somewhere under the middle of the carriage
  8. The Huddersfield to Kirkburton branch line did have this "Ferodo" bridge across Leeds Road, not far from, the present day station at Deighton. Sadly the bridge was in a poor condition underneath and went soon after I took the pic around 1979
  9. Yes, the EMD facility at Longport is doing the work https://www.railforums.co.uk/threads/class-56-moves-from-leicester-depot.166150/ Seems like 56 128 had a lucky escape from Booths scrapyard after being in there for a year.
  10. Any number of things might be wrong with secondhand locomotives. I have bought a lot at toyfairs and off ebay. most, but not all of them have been ok. Sometimes they work correctly, but develop a problem later on. I've sold all the dodgy ones on ebay with an accurate description of the faults, mostly split gears on the old models made by "Mainline" and faulty Airfix loco's. These were produced around three decades ago and so, you can expect them to be a bit tired these days. For the price I've paid, I have always been happy buying secondhand, as the savings on new can be phenomenal, especially if the era you are modelling is currently "out of fashion" at the time you buy. Trends come and go with model railways and sometimes prices can be lower and overall, even including the pups I've bought and then sold at a loss, with an accurate description. I have saved a fortune on buying new.
  11. The 4-6-0 steam locomotive, is a vintage black 5, made by Graham Farish. The blue livery 13005 Diesel shunter, has a Triang body, but I'm not sure if the chassis is the original item. It crossed my mind that might be Farish as well.
  12. The class 88's were supposed to replace 68's on the loco hauled TPEx services once the electrification work was completed. The way things are going, I suspect the 68's and Mk5 / Nova 3 stock, will, at some stage, be banished to Scotrail or somewhere and the bi-mode units will take their place, with the trans-Pennine franchise being financially adjusted and restructured to take into account the cuts and NR's change of plans.
  13. I think television has a lot to answer for ! I mean, people look at a £100 item on "Bargain hunt" and then see the seller let it go to the team, for £70 or something and viewers, watching the programme, then suppose, that there's obviously a hefty profit margin and therefore, if they ask, they might be able to get a good discount on their next car, or DCC sound locomotive, etc. The television viewer, doesn't have the opportunity to find out that the seller may have originally paid £80 for the item and then, had it sat on the shelf for two or three years and decided to let it go at a loss, merely to circulate some cash flow and free up the shelf space for something (hopefully) more saleable ! I think these TV shows can sometimes convey a different slant on the facts, leading the viewer away from what really happened, into making, a simple presumption that a good deal was made, leaving the seller and buyer, both happy.
  14. Some of the Hornby wagons have been produced in liveries that never existed on the real thing. As an example, here's one I posted on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5532677565/in/photolist-F9jzyF-9gRc2z-837fBa-dLX7a7-7pQkKp-9qXm2w-bvsyEg-bvszQ2-bvsxn8-brW3Fi-brW24Z-akaNMb-9qUqA2-9qUqhv-wMRkbt-wMdkjT-qss9x9-9qXpQY-ng47bW-r5McjE-r5Li3d-ANM7vG-Q6AMzX-pXWarM-24xLMnb-PWHsAQ-QYwgjT-9r64rF-9r8ZGj-83BL2Z
  15. This subject takes me back to my youth at my local model club. (late 1970's) I was sixteen and hoped to run my blue livery Diesels on the, steam era, club layout at the exhibition. I was only allowed to run them during the final hour (so called silly hour) then the next year, I was allowed free reign in the goods yard for the whole weekend. The year after, more young members had joined the club and blue Diesels were running next along with the steam loco's on a 50/50 mix as it was a club layout and it had to appeal to everyone who was a member ! I expect that in years to come, there will be some sort of "Modern image" themed layout at Pendon in the same way that my local club had to evolve thirty odd years ago.
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