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  1. Just a few notes on progress so far. Having sorted out the T9's problems posted elsewhere, I turned my attention to the my Bachmann ROD GWR No 3031 and chipping. It had ran smoothly on DC so after a quick check that it still did, set about installing a decoder. I was aware of the reversed wires problem. So I removed the tender body and checked with a meter that the board marked motor M1 M2 and L / R were indeed reversed. I treated myself to a new adjustable heat soldering iron to replace the >30 year old one and tackled the reversing of the wires. (Be still my shakey hand!) I inserted a Bachmann 21-pin 36-354 and it ran smoothly after adjusting CVs 54 and 55 as recommended.
  2. "There follows a rant. Why is it that people assume that everyone has a ****** mobile phone? I want to confirm a date for installation of a smart meter. Log on, and I get a requirement for a phobile moan number. "Required field" it says. I type in "no mobile", but it won't have that, so I have to go and phone them, which means waiting ages for someone to answer. :ireful:And why do I have to scroll so far down the list of emoticons to find this one? It should be right at the top. So should this one." Fully Agree!! Perhaps your new smart meter requires you to check in by mobile phone. Great Pictures, my daily dose of North/Eastern Images. A GWR/SR fan.
  3. Quite a few at the Post Office shop in Sheringham, this morning.
  4. From unfortunate family experiences, do not DIY will, they can only lead to problems. Use a solicitor to ensure that your wishes are met, its worth the fee.
  5. I have used 3 DCR-8Pin direct decoders and found them OK. They can be a tight fit in some installations, check the dimensions. I have also noticed that in some posts here that they work where some of the more expensive have a problem??? As you said Good value.
  6. "I just wondered how happy you were with the Bachmann Dynamis controller and whether you feel the trip to the 'dark side' has been worth it???" My thoughts on the Dynamis have been given earlier. As to the changeover to DCC, when the system is running I cannot fault it and I like especially the ability to control several locos at the same time. My main problems has been as mentioned before, has been the points and the chipping of some locos.
  7. Yesterday I had some issues with my T9 No 314 Black Southern. Originally DC, but converted to DCC and ran well on DC and on the programming track when converted. I took it down to the layout and the controller showed a short circuit as did the programming track. Taking the body off, I discovered that the motor retainer front and back had disintegrated and I was left with a mess just like one of the previous posted pictures. I see that a solution to the problem is to use the brass replacement part from Peter's Spares, but a previous poster quotes 2 hours to fit. I wonder whether my filling skills are up to this?
  8. I was thinking of buying a 700 and wondering what decoder to use. If the decoder is in the tender, I wondered whether the tender was shorter than a T9 tender. I have fitted a Gaugemaster DCC26 in one T9 and a Hattons 8 pin Harness in another T9 as suggested by Hattons in their advert for a 700.
  9. Bags of info/drawings in GW Railway Journal nos 96,97,98 re 45xx etc.
  10. An answer to my enquiry regarding chipping T9's. I have fitted the 6 wheel tender one was fitted with a Gaugemaster DCC26, whilst the 8 wheeled T9 was fitted with a Hattons DCR-8pin- Harness mini.
  11. Currently using Opera 43 on W10 64 bit. No problems except sometimes seizes on a download of a file, which can be downloaded with Edge, curious???
  12. Just an update on chipping, a Hattons DCR-8PIN direct found its way into my Hornby R2937 GWR County of Cornwall, albeit on a slight tilt. A Gaugemaster DCC26 was induced into the six wheeled tender of Hornby R2829 SR T9 #314.
  13. I started a similar task several years ago in Microsoft Access to catalogue the photos of GWR locos from various sources. However I lost interest after 35 pages of A4. You are welcome to the Access file if you want it to experiment with.
  14. 'However I now have a dynamis controller and this doesn't seem to work.' I am not familiar with the ez controller, but to read the cv's with a Dynamis you need Dynamis Pro-Box as well, see page 7 of Manual.
  15. An update : checked the wiring in the Hornby County 10xx and could not find any wiring problem. I then Inserted an old noisy Bachmann chip to check if that ranaway and it didn't. A Hattons chip was inserted and the County moves as required in both directions quietly.
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