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  1. Are they the demo's you plan to attend whilst at Warley given your love for it? And look on the bright side, you could have been running a football club forum over the last few days :-)
  2. Note to self - read the prior posts before going off to play with google :-)
  3. https://pure.aber.ac.uk/portal/en/theses/affective-geographies-of-models-and-modelling(3bddf5c3-52b9-428b-ba10-4b0384b4b6b2).html I think this is it and there is the link to the full pdf further down the page.
  4. Why on earth am I trying to make some form of soup - Looking up how to use sea foam trees, I watched a Luke Towan video an took his advice to soak everything in boiling water. After that I hung them on the line to dry. To add weight to the pegs I attached a couple of those generic Ikea screws. Once they had dried out, I added a base coat of grey and then my track dirt spray for the base colour. Some of the stems had come out better than others so the poorest ones which are used as trees right up against the backscene were done first using the finest cheap
  5. Its at about 1min in the video you get a sense of the scale of the layout as the train really does shrink in to the distance for that shot. Think how far you could get if you ignore the golf clubs this year (I'm sure you mentioned that game some time back in the thread and I'm guessing where ever you play is in good nick as it hasn't been hammered for the winter)
  6. If I convert to mm, lets say it travelled 600mm. At 4mm to a ft in 10 seconds it travelled 150 ft (600mm/4mm) which in turn is 0.03 of a mile as 1 mile contains 5280 ft, so that's a pretty slow speed that in turn converts to around 10 mile per hour. (0.03 * 6 to get distance travelled in a minute and then * that by 60 to get mile per hour) I think my logic is correct as it seems to align to the calculator in Knapper blog.
  7. And how often do you think you give her cause to have to check up on your little hobby?
  8. Whilst I like using scalescenes kits and papers, I have often found the roof tiles don't come out that well and stain quite badly. So had a look at Scalemodelscenery and bought a pack of their pre-weathered roof tiles. As well as giving a bit more depth to the roof, the random moss / bird poo brings things out better. So first up was to redo the cottages that sit behind the line. I need to add a bit more detail around the chimney bases but happy with the result so far # Then I ripped the roof of the scratch built station building for Norton Rd and replaced the tiles. I
  9. Ian, a couple of thoughts. Firstly have you thought about using code 100 for the lower level? The plan below is part of my Dinfield to Norton Rd and as you can see using set track curved points opens the fiddle yard far quicker and enable me to have 4 8ft tracks. You will also avoid storage bends where I think you will find the fiddle yard radius will actually get to tight for the coaches. I work on the principle in a straight line it should be possible to get 6 lines per foot which means you could narrow down the board. That leads me to the other observation which is the 9 dead e
  10. Been a lazy slob today and decided to crack on with thinking about the timetable. One of the key aims to run everything in a pattern that returns the fiddle yards back to the same positions and the conundrum has been how to track that. So over to trsty Microsoft Excel and I have come up with he following format. The Fiddle yard table represents the end state after the move. You may also note I have added the various platforms and sidings to show where a train may terminate. In terms of reversing I have 3 options 1. Run to the sidings at Norton Rd and reverse 2. Run to th
  11. I remember looking back at that regularly in my dads collection of Railway Modellers. Might have a search to see which issue it was in and see if there is second hand copy for sale as I am now of the age when reminiscing can be consider good use of my time.
  12. More work on the terraced buildings. I've settled for the classice design of a small bedroom and kitchen off the back. Again the design was drawn in power point and glued to 1.5mm mount board. I have various sets of scaleglaze windows so these have been used for the whole building along with scalescenes doors. And finally we get a view like this. Next step will be to create the garden/yard walling whilst I think about roof options.
  13. So lots of pottering in the last month and currently distracted by taking up the gold offer to get access to all the BRMs since 2007 (been a subscriber for a about 18 months now). The only thing to show for this is the Mk2 version of the houses. The initial idea as you can see was a single story kitchen off the back but this doesn't quite fit with the window sills. So plan mk2.5 is to mock up the back piece at full height so it will more resemble the house I used to live in years ago in West Reading. I've also found a little tripod gizmo that holds my phone meaning I c
  14. Whilst I am fed up of working at home, the advantage is that I have spent a lot more time in the shed. I often spend a couple of hours in the shed after everyone else has gone to bed as I don't have to get up to commute anywhere. Over the last 5 weeks lots of trying things out has gone on on the Dinfield side of the layout. First up was to figure out how I want the yard area. I tried mocking up a few building ideas which in order were Small yard shed Larger yard building Or even have a go at making a provender store. I may have another go us
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