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  1. Two new like options are needed - Gulps in astonishment - That's it. I quit Also, is your local celebrity, Lady Scoggins prepared to grace such an establishment with her presence or is it still to down market?
  2. So taking a break from the station building i've made up the sections for the station wall. These are not fixed in place yet and won't be until the station building is finished and in but it achieves the effect I was looking for. I need to have a thing about the capping for this next. Not sure whether to cap with a row of vertical bricks or capping stone but I suspect it will be the latter. I've also got a new toy to play with. Up till now I have used one of the tea strainer models for electric grass which has it limitations so getting a bit older meant I asked my wife for a larger one. Dug up a test piece I still have in the shed and will try things out on their 1st such as, weeds in the stone work, between the rails and a general grassy area. Also if you look at the area by the station building, part of me wonders if a cobble stone yard area might be an option. Question is could I do it without covering the buildings and platform.
  3. Andy. Are you sure your not missing something here. Surely there is a whole variety of charging options you could have around moderation. Just look at what your average wheel clamper can get away with. Forget getting the coat. I'm off to sit on the naughty step.
  4. I have to agree with Mr Muddy above. The layout has that sense of space about it which I think comes from having the scenic run either side of the station along with your idea of slightly raising the line from the countryside it is sitting in. I don't know whether you ever saw a layout called Tapley in the modelling press but this has that same peaceful feel.
  5. Something I have been trying to work out using exact editions. I have a 22 inch monitor and was wondering if there is a way it can display the content in a full screen mode? If I could see the pages without the menu at the top and the navigation bar at the bottom it would make it that little bit better. Whilst I am like others who though the step back from having app based access on a tablet was a retrograde step from a user experience, I did take Gold to get access to the archive specifically along with the free ticket at some point. (Oh and if you could see your way to me winning a WOR comp at some point that will mean a few hours being less middle aged and grumbly )
  6. So one of the questions being mulled over whilst the station buildings come together - What goes along the backscene behind the platforms? In one corner of my mind I am thinking its simply station parking, but hiding away in another recess of my mind is some low relief shops/offices. If its the latter then now road and simply a pavement area between then platform and the buildings. The edge of the platform will have a brick wall about 4ft tall added to it that will go all the way up to the warehouse building that is on the end of the platform. As for the station building its starting to come together. The building on the left will have sliding doors added where as the station entrance/exit will have doors mounted internally. Plan is to fit out the buildings and I am thinking its time to start adding lighting to buildings, which also means I need to have a think about lights for the platform. Oh, and thinking back to the start of this post, another cell in my brain is wondering does the station building also wrap round the passenger platform? Think this is the least likely of the ideas. I've also added the platform starter. Not wired in yet and I need to work out what signal goes at the end of the station given the control there needs to be - Out of the station platform - From the sidings to the main line - Departure done the freight only branch (to the hidden siding)
  7. But sir, you always tell us off for wish lists. Thanks for the update and i shall get my coat.
  8. And here we have the finished platforms. I wasn't planning on it but the warehouse building still fits which is good which means the short siding just before the platform can still be the warehouse platform for box vans, etc. The quick mock up of the station building got slotted in and the scene still works. The edging is from the Scalescenes platform kit whilst the platform surface is acrylic paint simply stippled on to the surface. It doesn't show to well in this photo but I have added the brick layer below the platform edge for the 1st time. If anyone is looking at the parcels bay and wondering why there are paving stones in the middle, well that is simply because I'm a prat. I forgot about the extension it needed and put the end wrap of edging stones. However rather than rip it up I thought I would leave that in and maybe it means the bay platform was extended at some point. The other plus point of having the warehouse out during the rebuild is I fixed the sagging roof. Not sure what's next other than time for a good running session I think.
  9. I assume Mrs Davies actually can never leave as she knows where all the skeletons are as wel Seriously though, you almost ignore the railway in these pictures given all the cameos such as the escape train spotting chicken. How many hours have you spent on interior detail that only you can see once you have done 20 mins stretching to crane your neck into the right position?
  10. So a start made on the platform base. Its set at 17mm so I can add the surface once i have worked out which option works best. As for brickwork it will a brick paper but the question is whether I use Scalescenes or try something else such as the range from Scale Model Scenery. I can also make the main platform in chunks and assemble at the end rather than trying to make the full 1.2m and then cover it.
  11. Started playing with ideas for the platforms. In the past I have used Scalescenes papers for the surface but I find that you get the odd edge that lifts very slightly so with the rebuild in mind I thought how else can I do this and I have 2 ideas in mind - The top piece simply has the paving carved in to the edge and was then painted by stippling the paint to get a slightly rough surface rather than seeing brush strokes on the card. - The other option is to carve in the paving stones for the whole surface but i don't have the paints for this. I did make a mistake in the pattern which is why there are 2 pairs of rows where the slabs are laid side by side rather than off set though I have seen some station pictures where it is laid like that. The only issue I did find is that the frog tape did pull slightly at the surface of the card but we will see how well it looks once paint the edge up. I also hope if I build up in layers I can get rid of the card join with the asphalt effect, where as for the paving stones it won't matter so much as long as the pattern lines up. What I do know is that looking at these test pieces I will probably end up redoing all platforms on the layout and not just Dinfield.
  12. So a quick bit of cutting and gluing mocked this up and glad I did because it made me realise the idea I had in my head is way to big. Whilst their will be an unloading platform on the left hand side, the building when I make it will ne about half the length seen here which in turn, leaves more room for a couple of vehicles in the yard area. The remaining question is whether I add a building that will run down a short length of the passenger platform or do something else.
  13. Well, the plunge has been taken and the station isn't going to be central and I am back to the terminus idea. I have shortened one of the sidings slightly so I can have what today is used as a parcels platform. I am thinking the station building itself will one of those that is far grander than the town needed and be wrapped around the end of the station. From an electrics point of view I am lucky as there is an un-used switch wired up that can be used to power the track where the 33 is sitting. Not going to rush to much and will mock things up first as having been shoe shopping for one of the kids, there are 4 empty boxes. (And to think their is a debate in another thread about whether modelling is luxury - kids cost way more ) I also cut the length of the factory siding rather than remove it and that will remain there but a new smaller factory will be built.
  14. So the bulldozer has been in an removed all the buildings. For a while now the station set-up had been bugging me as it felt to compressed. Nothing got thrown away and all the buildings have gone in to storage. I have an idea that the station actually is rebuilt centrally with houses or shops at either end. Not sure whether it will be backs or a road scene up to the lineside. Freight would run through the station but passenger trains would terminate here as further up the line is now only some remaining industry. This does mean that where the box vans are sitting will have to go. Before I make any changes though I will get some drawings done as the other idea is to have this back as a terminus with a longer platform and the box van line would then be platform 2. Either way enough work to keep me happy for a while and various buildings needed. The yard area will also need some thought as to buildings and loading areas. It may be that I treat it more as a set of exchange sidings for the branch that leaves which is also freight only.. (See pic 2)
  15. Not been in the shed recently given the heat but everything seems to have survived. It did peak at 108F though not sure how accurate the thermometer is. What amazed me today is how well things ran given the track was filthy. The Hornby HM6000 has made things easier for sure. Last few weeks has been looking getting a signal box built for Norton Rd. First of all I tried the Scalescenes (R010) but decided it wasn't quite right. I also tried a ratio model but couldn't get the steps assembled well enough so 3rd up was Metcalfe. However given everything is built using scalescenes brick paper I have changed the base. In a nutshell I cut the base of the stone base in the kit (there are 2 shells in the kit luckily) and made my own. I then built the top part before a couple of attempts to them build and attach a base. The only thing is despite it being based on the measurements of the Metcalfe kit the steps don't reach the ground. Only problem is the phot has made me realise I messed up the brick lintels. Hmm, base mk2 maybe needed. So i thought I should see what the view up and down the line is like and prepared to say, not bad, not bad at all. Its nice when the idea in your head actually starts to come together. Over at Dinfield Rd, the house backs are coming on, but having got a signal box on the other station I am now wondering whether the low relief factory idea may have to change. Not an issue as everything is just plonked in place at the moment including the fence. The other idea would be that the signal box is just off scene. Won't rush in to anything.
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