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  1. They will have to figure out which green pasture he is wandering around wondering where his golf ball is hiding i suspect. From past posts i suspect in summer this takes over when time permits fun to be had.
  2. The station yard has been bugging me but I wonder if the Dinfield Drinks company would fit well at the end of the yard. In truth I made a mistake though with the building so I may start again. In fact there are 2 which are bigging me - The fact that I forgot to put window sills in and wrap the brick work round the card in the windows. - I could have made the base so the floor and ramp is all one piece rather than adding the loading area/ramp to the main building. I'd rather have something I can look at without regret in truth but it forms a good placeholder on the layout for now to work out the overall scene. I've vastly simplified the timetable since the Ali Paly show which reduce the number of moves by about half and it still takes a good 90 mins to run through. The upper line seems to fit well with the playing card approach but as there are only 6 trains in the fiddle yard I simply use a dice. Anyway, back to the working week tomorrow - oh joy.
  3. Simon, a couple of questions 1. Why does the left hand side turn forwards rather than back? obviously it will fit the corner or a hall quite well but you may not always get that space but you have in your head the scene as it turns the corner. 2. This makes it complex but could there be a dummy panel reflecting all operations that could be seen by the viewer whilst the signaler is then behind the fiddle yard looking over as its that corner of the layout that will get squashed where as you say the shunter will only put in an appearance when needed?
  4. pirouets

    Camden Shed

    Oh Huba Huba. Something between a 9 iron and 3 wood depending in the wind i suspect. I think a conversation with SWMBO about going to play in part of their open week in August is on the cards. I was lucky enough to play Royal North Devon 25 years ago and I suspect this is even better. Anyway back to the trains, I guess there is a small amount of woodwork 1st, but you could always contract it out to Mr S - He is retired after all so needs to be kept busy now Eastwood town is progressing so quickly.
  5. That is a rather spectacular scene being created. One question, Is there a hole in behind a plonked bit of paper scenery if traffic goes over the right hand bridge?
  6. pirouets

    Camden Shed

    Iain, when you say you might build a temporary scenic section could you not do that in a way that the turnouts are there so you can then add to the layout over time? I think it was David Jenkinson who wrote about his little long drag that it came down because he spent so long building that in 2 years he never ran anything, plus given you suffer from hitting and then chasing a small round ball syndrome like myself and Gordon time gets eaten away very quickly. Saunton - one of the courses in my bucket list so hopefully one day so hope you had a good day, maybe i'll have to go and play in something in their open week one year. which did you play by the way, east or west?
  7. Thanks and i'll give it a try at the weekend as I'm back to work tomorrow and this evening will be roof tiling on one of the buildings.
  8. Clive. Do you have a copy of the playing card system you could post? As we spoke about on Saturday I would like to try that to operate my layout and the one bit I cannot remember is how the playing cards decide moves to a specific place, whilst I do remember you said that if I have 7 trains, then I need to use ace to 7. Thanks
  9. Oohhhh, containers gives me an idea. Could up i upgrade from a drag bag to a container? How about one of these? as I would have to push surely much safer and I could add a horn :-) ( I bought enough to fill a small 20cm plastic bag at the weekend if your wondering )
  10. After much playing around with shades of grey (should have played the Billy Joel song whilst doing this) I've got the ground sorted. I went to Ali Pally yesterday and bought some Skytrex barrels so wondering actually whether this becomes a brewery building which doesn't change the operating to much. I've also fitted the remain ground signals which need to be powered up. The other idea I may try having had a chat with Clive Mortimer yesterday is to operate the lower part of the layout using playing cards rather than a timetable so its a bit more random on the freight & parcels. My thinking is have the passenger trains left at 1 DMU per hr along with the suburban train every 2 hrs, and then in between use the cards to decide how many moves in between and what comes in. I'm not working at next week currently so should have time to try this out along with working on the drinks company building and road surfaces round it.
  11. Wandered round today and enjoyed the show. Favorites that stood out were - Johnstown Rd I thought was exceptional and I hadn't seen it in this version with the terminus - Oldshaw now it has a fiddle yard at both ends. - Burntisland 1883 - Hornby 3rail, all 80 ft of it. I also stopped off and had a chat with Clive @ Pig Lane which included a small world moment as it turns out he used to work with my Uncle in the 90's. I then got challenged to get up to DEMU19 in Swaldicote as one of the Oldshaw operators also makes the journey from Reading each year, apparently by train with his layout. We shall see. As for the old dude dragging a bag large enough for me to go on holiday for a couple of weeks, I did wonder if he filled it would he even be able to move it and just what was he planning to buy? I can only think he must have been modelling in the same scale as St Petroc.
  12. Rather than wreck the surface I made a small board to try and weather the ground surface. I had a play with various poster paints to come up with something Iiked and then tried 2 ways - On the right of the picture I painted it on and then dabbed the surface with some kitchen towel. This leaves it fairly lumpy and gravelly which is not quite what I am after - On the left I simply painted on and let it dry in to the surface which seems to give a more cracked asphalt look. I think a 2nd layer could then be applied to reducing the cracking in some area's The only other question is do I try and tweak the colour further so its not quite so close to the ballast.
  13. So i've been slowly pottering along and am currently very confused as the whole top fiddle yard has stopped working bar 1 section so I need to pull the control panel down and have a look. Quite why this has happen when I have touched nothing and apart from it being windy outside, its not extremes of heat and cold in the shed - Its a mystery. In the mean time the 1st layer of ground cover is down by the houses. I'm currently leaning towards the idea proposed by Nick as I have the tree's and static grass. Another slight change is the fact I was thinking the factory building would be a pottery, but I am wondering if will be simpler to take the clay traffic off the layout and it becomes furniture and despite it being the later 70's they still ship by train to London. I've made some wood pallets and piles of wood from match sticks so now need to work out how to weather them to the right colour. Along with that I have some boxes I bought. I did try and make the boxes but quite frankly it was to tedious so happy to go with these for now. Again they will need painting up. You can also see that there is a fence now between the factory tracks and the station shunt siding. Last but by no means least I have finally figured out what goes at the end of the station yard area and this will be Dinfied Drinks - the local wine and beer wholesaler. The idea for the building got stolen from a picture I saw on one of the sites where you can buy downloadable buildings (not scalescenes). Lots still to do round the windows, add doors, etc and I am thinking of fitting out the insides with shelving for storage. With this I will need to find a forklift as well as the right vehicles. I'm off to hobby craft now as I have been watching some video's about creating the right surfaces so I need some paints and talc initially to try out various colours. What I want to avoid is a sea of grey and have a subtle enough difference between the ballast and surrounding areas.
  14. Nick, I think you may be right about the wall. Its a scale 5ft and originally the backscene curved alongside the line but I decided to change it to the houses. In fact it may be that the whole brick wall along the back length of the layout gets changed for a higher wall or fence. In other news my final Christmas present turned up. I ordered it to be click and collect of ebay but for some reason the store rejected it so it was sent back and had to be posted. The seller was really helpful and kept me in the loop with what was happening. This means I now have the classic oil train headed by a 33. It does need re-numbering and I will look for some old wagons to work on as I need to learn how to weather them down as the whole train looks as though it just came out of the factory. The control panel is coming on and everything that can be wired for now is working with the exception of 1 switch. Luckily I can bypass the switch for now as putting and it feeds the lower fiddle yard line on to the layout so not a huge problem, but a bit of a pain. I have checked the feed wire sends power and its not that as when I apply voltage directly to the pin of the switch, it still does not connect. As I said, everything is wired which means for the 1st time on 1 of my layouts there is light in the signals, so time to save a few pounds and order the rest from Kytes Lites. I've also put a place for the timetable to go so I can follow it. I need to add some extra info so each line also has what switches to set for the movement. Even more importantly under the timetable is a mount so I can take my tablet in an watch something whilst I model if I choose. All in all, not a bad amount achieved over the last 3 weeks so back to work tomorrow - happy days.
  15. So what's been happening over the last few weeks apart from Christmas and all that entailed. The houses in the corner are now fixed in place and the basic surfaces for the back gardens / back paths have been added. I need to tidy up the join between the 2 sets of buildings but next I think will then be the scrub area between the houses and the railway wall. Not sure whether this will be wasteland or something with a touch of green an maybe a tree or 2. I was a numpty though and forgot to paint the grey tint onto the backscene 1st so I need to work out how I will get that done. A 1st for me is trying to signal the layout. I go these for Christmas so they are positioned and needing to be wired in. Once done I will then look at getting the other ground signals needed for the lower part of the layout. The upper part will not have any signals as there is no way I can run the wiring as I probably should have installed it before the railway arches. The first signs of life at the station have appeared as I picked up a some packs of people along with the Metcalfe newstand and benches packs. I still need to get rid of the white edge on the stand. Finally, because of getting the signals, how was I going to add this to the control panel to which the simple answer was decided to be - Start again from scratch which so far has led to - Removal of all the old wiring except for the droppers. - Created a new schematic which is better labelled than before which was then covered with a transparent layer to better protect it. - Added the labelling for the signals. - Added point switches and labels so I can move from manual points to electric given I have a bunch of gaugemaster motors, though this will be the last thing to do as I have yet to install the motors. - Ensured I have the wiring tidy so I can easily add/fix any connections. - Decided to go back to my Gaugemaster unit rather than the panel mounted one for now. This may be long term though it could just be for simplicity whilst the wiring goes in. I have got the upper loops running though as a result. I will start the main rewire over the next few days so hopefully by Monday the lower layout will be back in action.
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