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  1. is this big enough to supply all the tea needed for a week or so? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Yorkshire-Tea-Bags-3-25-1040/dp/B07JLPVJ3X
  2. Or are you just going to have to hurdle parts of the layout. With all the people offering to man tea & beer supplies you won't get thirsty jumping across the layout though there must be a few good reasons its not an ideal form of operating. Out of interest, are there routes on the plan that mean if you just want to set something running, watch trains go by and admire the world you have created, that can be done?
  3. Must be the quest to find which one has the perfect rhythm to align with the clickity clack of the wheels over the rail.
  4. So the backscene and my claim to it possible being the most expensive on RMweb. Last Sunday I popped out to B&Q to pick up some light blue paint. Total cost £2.60. So far so good UNTIL... I had parked by one of the trolley parks with the barrier on the passenger side of the car. Only problem is as I pulled out I forgot it was there and turned left in to it (What a nincompoop / wally, ejit, etc) and the picture below tells the story. So now I have to add the roughly £500 of body work repairs plus the tyre, the back scene should be well north of £600ish. And people complain abou
  5. So this weeks important Tesco purchase was a can of hairspray instead of spray glue. I've covered the tree on the right with a light dusting of green scatter. Question is do I think it works? The left hand tree is not fixed in yet so I can add the scatter but will mull it over for a day or 2. So inspired by Little Muddle, my 1st attempt at some form of arty shot. Finally cracked on with the cottages and have decided I am not worry about lighting for the buildings so they now look like this. Hopefully i'll have time to add the chimneys this week
  6. I suppose you have a selection of appropriate S&DJR books for that? On the other hand, people do seem to be loud when then complain about being bored :-) Luckily the messy screw/nail/other bits n bobs draw is something even boredom has not led to me sitting down and sorting. I would rather be bored :-)
  7. Nothing much to show on one aspect of work over the last 4 weeks as I have been getting most of the remaining point motors installed and working which finally means I can route trains in to Dinfield Road without having to manually change the points. I'm toying with the idea of moving over to a walk about controller given the amount of shunting but that's for another day. The other piece that has started is trees. I decide I didn't want to buy these so have been watching various videos and found Luke Town & MarklinofSweden on Youtube very helpful so set off down the twisted wire
  8. Andy Just to add something I have noticed. It appears most of my followed content now has send me immediate notification if something is posted, where as I am 99.9% before the upgrade everything was do not send me any notifications. Upgrades are such fun :-) Thanks Steve
  9. I have to ask. when you were growing up, was forum button design something you foresaw in your future or were your plans less ambitious?
  10. Not a bad few days progress. More static grass has gone down and the base layer painted for the road. You'll not the board alignment has skipped slightly but will probably mask this with bushes and trees. As the river/canal turns I am thinking a weeping willow or 2 would look good there. I then had a play around with a dark weathering powder and a think wash of dark paint to get a road color I like. I've also created a pavement sheet for the houses but before this goes down I need to have a think about drains for the down pipes and cutting those in.
  11. Have started on the station for Dinfiled. Nothing that hasn't been seen before as its a scalescenes kit but as its the late 70's/early 80's I do need to grot it up some what, so the roof over that platform when it goes on will be corrugated with no windows in it and I will board up the top window. I need to find some felt tips to edge the tiles on the 2 story part of the building. Over at Norton Rd its time to start thinking about roads and pavements. For the pavement I won't raise it to much so a thin piece of card gives me around a 2 inch high pavement. I'll edge it
  12. Now you have it, Just don't make the mistake I made yesterday putting in some more modern fencing on my layout and put one bit in upside down. Now I just need to digest the 1568 pages of this thread to see what you have been up to for the last 7 years. In all seriousness though Rob, I know early on there is a plan via a control panel image but what is the overall dimensions of the layout? Is there a specific cake type that the driver of a such a cute engine would consume? Need to ensure modelling standards are maintained after all.
  13. So a fair amount has happened though not as much as I hoped given 2 weeks off. The old station design has gone and a new model loosely based on Newhaven Harbour has appeared. Reason for the change is it means I have somewhere for the freight to run in to now which makes it far simpler to operate and reverse freight stock. The back scene is kept low so on tip toes I can see over to the inner most line in the fiddle yard. The station building will be based on the Scalescenes medium station and there is some room for scenic development in and around the station throat. For
  14. The finest posties in Berkshire have been tasked with safe delivery so should be with you on Monday or Tuesday.
  15. You right. Have emailed pocket mags to ask if they can fix this.
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