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  1. Whilst I haven't been on here for a while managed to spend a fair amount of time in the shed. When not binge watching Greys Anatomy or The Man in the High Castle on my tablet, I have managed to get most of the external work on the warehouse done. The roof has come out OK given its just a grey paint stippled on the card with a darker colour the dry brushed on to it. I've also fitted the last point motors which led to everyone's favourite task, BALLASTING. Only issue is I am a small amount short of being able to complete the job and I cannot remember which brand it actually is. Its b
  2. Before I type anything else, I just want to say I understand the challenges railway workers face dealing with the lovely public at the best of times and I cannot begin to understand what they face when people are stupid enough to trespass and the consequences that leads to in some cases. I think the key here though is 1 picture on the website and this thread being about the BBC is condoning this as a result. Having done a couple of searches I found Railway Trespass returns 26 pages worth of results, and a random click on links seems to be they are all pretty much articles about the
  3. Can I throw in the mix the idea of something that can grow in chunks such as stage 1 being fiddle yard and a station that on its own makes a complete layout, but the feeds in to further stages that can evolve over time. I think it was Little Long Drag by David Jenkinson that got torn up after 2 years as he had only run things once or twice. That as in 32 * 16 if my memory is correct.
  4. So had a google for 1970s industrial office buildings and found a picture of the Record Electrical Co in Altringham that gave me the idea for a simple building to fill the remaining space. The template was put together in good old powerpoint and below are a couple of sheets of card with the idea of the building. That was then simply wrapped in brick paper and the windows which were also created in powerpoint added in. As its quite visible I do plan to start to fill the space and have some office furniture packs from Scale Model Scenery. What I don't have is people to s
  5. Sorry, not an exhibition manager but I have always stopped to watch Beijiao when I have seen it because as Colin said, its an interesting prototype and 2004 still had steam hauling coal trains. I wonder if your challenge is because its not a UK layout so you have to up your game a bit to sell it to exhibition managers. So to any exhibition managers out there, if you have space, think this is a good layout to have as its not from the usual 4 of UK, French, German or US layouts which tend to make up the most common.
  6. Of all the things achieved in the last few weeks, the best is the fact I have a better way of heating the shed. I always ended up with cold feet so I now have 1 heater running under the controls and a 2nd heater when needed part way down the shed. Neither run above 50% power and as such I'm consuming less power than having 1 on full blast, but the shed heats up far quicker. Once at temp is up, then just leave the one at my feet to keep by toes warm. In the mean time been thinking about the fencing for Norton Rd and used some Scale Model Scenery 4ft wooded as I had it left over. Not
  7. Gordon. Reading all of this I'm now worried that somehow your layout has created this scenario and giving you pause to think of a new idea. Seriously though, best wishes and you can get back modelling and golfing soon.
  8. Another week and more sticking and gluing. The centre and right hand end have been stuck together now and what you cannot see is the warehouse platform behind the VDA's. I have made a boo boo though. If you look closely you will see the centre section lintels look different. That's because I stuck the overlay layer on the wrong way up. Whilst I can't get the piece off again I can add extra of the brick lintel course so they match.
  9. Actually seeing where the old lights were I understand better now what you were seeing. I hadn't looked that closely at other images when I posted my cheeky comment and assumed they were higher up firing down the ceiling surface to defuse over a wider area rather than being so close and thus having dark areas because the coverage did not join up.
  10. So as I said in the previous post, one of the reasons for the moment of megalomania and changing one of the stations was so I had far more options for buildings. been popping out the shed on and off today and you can see the progress. Interestingly the prints for these came out around 10% smaller that the spare sheets I had already but after figuring out why I decide to keep the reduction. Its still going to be big at 70cm in length (Nearly 200 ft) Pic 1 shows the idea that there will be a loading bay and the left hand part of the building will but up to the platform.
  11. Well you were younger a long long time ago. Anyone seen my coat and i'll be off.
  12. So following on from the last few posts a bit of a change happened and Dinfield is now a through station. The key reason is one of the things I enjoy is making buildings and I just couldn't get my head round what went along the back. Having looked at Underhill Yard a few times I realised I had the right track formation so the changes are 1. Add a road bridge across the end along that the platform runs through and model 1/2 the station 2. Platform 2 now becomes a siding for a large warehouse/factory 3. I will have room for another factory / warehouse behind the platform
  13. Maybe you did but remember the content is there for us all to consume after the event which does not happen in real life. Whilst I am still working through the layouts I think people are getting much better at the interviews and I have watched a fair number of them properly rather than flicking through. As Jonny777 says, I am now starting to work through the layout features. Just got to try and remember to go and do some more work shortly.
  14. Simon, having watched the Pete Waterman content on the virtual exhibition this weekend, he talks about a Ken Payne loco that took 1hr 53mins to crawl round Leamington Spa can I sow the seed of a daft idea. If you get bored one day, just how slow do you reckon a lap of Heaton Lodge would be? Maybe measure with a before and after picture of a piece of scenery you are working on. Look forward to seeing more develop and who knows one day as you say, see it for real when it makes it out on the road.
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