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  1. Not been in the shed recently given the heat but everything seems to have survived. It did peak at 108F though not sure how accurate the thermometer is. What amazed me today is how well things ran given the track was filthy. The Hornby HM6000 has made things easier for sure. Last few weeks has been looking getting a signal box built for Norton Rd. First of all I tried the Scalescenes (R010) but decided it wasn't quite right. I also tried a ratio model but couldn't get the steps assembled well enough so 3rd up was Metcalfe. However given everything is built using scalescenes brick paper I have changed the base. In a nutshell I cut the base of the stone base in the kit (there are 2 shells in the kit luckily) and made my own. I then built the top part before a couple of attempts to them build and attach a base. The only thing is despite it being based on the measurements of the Metcalfe kit the steps don't reach the ground. Only problem is the phot has made me realise I messed up the brick lintels. Hmm, base mk2 maybe needed. So i thought I should see what the view up and down the line is like and prepared to say, not bad, not bad at all. Its nice when the idea in your head actually starts to come together. Over at Dinfield Rd, the house backs are coming on, but having got a signal box on the other station I am now wondering whether the low relief factory idea may have to change. Not an issue as everything is just plonked in place at the moment including the fence. The other idea would be that the signal box is just off scene. Won't rush in to anything.
  2. Eyesight and fat fingers were the ultimate decision and in truth I think I am managing to achieve a better level of modelling by going up a scale but it doesn't mean I don't miss the sight of a full length freight train creeping through the landscape. My kids both have small n gauge layouts still though so it hasn't left the building.
  3. I don't model in n gauge anymore but liked the front cover so much thought i would get a copy. Good news is you can do guest checkout on ebay which i did not realise was an option till just now as i quit ebay some time back.
  4. Ah, a fellow sufferer of everyone else must be better than me :-) Can't see any signs of cackhandedness if you ask me.
  5. As others have said, impressive, Barclays in particular with the detail around the doors and windows. As for the stains I went for a different approach. I stopped using scalescenes roofing and have gone for Scale Model Scenery tiles. They do a set of laser cut weathered tiles which I then stick down with clear PVA and have not had the staining issue I used to get with paper. Below is an example using their dirty tiles which have lots of bird poop but there is also a lighter weathered sheet.
  6. I think its the wording when you start the app about an active layout - "There is no active layout......" that made me think that. Should have watched a few more videos before jumping in.
  7. Been playing around with additional layers for the ground cover and 1st attempts have focused on adding scatter to beef up the look. Only problem is the smell left by the cheap hairspray which did leave me wondering if I should have worn a mask. This also got me thinking about the roots of the tree which are a bit to prominent for my liking so a bit of scatter hides them quite nicely. Mean while a few locals have ventured out for the 1st time since covid hit last year (and the time the layout was started.) There is another cane further down the river bank as well. Wish I could figure out an angle to get this shot without the base board edge - any idea's gratefully received. Finally I was having a play with various angles across the layout and this hasn't turned out to bad. I'm thinking it may be time to learn about depth of field and image stacking as it I could my the fishermen from the last picture and have him at 1 side of it. Also may be a small number of reeds pocking out of the water. Hopefully get time to go and start on the roofing for the terraced houses tomorrow as a delivery was received from Scale Model Scenery with a couple of sets of tiles. A couple of friends are trying to say we should use the booking we have at the pub but rain and 30mph winds don't sound appealing.
  8. For a long time I have been mulling over what to do behind the station platform at Norton Rd. In pottering around yesterday I found at some point I had ordered a woodland scenics tree kit. ISo rather than make the trees up, pulling the canopy material apart it forms scrubby bushes behind the station. At the moment it is just put in place but I plan to take it out and add a little light green scatter along with some reddish scatter to represent berries. The other question in my mind is whether to get a photo backscene on the layout or not. I guess my worry is can I mount it correctly and not ruin things.
  9. So you don't. Not sure where I got the idea I needed that from which means even though Android 7.2 is technically not supported i can use my mobile (old Samsung S6). Also the fine control on the mobile is better than on the tablet despite the smaller screen. Spent a good hour running trains yesterday.
  10. Really happy with this and need to have a good play around with the settings now. Also an excuse to get a new phone as my S6 won't run Android 8. Having had my 1st proper play and the only glitch I can see is on older versions of Android (8.1.1) is it still doesn't import the layout. Only needed the oval to get control and in it then took about 1 min to build an oval myself. The other thing need to watch out on is because I have a fiddle yard where 1 track holds 2 trains, I need to be ready to stop the train but that is down to my layout design rather than the app.
  11. It turned up today so Kudos to Cheltenham Model Centre for quick service. I was amused at the size of the box for the PSU which was about 3 times that of the unit itself and mostly filled with paper. Got set up OK though it has proved my mobile is now to old and does need upgrading even though it has Android 7 as the app has a few issues such as will not import a simple oval which is all I need to run my layout, but my tablet on Android 10 is fine. Only challenge is holding a 10 inch tablet is not what I was looking for but my phone is 6 years old an I have been putting of the upgrade for some time. Before I try that though I have got one of my kids old tablets that i will see if it will upgrade to Android 8 at least as that might be the easier solution and its a 7inch screen which is fine
  12. Quick question, what did you use of the main stems of the ferns before applying the static grass and scatters?
  13. I've got one of these in the post so looking forward to trying this out when it arrives. I mainly ordered instead of getting my self a walk about controller and not so fussed about sounds and have to many points, signals to use the accessory control side of this. Mr Patriot, do I take it from this your ipad had no problem connecting to both the HM6000 and the soundbar? I'm more asking as I have a bluetooth connection to an old hifi that is in my shed so hoping I can still play music from the phone at the same time as shunting trains.
  14. Chris, I have the Branch line to Fairford by Vic Mitchell & Keith Allen and The Fairford Branch by Stanley Jenkins as I have an aborted attempt at Alvescott in the past. If you have any questions let me know and i can see if the books can help with any additional information. Who knows, one day I may have another attempt at Alvescott. regards Steve
  15. Are they the demo's you plan to attend whilst at Warley given your love for it? And look on the bright side, you could have been running a football club forum over the last few days :-)
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