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  1. Now, Now Phil Don't give the grate(!) unwashed ideas
  2. A regular at York where I met up with him on many occasions. Always helpful and enthusiastic. Was saddened when he told me a couple of year's ago about his illness and that he would not be able to return to York again. RIP Bob
  3. Shortly after 7pm and I am doing my final (virtual) sweep of the venue picking up forgotten bits and pieces (extension leads, stools, layout legs! etc. etc.). Thank you to all who attended this year's virtual Show. I sincerely hope the current virus crisis will be over by next year and we will be free to meet up in person once again. York Show 2021 will be on 3/4/5th April. Signing off Mal (Show Manager)
  4. Let battle commence. 400+ people with 120+ stands all trying to egress the building at the same time and load equipment into vehicles.
  5. Ah! The inevitable Friday punter (we do not open on Friday, even in the real world). Or! Has he got the wrong weekend altogether as Easter jumps to different dates each year?
  6. Almost time for lunch on the 3rd floor cafeteria - and no, you cannot get to the 3rd floor using the disabled (mezzanine floor) lift.
  7. I didn't know we old lifts! Do the Racecourse management know?
  8. You have got another 51 weeks Les - assuming you will be able to bring the layout at Easter 2021. Mal
  9. Hiding in the office with a coffee whilst the information stand deals with all the queries. Mal
  10. First time in over 20 years that I will not be spending the Easter weekend in York, although I realise some of our regular exhibitors / traders /visitors have a much longer pedigree than mine. Couldn't find a pic of my "office" (probably just as well as it's usually organised chaos!) so here is one of the front entrance to the Knavesmire stand. Mal
  11. I could scarcely believe my ears this morning when I received a phone call asking if the Show was still going ahead. Mal
  12. Exactly the system I using for York, assuming that we will be able to have a Show by Easter 2021. Mal
  13. Baz's passing has been mentioned in some other places but thanks for bringing it to the fore here. We have managed to "shoehorn" his partly completed layout 'Micor Horio' into the Show line up as a tribute to Baz. Not sure if it will be working but we will all, at least, be able to admire his artistic modelling skills as a memorium over the Easter weekend. Mal
  14. Set up going well despite some leaks in the building's roof due to the recent torrential rain.
  15. Weather looking fine and dry for the weekend so (hopefully) we won't have last year's parking problems! Something about visitors disappearing into the mud, never to be seen again Mal
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