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  1. Set up going well despite some leaks in the building's roof due to the recent torrential rain.
  2. Weather looking fine and dry for the weekend so (hopefully) we won't have last year's parking problems! Something about visitors disappearing into the mud, never to be seen again Mal
  3. I will be there, enjoying the Exhibition and (maybe sometimes!) looking after the York Show display stand. Mal
  4. The York Show stand will be at Preston this weekend (2nd & 3rd March). Advance tickets will be on sale. Saves "fiddling" about with postage. Mal
  5. Last remaining traders and layouts have arrived so nearly ready to go. Should be a good day despite the local showers.
  6. Good news for car drivers on Saturday. The car boot sale is not taking place this year so cars can be parked on the firm Racecourse area (just beyond the Knavesmire Stand) instead of the Knavesmire field - mire often being the operative word. It's a shorter walk too!
  7. Last night's mania of trying to sort everything out at the clubrooms is over - phew! All we have to do now is get all the gear moved to the Show venue and set up
  8. Wish it was 2ft shorter as my original information. Mal - overworked planning department
  9. Just checked the paperwork and it definitely quotes New York 1960-1975, but duly noted and will amend my info. Mal
  10. Sorry - 55 weeks between 2016 and 2017 is correct - my sums teacher would be horrified. But definitely only 50 weeks to the 2018 Show
  11. 53 weeks surely. But only another 50 weeks to 2018 Show
  12. Last visit of Gresley Beat to the north of England before it is retired. If you haven't seen it yet or wish to admire it once again York Show is your chance.
  13. BigMal

    Derek Naylor

    Passed away last Friday. My condolences to his family and many long time friends. Derek was a regular visitor and contributor to many exhibitions, most notably Narrow Gauge North and York amongst others. A true gentleman who was one of the older scratchbulding generation. It was always worth stopping for a chat with him as he had a wealth of knowledge all the way back to his well known Aire Valley articles in the RM from the 1960s. RIP Derek Mal
  14. Tower Models is now dealing exclusively in larger scale models, 0 gauge upwards and declined the invitation to this year's Show. Caistor Loco has taken over his slot as general merchandiser and "box shifter".
  15. Website now updated to include this year's demonstrators and society stands plus late changes to layout and trader stands. See http://www.yorkshow.org.uk/index.html Mal
  16. To quote from my club's magazine, part of an article I wrote a couple of year's ago; An insurance value for your layout is not always easy to estimate. Any rolling stock (i.e. off the shelf locomotives, coaches, etc.) or individually bought in scenic items which are currently available are easy to price. Older items may have an increasing or decreasing value – time to consult the Antiques (Rail)Road Show! The layout itself is much more difficult to value. At one extreme is the simple cost of the materials which have gone into it’s construction, timber, track, wire and switches, scenic materials, etc. At the other extreme would be the complete cost of reconstruction of the layout employing a professional model maker. Choosing the latter would undoubtedly wipe out about 95% of the shows in the country which would be unable to afford the excessive insurance premiums for such highly valued exhibits. So a compromise of “material cost +” must be considered. It’s the size of the “+” which is the problem! Mal
  17. I will be at the Preston Exhibition this weekend with a supply of advance tickets. Seek me out on the Driffield layout (stand 34) if you wish to purchase one (or more) for the Easter extravaganza. Mal
  18. Very sad to hear this news. A regular contributor and visitor to York Model Railway Show over many years. He will be sadly missed, not least for the late night banter in the Newington. Condolences from the York team to his family. Mal
  19. BigMal

    John Coulter

    I was lucky to know John mainly through the York Show as a true gent who helped man the Show Manager's office as well as enjoying a beer or two with him, both at York and Warley. RIP John, you will be sadly missed
  20. I use Serif Pageplus for compiling our club magazine and then convert it to a .pdf file in the save feature. There are various options when saving including quality, such that colour photos can be saved at anywhere between 96dpi and 600dpi the former producing quite a reasonable size file. For example the latest edition of the magazine which included a lot of photos was 12 pages and came out as 3.8mb file for emailing (150dpi). The same file for paper printout (300dpi, high quality) was a much bigger 18.4mb file. The latest version of Pageplus is designated X8, cost about £85 but earlier versions are more than adequate and can be found much cheaper (or even free!). Mal
  21. Set up now nearly successfully completed. Hope to see some of you tomorrow. Mal
  22. Don't know about current pics but already pre-booked for York 2017. Mal
  23. These are the cheapo plastic ones. The metal top ones as shown in the OP were far more robust. Still have a few kicking around the Hull MRS club rooms I believe along with SM3 point motors, black fronted (1950s) H&M controllers, etc. Agree - never throw anything away!
  24. The usual bus service from the railway station is now confirmed. The service number is 197 and goes from Bus Stand RJ on the opposite side of the road to the Station. The first bus will leave the railway station at approx. 9.30 each day. Note - This service is operated by the local bus company and is not free.
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