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  1. Better pack my extra dark tinted specs then B) Mal
  2. It's Easter next weekend so time to give this a bump. Mike Cook, who as many of you will know, was stuck in a hospital bed last year is hoping to be there for all three days this year. So watch out for a high speed Show Manager zooming round the Racecourse in his wheelchair Mal
  3. Will be interesting to record the actual mileage on the route we are planning along the Fosse Way as non of the route planners I have checked show this route (satnav, online, etc.). These vary from the shortest route via various Lincolnshire cart tracks at 400 miles round trip to the longest (fastest ) route at over 500 miles Mal
  4. Goxhill Quarries. The owner and at least one operator (me) are RM webbers. Mal
  5. "Stealth Bomber" prepared for take off. Landing at Yeadon later this afternoon Mal
  6. Good description. As a seasoned exhibitor I recognised both these venues immediately, but of course not mentioning any names! It is interesting to note that where exhibition managers are also regular exhibitors themselves that catering (and indeed all other aspects of the show) are generally better organised to make things easy for visiting layouts/traders/demonstrators. Mal
  7. If your that well off it's time all us treasurers put your stand rent up Mal
  8. Always sad when such a nice friendly Show has to pack up. Best wishes for the future. Mal
  9. Weather forecast is predicting it's going be quite mild compared with some of the previous years freezing setups. Now where are my shorts and sun hat Mal
  10. Hope you've got the runway cleared for landing the "Stealth Bomber" Mal
  11. We could probably manage this at York Racecourse Mal
  12. The pre-flight checks for the "Stealth Bomber" have been completed However with less than 2 miles to go from clubroom to Show we'll scarcely be able to achieve take off speed Mal
  13. Date is always the same Mike - the weekend which includes Remembrance Sunday. Mal
  14. It's worth remembering that for many of the small/medium club shows the vast majority of visitors are local and will only ever see layouts at their local show. Unfortunately for the enthusiasts (such as members of RMweb) repetition does set in. For example, the Hull MRS layout Barrowfleet is still going to shows after 50+ invites over 19 years and is capable of delighting new audiences who have never seen it before, although regular punters have seen it many times and only give the layout a passing glance. The whole subject is an ongoing problem for exhibition managers balancing the best layouts at their show for both enthusiasts and local casual visitors. Mal
  15. I sometimes think of myself as semi-professional exhibitor usually managing 20+ weekends per year With that level of commitment I very rarely go to exhibitions as a paying punter. A personal record for exhibiting with various Hull MRS layouts was 12 weekends without a break Can anyone beat that? Mal
  16. As a long time exhibitor at many different Shows (20+ per year over the last 30 years) it seems to me that the OP is just trying to stir the rumour mill, with an ultimate intention unknown. Personally I have come across only one purely commercial show, which had no connection whatsoever with the model railway hobby, the intent of the organisers to make money out the good will of the exhibitors. I might add that the particular event was very short lived (2/3 years) and is long since defunct because the exhibitors realised how they were being duped. Mal
  17. Well that's the layout all packed - to be honest it only takes about 5 minutes. All ready for an assault into the south by wild northerners from deepest Yorkshire Sorry Dave - a "senior" moment Mal
  18. Sorry Mike, should have looked more closely at the layout list. Presume you know where all the best pubs are located?? Mal
  19. There will be a small contingent from Hull (you cannot escape us anywhere ) with Moorton Bottom Yard by Paul Windle and myself as second operator. Looking forward to what appears to be a good show. Not looking forward to battling round the M25 Mal
  20. Well, we got the layouts thrown down the club room stairs last night, ready to go. Lets hope they all work when we get them put back together again after a 2 mile journey through Hull's potholes Mal
  21. As already mentioned above the Hull mob will be there with "Barrowfleet". We have have had to resurrect the layout from the darkest corners of the club rooms, ejecting the odd wasp from a comfortable home and repairing one of the fiddle yards. Otherwise it is in remarkably good condition after 2+ years of storage. Looking forward to the event as a whole which is sure to be something a bit special. Mal
  22. Thanks for the vote of confidence Martin. Now if I can just get the rest of the "pilots" to behave Mal
  23. Time to bump this. A mob from Hull will be setting off this afternoon with Gox Hill Quarries Mal
  24. Slowly recuperating after 5 days in York, plus some frantic efforts in the preceding few weeks :icon_what: Taking on the role of Treasurer and (temporary) Show Manager is NOT recommended for a Show the size of York. Definitely feeling a bit of pressure at times, but thanks to the rest of the organising team for taking a great deal of the load, we all ended up getting it mostly right - I hope :icon_question: Many thanks also, to all the exhibitors, traders and demonstrators for your patience and help with the (inevitable) last minute problems. Then there was the evening socialising which I had to take part in :icon_biggrin: Signing off as Temporary Show Manager :icon_wave: See you all next year I hope, possibly with a different title - no comments please :icon_mutter: Mal
  25. Only ONE tea? I get through about a gallon of coffee per day - all that stress you know, from you lot :icon_grumpy: :icon_frustrated: :icon_mutter: Mal
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