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  1. Hi all! Quick update on the layout. Following our last move the layout is now housed in a garage and I thought it would be rude not to make the most of the space so, following the destruction of an unwanted wardrobe, I used the sides and door to make more baseboards! The track now runs approx 65ft around the garage walls in a very long loop with a fiddle yard being installed on one side and the original station, along with a new high-level station, being on the other. It will still be operated as Jedburgh in the 80s but I have collected quite a few Norfolk-based engines now too and
  2. Waiting their turn... Layout photos to follow tomorrow hopefully!
  3. Hi all! Said daughter is now 2 years old and, following a house move the railway is entering it's third incarnation! More updates will follow soon but just as a taster ( and to prove the locos get TLC even when the railway is in upheaval!) here is a photo or two taken in the last week or two. Hope you like
  4. Hi all! In case anyone is after a DRS 37409, Bure Valley Models in Aylsham still have half a dozen in stock at the same price as Hattons...
  5. We do have a Nowhere Lane near us- maybe it's the road to No Place!
  6. Don't think 101683 was repainted into green around that time- 101685 was definitely a greeny though and was nicknamed Daisy after the Thomas the Tank Engine character!
  7. Thanks for the update Mark- shame on you for leaving it so long!
  8. More top work from Colin! One of my Christmas presents, a Union Mills D16/3, arrived after being bashed in the Christmas post with damage to the tender. A quick call to Colin yesterday and a replacement tender body arrived today! Wish all customer service was this efficient!
  9. I was at Whitemoor yard yesterday and two GBRf 66s were side by side allegedly in the same new livery- every shade of everything from blue to orange to vinyls was slightly different, despite both being new paint jobs! Ah well, all the more for Bachmann to release...
  10. The A3 is very, very tasty! Couldn't quite make it out on the vid but is the speaker in the cab? Also, where is the speaker on your 2MT? Thanks in advance!
  11. More excellent work as always! Any chance of some more vids soon? It's been a while...
  12. Thanks Paul, as I thought but a quick search throws up photos of WHL services and the beds there too so thought it was worth asking! Thanks again!
  13. Hi all! I was wondering what passed through Queen St lower in the 80s except 303s, specifically were any through freight service regularly routed through and what locos would have hauled them? I've seen shots of diverted passenger services there too but were there any scheduled services other than suburbans that used the platforms? Any help much appreciated!!! Ian B
  14. It's doing 7 strings near Wellingborough this weekend so should be relaying up to around 6 or 7 on Sunday morning so I may see it in daylight! We've been the guinea pigs this week- trialling a process known at FTAP (Flexible Train Access Point) which involves the possession and worksite being set up around the train sat at a target sign rather than a signal. Seems to have gone rather well!
  15. Hi Jim, The Balfour train is the NTC-new track construction train. I've worked with it a few times myself, quite an impressive bit of kit!
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