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  1. Hi Andy, Unfortunately he was unable to help, any he had were from the early 60s, I have a couple from 1979/80 but that all we can find at the moment.
  2. Special Maintainance is correct, same markings were seen on some oil box fitted BGs on East Coast diagrams in the 70s.
  3. They are very rare, I helped compile some in the late 70s, and have a couple of odds in the collection. They were actually stencilled and run off on a Roneo machine, photocopies in those days being suprisingly expensive. Each issue would be maximum of roughly 60/70 copies, so as you say, it would be doubtful if any made it to Kew or the NRM. I will speak to a former colleage who did clear out some of the store rooms when the AMO closed and see if he managed to salvage any.
  4. Just seen this on the BBC website, hopefully smoke/water damage will not cause to many problems, as it appears to be the property adjoining the Emporium. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-55971786 Fortunately casualties seem minimal
  5. The majority of the BSKs were low numbered ones, 34624, 34950, 34953 are 3 numbers that spring to mind. I guess being captive to the SR they were fairly low profile on the works list for modifications. They were in quite poor external condition, the contrast being most noticeable when the LM sets used to arrive on the Lourdes pilgrimex from Liverpool, sparking clean sets with CW bogies quite a contrast.!
  6. The Military platform was very popular with photographers, more so when the fuel point was built in the late 80s.
  7. I was at Dover from 1981 until the ferry closed in 1995, and then Dollands until 1999. My time at Dover was the best of my railway career, working on a unique operation, and privileged to work with some very great and experienced railway men.
  8. This was 5K00, 0852 Dover WD - Faversham via Sittingbourne. It conveyed the BSK that was stabled at Faversham for the 0455 Fav - Dover WD papers, the vans of which were detached from the Victoria - Ramsgate papers. When we had ferries of fruit for Woods at Sittingbourne they would be attached to this working, which often led to some bizarre formations as the BSK was vac fitted, and the ferries could be any combination of vac fitted or piped wagons. The BSK was possibly the most rancid flea infested coach on BR being, regularly changed out for fumigation at New Cross, after th
  9. Someone videoing out of a door droplight, had an argument with part of the bridge or nearby structure. Suffice to say, his day out ended there, as his head parted company with the rest of him. It was, at the time, touch and go if the rest of the series of trips that summer would continue, however a rapid fitting of door window bars allowed the programme to be completed.
  10. Did that continue until the through route closed Mick ? My only experience from the 70s was stabling on the Barlow branch.
  11. There was a Royal morale boosting visit in summer 1941 after the intense air raids of earlier in the year, possibly that's what is referred to. There is a YFA video on line that shows the King and Queen in Hull. The royals also visited Holderness and the coast in 1940, but details are scant
  12. Shame but understandable, after looking at the video l could have been the second EU customer. Still after discovering Lendons as well, I think a visit to Cardidf is a possibility once some form of normality returns.
  13. Autumn 1974, we received 2 train loads of these wagons at Hull Central Freight depot, conveying condemned fish from Mallaig. Apparently one of the Soviet "Klondyker" fish factory ships had an equipment breakdown and the catch was condemmed, and sold to the Hull Fish Meal company. The wagons stank to high heaven especially once the sheets were removed. It's a bit later than your timeframe, but passed through your area.
  14. That's very nice, reminds me of many thousands of kms spent in them behind classic D&E traction.
  15. I got mine many moons ago, via a Shredded Wheat offer, pretty sure it came in an unmarked box. Always seemed a very good model for it's time.
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