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  1. Try "Industriebahn" "Werkbahn" as a start, then Industriebahn with any major city name, ie Hamburg, Frankfurt, Köln, etc, etc. Should throw up some results that will be helpful for you.
  2. Both "Janes" format, but slightly bigger. I bought the first one after a 2 minuite browse, such was the quality and previously unpublished photos. Volume 2 I just bought without browsing both excellent publications.
  3. Try www.modelbahnunion.de I was in a similar position, but they have just become Peco stockists and have had a big delivery. Order delivered to me near Bonn 24 hrs after ordering. HTH
  4. Sounds like the quayside at Dover Marine, once the train arrived in the main station, the under bond vans were shunted onto the quayside roads, which incidently were referred to as platforms 1 and 2, hence the platforms under the train shed commencing at platform 3. There was, as you mention minimal cover, though in later years there was very little inside due to the state of the roof.
  5. The outbound was sealed at Vic and undone at DWD and the inbound vice versa
  6. The Arrow van would have been a GUV or 4 wheel CCT/PMV (S) or similar as once cleared Customs the van would be sealed and no access allowed until opened at Dover in the prescence of a member of HMCE
  7. Always found the shop very well laid out and the staff very helpful and knowledgable. Unfortunately they are unable to off postage to Europe or I could put a few £ their way.
  8. Donated from Germany, still have family and friends who use the NHS, and they saved my sons life 10 years ago.
  9. Believe the chassis came from the Hoogovens steel works at Ijmuiden in the Netherlands. Was used as an ingot carrier and originated from one of the NS owned Austerities. The body was built by apprentices at Corus Scunthorpe.
  10. Yes Tantalus owned by Blue Funnel an OBO carrier laid up 1982 - 1984, sold then damaged in the Iran - Iraq war and broken up in China 1986.
  11. Photo taken around 1984/85 by Nigel Turner a Dover driver. Ferry shown is the St Eloi, which was allocated TOPS number 99013. Worked in that yard from 1981, some of the best times of my railway career, a privilege to work on a unique operation and with some of the finest railwaymen l have known.
  12. Four subscribers they have stated that they will extend subs to cover the missing issues. Handy as my TR Europe subs have just been taken.
  13. When the Channel Tunnel first opened, one of the SNCF Calais drivers who worked through had started his career at Amiens around 1966, mainly on 141Rs. He was a great guy and a bit of a comedianand would sometimes appear with a pair of goggles usually over a beret or a baseball cap. One of the T&RS supervisors eventually arranged a suitable railwayana swop and became the owner of the goggles.
  14. Sad to hear this, I was only an occasional customer, usually mail order or exhibitions, but always found them helpful and knowledgeable RIP
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