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  1. There are pictures of 14xx locos on the Hemyock branch here but most of them are from the early sixties
  2. Three pictures of the bridge taken from beneath on the estuary in 2008. It's funny how photographs can confuse as well./ It look s like the road bridge is out of shape and has a hump by the upright, but it's where they have extended the bridge deck beyond the support.
  3. The last few posts have shown some very clever pieces of modelling, especially the Royal Albert Bridge. I sure it will look amazing in-situ. I look forward to further updates of what will be a great layout. Happy New Year to you Kris and the family.
  4. Some great pictures. As always with this branch everything seems to have been done in a back handed way. The demolition of the station buildings and the ripping up of the track just as the fledgling South Devon Railway were discussing with BR about taking over the branch for preservation. We can only wonder what a super preserved line this would have made meandering down the Avon valley. A mainline connection at Brent, 3 intermediate stations and a terminus within a short walk to the ferry to Salcombe. WOW!!!
  5. Absolutely incredible piece of modelling. Cant wait to see it in the flesh at a show.
  6. Some fantastic scenery in great weather. Hope you have a good trip.
  7. Great work. I didn't know Ratio did a William Clarke station, but it looks like it is going to work really well. Nice to see your Dad's drawings being used.
  8. John was a great gentleman and a superb modeller. His layouts, nearly all based in Dorset, told a story and it was this storytelling that made them so believable. I first heard of John through RMWeb and we started corresponding privately after he was having problems editing some of his photos for the website and his new camera. I also doctored some of his pictures in Photoshop, giving them a natural background or adding a bit of snow here and there. John was always appreciative of these efforts and said that they offered another dimension to his layout. ​As Nick (nickwood) has said, John was an artist. He used his modelling skills and eye for detail to paint a picture. Each part of Hintock told a story about the Brede Valley, its inhabitants and visitors. ​I will always remember to kindness and friendship he showed me and my family even though we never met. He will be sorely missed. RIP John
  9. Tony Wright hates tension lock couplings. He cuts all his off and replaces them with his version that includes dummy hoses between coaches. You can see how he does this here. The beauty of this system is that you push a slight depression in the centre of the hoop so that coaches sit closer together on the straight but open up slightly on the curve.
  10. Hi Nick. It was good to catch up at Southampton today. The new cassettes look really good, I'm sure you'll get round the little problem you talked about. . I know you mentioned the problem with temperature changes affecting the double sided tape on foam you use to protect the stock. I have had a little think, while my brain was still in gear, and wondered if you could use some velcro to hold it in place. not the adhesive one but the sew on one. You could fix one half to the timber stop by a staple in each end and then tack, (sorry about the needlework term, if not sure ask she who must be obeyed ), the other half to the foam with some thread. Also means you could replace the foam if it becomes damaged without damaging the velcro. As always the layout looks great and always appeared to run faultlessly. All the best Andy
  11. Hi Nick. The new cassettes look great. It'll be interesting to see how you stop the stock from moving on them. Maybe a simple peice of upholstery foam pushed in to the ends when need. Both gentle on the stock and the couplings. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Andy M
  12. That is an incredible piece of laser cut engineering. Can't wait to see the completed nad painted item.
  13. The bus timetable has now been published on our website. So please have a look if you would like to plan your journey. The published times are subject to traffic conditions and any remebrance events taking place that week-end.
  14. November 11th & 12th Tolworth Recreation Centre, Fullers Way North, Tolworth, Surrey, KT6 7LQ. Saturday 11th November 10.00am - 5.30pm Sunday 12th November 10.00am - 5.00pm PRICES Adult: £6 Child: £3 Family 2+2: £15 Sunday Special One child free with every paying adult Hampton Court Model Railway Society proudly presents annual show, Tolworth Showtrain on the 11th and 12th November 2017. As is customary there will be a layout which our younger visitors can operate. We have a wide range of layouts to suit all tastes and a large array of suppliers. There is also a free bus service to the show from the mainline station of Surbiton Details of all the layouts and traders attending and times of the buses can be found on our show page at http://www.hamptoncourtmrs.com/showtrain/showtrain 2017.html There is also free parking on site but we do have extra parking at: The Advantage Nursery Red Lion Business Park, Fullers Way North. We look forward to seeing you all.
  15. Every time I pop in to visit Hintock something new seems to happen. Either with the layout or your weather. The new work on HTQ looks to have been the right direction to go in as, now, everything seems to flow smoothly from one end to the other. It must take great courage to mostly scrap what is an already finished, and to most, a perfect layout and start afresh. But when you do something wonderful seems to happen and you end up with a model even better than the first attempt. As always, John, keep up the great work and I can't wait to see the end result.
  16. It's great to see some progress on Kingsbridge. The control panel does look the business. It will be interesting to see how you implement the signals. Salcombe has stalled a bit recently but I have been encouraged by visiting some shows and talking to other RMweb members. Unfortunately I don't get down to Devon very often now since my mother passed away early last year, but hope to soon just to catch up with old friends and take some photographs of the area surrounding Salcombe. I look forward to future updates with anticipation.
  17. Thats a lovely piece of work, you must be pleased with your self. With that extra push from a successful test run things should start moving along. Having checked the Youtube file formats you should be able to up load a .MOV file directly to it, with out going through a converter. Hope this helps.
  18. Do you mean like this?? Again more great work we can only aspire to. You and Steve seem to have the semaphore signal market cornered. :-)
  19. Some wonderful photography of brilliant modelling. I can't wait to see more.
  20. I have been watching this thread for a while and the layout is going to look amazing, can't wait to see it on the exhibition circuit. The shed looks great and with all the insulation should be very comfortable in the summer and winter. But I sometimes wonder about how secure sheds are having experienced my brother in laws shed being broken into and lots of tools taken away. Are you fitting a shed alarm to yours, as well as other security deterents, especially as you have clear glass in the windows. I wish you every succes for the future build of the layout, aswell as your new family All the best AndyM
  21. Hi Nick It was good to catch up with you and Much Murkle on Sunday. As always the layout looked, and behaved, wonderfully. You've done a great job on the 14xx, Thanks for the recommendation, it's definitely going on the to get list for Salcombe Harbour. I also hope to get on a bit more with the layout after your encouragement, many thanks. Keep up the great work. Andy
  22. Hi John, the current crop of photographs are looking really good. You must be happy with the new camera. With the completion of Port Bredy so close I wonder what other creations are brewing in that great imagination of yours. Like Westerner I have added a background to the picture you sent me. I found the backscene using Google maps and streetscene. It is from the Little Bredy environs. I liked the picture so much it is now my PC's Windows background. All the best Andy
  23. I love the pictures in the last few posts John. The new camera seems to be working well for you. The colours are bright and the pictures are sharply in focus. Port Bredy and its environs are aptly suited to photography. Glad you are able to get out a bit more as the weather improves. Your water in the harbour looks very effective, with that nice greeny tinge that a sandy bottom can give to water. Just an after thought, but when you say new camera, is this a new new camera or the one you have been mastering for the last few months? All the best Andy M
  24. Stunning photographs. The lighting looks like they were taken outside on an overcast day.
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