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  1. Being careful not to go off-topic, but Parkside do a very nice kit of one (although I did use an Airfix kit underframe and ABS brakegear (on the far side))...
  2. My solution to the problem (constant, annoying and inappropriate ads) is to use a proxy server - eg try the Tor browser - I'm probably showing as logged on in Italy!! So far so good...
  3. There's one on its' way to me now! The photograph on their website looks good...and check out their stock levels!!
  4. More tracks (ouch!):- - Calling (at) All Stations - Genesis - Life in the Fast Line (Lane) - Eagles - At the Station - Joe Walsh ...I'll get my coat...
  5. What? Abbott Ale not to your liking...??!!
  6. Ha! See page 1818 of WW - for 'some weeks' read some months! Grief, where did nearly three months go?!!
  7. I second that! In pre-Peco days the service has enabled me to cost effectively cross-kit 21t hoppers (later bodies on to ex-LNER high-brake lever underframes)...long may it continue.... Mark
  8. Each sprue costs £3 plus p&p. You need two sprues per wagon (each has got a solebar, bufferbeam, brakegear and two of each of plain front and roller axleboxes). I had the bodies in stock but I would expect they can be similarly bought as spares. When you add transfers, wheels and Oleo buffers (if required) the cost is not far adrift from the proposed RTR price. I've put photos (some weeks ago) on Wright Writes... Regards Mark
  9. Yes, I was really pleased that they are continuing with this. I initially emailed the Technical Advice Bureau and ended up talking to a very helpful person on the phone and paid by credit card there and then. Mark
  10. I combined Parkside's excellent body with the chassis from their 21t hopper kit (mouldings bought as spares from Peco) which, with a little modification, are more refined and fit perfectly. You also get roller bearing axleboxes as an alternative (Oleo buffers from LMS)...
  11. Excellent album!! Excellent modelling too...
  12. ...you just can't get the staff nowadays...!!
  13. Hello John Milliput is available in black. I haven't tried it but assume its' characteristics are the same... Best regards Mark
  14. Same here please: one body suitable for a Comet chassis. Many thanks Mark
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