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  1. ...you just can't get the staff nowadays...!!
  2. Hello John Milliput is available in black. I haven't tried it but assume its' characteristics are the same... Best regards Mark
  3. Same here please: one body suitable for a Comet chassis. Many thanks Mark
  4. John You can see where my latest purchase of transfers is headed...! Best regards Mark
  5. Moving steadily on - to show there is progress from the last shot - just need door handles/rails prior to painting. The ABS range of castings is sorely missed...
  6. Excellent model!! Matchbox played such an important role in the hobby with their choice - and scales - of kits. The Eduard kit contains markings for the same airframe; with Shuttleworth and Tempsford just up the road it will be a natural choice for mine too...
  7. Well, this beauty arrived on my doorstep over the weekend....
  8. Perfect...thank you... The photo of your B12/3 gets even wider coverage: there was a similar label on the outside of the parcel!! Mark
  9. Tony Look at the implications of using the terms "J17" and "M&GN" in the same sentence.... What size motor/gearbox combination did you use in yours? Best regards Mark
  10. Tony I might be able to answer in part...I'm currently building these two very tidy kits from Cambrian representing ex-LMS 12 ton steel-ended ventilated vans. A prototype photo of the type (albeit on a 10' wheelbase underframe) appears in D. Larkin's pre-Nationalisation Freight Wagons on British Railways taken in 1960 and still with brakes on one side only. On the opposite page there is an all-steel variant taken in 1962 - both wagons still appear to be in service. These two will be finished in unfitted grey livery!! On the same page as the first there is a photo of an ex-LNER all-wooden 12 ton ventilated van, which resembles Andrew's model, taken in 1969, but by now out of service. Mark
  11. Tony I think both the colour and B&W work well - the former shows a railway in the natural landscape; the latter as you might now see the scene in a book.... Regards Mark
  12. ....there isn't a button for mega-like!!
  13. Tony Thanks for the Ivatt 4MT information - I'm relieved...I thought I had missed something on mine!! There were a fair number with the token exchange apparatus on the tender for M&GN operation, but 43106 certainly appears to have been quite camera shy. John is correct regarding the ex-GWR TUBE - I believe it is made up from the long-since discontinued Ratio kit of the Open C and as such is quite a rare item (especially if unmade). Regards Mark
  14. Hello Tony, Very much liking the M&GN...how did you modify the Bachmann 4MT? Mark
  15. .....with us hanging on for more of this end of the layout!!
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