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  1. . Am I being blind or are there no 009 items on the lists ? Are Bachmann still interested in 009 ? .
  2. Didn't want one earlier this morning, now I really do want one ! ridiculous. .
  3. . I have just received my OO Works LSWR '0330' Class Saddle tank, the LSWR Holly Green Nº 316 version. Lovely little tank well finished and very pretty - I can't wait for some more LSWR wagons and the "generic" 4 and 6-wheel coaches in LSWR liveries. Excellent. .
  4. . Was it worth all the hype ? ( Not for me. ) .
  5. . I was much amused by the RAILS e-mail I received advertising the latest releases, the first paragraph read ; "Accurascale today announces all new PFA packs and gypsum container accessory packs including the very popular low level nuclear waste, Cawood coal and white British Gypsum livery. ...." I never knew that low level nuclear waste was "very popular" ! .
  6. . Moderators, For God's sake, can't we just close this thread - it is pointless. All it does is continue insults and questionable "jokes". .
  7. . Possibly the only model loco which will accurately represent the real prototype. All those models sitting still in display cases or boxes will be as the real locos sitting around doing nothing. I REALLY hope that the model goes ahead and makes KR Models money, however as a dedicated Southern Region modeller I do not feel the need to plant a £170 model in one of my sidings doing nothing ! Maybe KR Models could produce a non-motorised version to just sit still. Good luck anyway. .
  8. . Errrrr ...... No ! It is something that ANYONE who knows about surveying will laugh out loud at immediately, much like trying to brush a floor by holding a broom by its brush. It is a joke. .
  9. . Almost every time I see a Hornby article showing, supposedly, how they measured up a real loco/coach/wagon I CRINGE when the photos show the awful way the levelling staff ("measuring stick") is held. Almost every time it is not held vertical, or level, but at an angle (sometimes at quite a large angle) thus totally invalidating any measurement thus taken. Please will Hornby teach their surveyors how to use the staff, and teach their photographer to snap the shot ONLY when the staff is properly aligned. Try to be professional. .
  10. . More likely they realise that the price that they'll need to charge is unrealistic. ( OF COURSE, why it should be so high when three of the coaches - including the motor - are merely repeat mouldings, I cannot understand. ) .
  11. . A "D-1", developed from the "D", would be relatively easy and produce an engine which is very different in looks and lasted well into the BR era. It couldn't be part of a "SECR 4-4-0 - market saturation" as they were never used by the SECR It is relatively simple and cheap to develop - not "challenging" at all - a very good choice for a manufacturer. .
  12. . The obvious loco to follow on from the "D" class is the "D1" class. .
  13. . ALL manufacturers make compromises to allow their models to be usable. ALL the people who thinks fitting "wheel hubs" should set up a postal service to supply and fit these hubs with a guarantee that the model will work afterwards. It's easy according to people here and so easy ! .
  14. . That's what I was saying - both sides (seller and potential buyer) are playing COMMERCIAL games. So no problem. .
  15. . Sounds like both sides are playing commercial games. What else do you expect ? .
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