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  1. . Obviously Mitcham had a huge effect on people ! I was born and raised in Mitcham (Barons Grove, very near Mitcham station) and went to secondary school by the "2 train". IF you go through the aerial pictures and Scottish National Library maps you will see that Mitcham yard went through at least 3 (if not more) major changes, ending up in the 1950's as a major signals and/or civil engineering depot (large timber piles, etc....) Just to add to the exotic nature of one of the most boring looking stations, between it and Mitcham junction in the 30'
  2. . In this week's KERNOW MODEL RAIL CENTRE NEWSLETTER, is a teaser / riddle / challenge ; KMRC Exclusive News COMING SOON / MAYBE A NEW ANNOUNCEMENT OR TWO?! / OO GAUGE I have a wheel but I'm not a car... .
  3. . God - this is tedious. People re-fighting the DJModels fiasco with no evidence. Just grow up. .
  4. .


    I know that the update to the site is continuing, but just to note that the "mark all messages read" button is missing in action.


    By the way the update looks good, so far.  Good luck with the rest of the work.



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    2. truffy


      It's always in the last place you look. So look there first!

    3. drmditch


      Thank you for the new feature controlling the annoying repetition that used to occur when people quoted a previous post and didn't edit it first!

      I have tried for some time to delete from the quotation those parts and pictures which weren't relevant to my reply, and now I won't have to spend time doing that!


      This will make RMWeb much more useable for me and I hope others!

    4. phil gollin

      phil gollin

      Thanks for finding the "button", good luck with the rest of the upgrade,



  5. . Oh, you youngsters ! I used a computer to list my model railway items when I was at Uni, but none of your modern rubbish. In 1975 I started properly learning programming (what is "coding" ???) using Cobol 64 on a mainframe (what's a PC ?). We submitted programmes (not "programs" in those days) as punched tape to the "gods" to run overnight. Apart from real work I kept a print-out of my railway items, so I would send in the punched tape and get the printed list back on the old fashioned wide printer paper ! Somewhere in the Attic I still have
  6. . IF I remember correctly there used to be a "DISLIKE" button, but it was discontinued as some (?) people got upset when they received a "dislike". My preference would be for a "TEDIOUS" button, for those occasions when a poster interrupts a thread with an off-topic, or personal bee-in-the-bonnet post. Now, what would the icon be ? Maybe a snoring face ? .
  7. . I ASSUME that, at least for a time, these would have been the premiere loco of the line and used for such things as special trains for foreign royalty and dignitaries travelling up to London from the Channel. So a "perfect" condition loco is not really un-prototypical. .
  8. Further to the thread entitled "Jason Shron makes cover of Model Railroader", he's got a part in an Observer/Guardian feature on the odd things people do with their basements ; https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2020/aug/30/truly-madly-deeply-meet-the-people-turning-their-basements-into-secret-fantasy-worlds He is becoming a media star "When Jason Shron and his wife, Sidura, were house hunting in 2007, the Canadian model-train-seller would always head to the basement before viewing any other room. In fact, Shron had only viewed the basement of his curr
  9. . An absolutely amazing photograph which I would not have believed possible. Thanks very much for posting. ( And thanks to Harry Luff. ) .
  10. . Am I being blind or are there no 009 items on the lists ? Are Bachmann still interested in 009 ? .
  11. Didn't want one earlier this morning, now I really do want one ! ridiculous. .
  12. . I have just received my OO Works LSWR '0330' Class Saddle tank, the LSWR Holly Green Nº 316 version. Lovely little tank well finished and very pretty - I can't wait for some more LSWR wagons and the "generic" 4 and 6-wheel coaches in LSWR liveries. Excellent. .
  13. . Was it worth all the hype ? ( Not for me. ) .
  14. . I was much amused by the RAILS e-mail I received advertising the latest releases, the first paragraph read ; "Accurascale today announces all new PFA packs and gypsum container accessory packs including the very popular low level nuclear waste, Cawood coal and white British Gypsum livery. ...." I never knew that low level nuclear waste was "very popular" ! .
  15. . Moderators, For God's sake, can't we just close this thread - it is pointless. All it does is continue insults and questionable "jokes". .
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