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  1. . Can anyone explain the differences between the two "North Eastern Railway" version ? Thanks. .
  2. . I've been looking into the 4-DD EMUs, I think that KR are being very brave/bold in thinking about producing these. The curved upper windows are going to be a challenge to mould with their separate side windows, and the glazing will be equally challenging. The roof under-cut to allow for straight doors is also going to be fun. Again, good luck to KR and make a profit. .
  3. . I can't agree, as the 4-COR had lots of running in single, double and triple plain formations from the late 30's through to the 70's. Anyway, we are getting side tracked by anti-EMU people - back to KR and the 4-DD. Good luck and hope it sells well. .
  4. . Yes it will be fascinating to see what the price is considering what Bachmann charged for the 4-BEP. .
  5. . Good luck to them, however it is a very weird choice as there were only 2 of them ! Although I am very biased, I would have gone for a 4-COR, used on the Western and central divisions of the Southern, pre-war Southern through to BR Blue. Oh, and masses of character. Still, as I said, good luck to them. .
  6. . Do you not see the contradiction in that statement ? .
  7. . I see from the e-mail I got notifying me of the despatch of my MDO's and MDV's that Accurascale's UK base is situated on the old Merton Priory site, quite near one of the old Tri-Ang factories and near the Wimbledon-West Croydon line (now Tramlink) and dismantled MertonPark to Tooting line. I hope that inspires Accurascale to do something associated with the Wimbledon-West Croydon line ? One lives in hope. .
  8. . Whilst working/resting on my computer I usually have a microsoft "free" solataire game open, for when I am waiting, or bored. This originally came "free", but after a while every 20 games or so a 30 second pop-up advert would appear and annoy me. Later again, it had loud music which one had to mute to stop anyone on the ground floor of my house being annoyed. Surely anyone with half a brain would have worked out after the first 20 or so noisy interruptions that I wasn't interested, but still they continue (unless I pay to have them stopped ! ) So, what am I meant to make of Microsoft and their attempts at extortion ? Why do you think that I would think kindly on a company that wanted to annoy me into paying them money ? Now, when it comes to these pop-ups that will be (?) fully implemented on this site, what do you think I will feel towards those people who advertise using them ? If it is a company that I have no interest in using, then I'll just get annoyed with the site. If it is a model railway associated company then I will just get annoyed and, probably, be less likely to use them. Why would you buy from a company which is helping to make you annoyed ? I do not understand the logic of these pop-up annoyances. .
  9. . Oh great ! Another set of people who want to panic. Go out and queue for some petrol. .
  10. . I was surprised that it did not cover the forthcoming TV programme "Hornby: A Model World", which is due to start on Monday 11th October at 9:00pm on Yesterday channel (tbc). https://toyworldmag.co.uk/new-Hornby-model-show-steams-onto-tv/ New Hornby model show steams onto TV Published on: 23rd September 2021 The series will go behind the scenes at Hornby, looking at how models are designed, as well as showing the collectors who spend hours perfecting settings for their locos. A new TV series showcasing Hornby will air next month, giving viewers and enthusiasts a glimpse into one of Britain’s best-loved model-making companies. Hornby: A Model World will feature some of Britain’s best model layout builders, creating miniature masterpieces in their lofts and sheds, and highlight how dedicated model makers spend hundreds of hours building perfect replicas of towns, villages and landscapes as settings for their locomotives. Based at the company’s headquarters in Kent, Hornby: A Model World is a nostalgic look at the company, home to Hornby Railways as well as the Corgi, Airfix and Scalextric brands. Viewers will also see how the dedicated design teams build new models, from century old steam engines to the latest racing cars. Each programme follows the process from the drawing board to perfect mini replicas, and the series also observes the ups and downs of the design process as the team tries to replicate the detail perfectly, whether it’s a 1930s steam loco or the stitching on a First World War fighter plane. When Toy World first reported on the new series in April, UKTV’s senior commissioning editor, Helen Nightingale, said: “At Yesterday, we’re always on the lookout for hidden stories with fascinating history and passionate people, so we’re thrilled to work with leading factual producer Rare TV to share an exclusive behind the scenes look at Hornby, a quintessentially British institution.” The first episode of Hornby: A Model World, from UKTV Original, will be shown on channel Yesterday on Monday 11th October at 9pm (tbc, subject to final schedules). All episodes will also be available on UKTV Play. .
  11. . Have the appropriate coal loads also arrived, or will they be later ? .
  12. . I'll only buy another if it has the early wrap-around front/side windows - but I love the ones I do have. .
  13. . Yes, and only showing the malachite green Southern Railway version in stock, meaning that the "pretty version" hasn't sold as well as the work-a-day British Railways one. An interesting result. .
  14. . Hornby Dublo Barnstable was my first loco ! Followed by a Stanier 8F and Standard Class 4MT 2-6-4T - all superb. ( I wonder if we could convince Hornby to do a "metal" EMU . . ) .
  15. . On the thread discussing the Bachmann 009 Quarry Hunslets it has been claimed that neither the open, or closed cab versions would come with a crew figure (or pair of figures). Will you consider doing one/some ? .
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