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  1. . I worked at Cottam in the Summer of 1982 on an "outage" (the Summer big repair of one of the boilers/turbines, etc). The huge soft red buildings looked very odd at first, but after a while you appreciated how such a great lump of colour actually worked in the landscape. The main thing I remember is the weekly dummy attacks by USAF A-10 Thunderbolts - presumably practicing for the Cold War. Cottam and the other "big" stations are/were classed as 650 megawatt stations and were built to replace the existing "small" stations ( 350 megawatt and smaller ) as they were less efficient (hence around where I live Croydon and Kingston power stations being scrapped). The 650 megawatt stations were going to be followed by even larger ones ( e.g. Drax ) built as near as possible to coal sources (mines/harbours) but the death of British heavy industry followed by the "dash for gas" put an end to those plans. Whilst the 650 megawatt stations were more efficient they only achieved efficiencies in the 35 to 38% range (depending on various minor faults and ancillary failures) so gas is a "no brainer".
  2. . I thought that such places as passenger tunnels had to have a certain percentage of battery backed up emergency lights ????? Any internal space should likewise have such lights, as for the emergency escape route signs ! words fail me.. The fire brigade will be interested if the railway station isn't properly protected (of course, nowadays the station can get a fire certificate from a "qualified" consultant, instead of from the fire brigade. .
  3. . Sorry for a repeated whinge, however this is a particularly egregious example. I got an e-mail from TMC this afternoon advertising pre-orders for Bachman items. Star of the show is a new 31-460A Bachmann OO Gauge SE&CR C Class 583 SE&CR Lined Green (Original) - cost £224.95 rp / £191.21 discounted. https://www.themodelcentre.com/31-460a?mc_cid=ba21dc8baa&mc_eid=e19163d52c Amazing. Other new models are as bad, if not worse ; 31-390 Bachmann OO Gauge Class 414 2-HAP 2-Car EMU 6061 BR (SR) Green - £259.96 rp / £220.96 discounted https://www.themodelcentre.com/31-390?mc_cid=ba21dc8baa&mc_eid=e19163d52c 31-490 Bachmann OO Gauge Class 410 4-BEP 4-Car EMU BR (SR) Green (Small Yellow Panels) - £449.95 rp / £382.45 discounted https://www.themodelcentre.com/31-490?mc_cid=ba21dc8baa&mc_eid=e19163d52c Well, no one makes me buy such things, and I won't. .
  4. . Excellent news - the "Englands" although quite expensive (!) are much more representative of the normal hard worked, simple Victorian narrow gauge locos. I would certainly buy a couple. The double Fairlie is an engineering nightmare, but Kato have done some wonderful locos in the past.
  5. . Another forum has noted some new/future coaches :- http://ngrm-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/24133-Bachmann-thomas-narrow-gauge-coaches/ .
  6. . I do NOT want to put words into others' mouths, but the main reason for restricting such surveys to single, or small number of choices, is to try to concentrate the respondee's mind, otherwise they might swamp the survey with "wishlisting" - witness what a VERY FEW people have done above. Look at my footnote below, LOTS of things I would like, but I had to choose carefully for the survey. I think my answers are perfect, but I'm just me, hopefully the survey will make more sense to Accurascale (especially if other people share my peculiarities). .
  7. . Thanks, excellent news. Good luck with all the new models. .
  8. . Can someone confirm that this model is still going ahead (now that the Class 11 and 12 diesel shunters - via Heljan - have been announced) ? If so, any idea when ordering will be opened ? Thanks. .
  9. . Ahhhhh . . . but the ethical/philosophical question is would it be right to buy such a model (should it ever appear) if (and we don't really know) it was the Chinese manufacturer who helped DJM go under ?????? .
  10. . .... "and 50p" ! Who bought half a model Atlantic ? .
  11. . The BBC News Channel has given the ages of the two rail workers killed and the fact that they are from Bridgend. They stated that the two people killed were wearing ear defenders and couldn't hear the train approaching. No source given. Sympathy to the families. EDIT:- Statement by a British Transport Police spokesman now shown - confirms the above details. .
  12. . Did the Southern Railway not paint the yard allocation on its cranes ? .
  13. . Again, I will note that the crowdfunding was, supposedly, for the CAD development. CAD was developed. Theoretically that CAD has a value/residual value, but the statement of affairs states that that is assessed as zero, so (at least in theory) the money has been spent on what it was meant to be, but that is now worthless. ---------------------------- That is a simple look at things. It could be that there are more complicated, less simple aspects; - was the money raised sufficient to allow the CAD development to go ahead with a reasonable chance of success ? - was the money spent (whether directly or indirectly) only on CAD development, or was it used on other things ? - was the reason that the CAD became unavailable to use by DJM (and hence zero value) down to DJM poor decisions, or something outside his control ? - etc ... HOWEVER, that does not take away from the fact that, at least at a superficial look, the crowdfunding was used as envisaged. .
  14. . Mike King's book "Southern Coaches Survey; Pre-Grouping and BR Mk 1 Stock" has been advertised on and off for some time, Crecy are now saying it will be out in Thursday 31 October, 2019. http://www.crecy.co.uk/southern-coaches-survey-pre-grouping-and-br-mk-1-stock We will see whether this happens. .
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