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  1. Hi folks, I was wondering if there were any trains still using the Portbury branch these days? I live next to it and have not seen a train in months, the railhead was quite rusty when I last saw it.
  2. Pete Briddon posted some info about them here, very imposing beasts! https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/152868-steel-works-locos/page/2/
  3. Sliced off the stovepipe and replaced with something more anglicised, a copper cap. Also decided to do the lazy method of masking off the wheels without removing the body. Simplified the lining even more to avoid having to do curved corners, think it kind of suits the boxy loco design. I really like this livery!
  4. Hi folks, thanks to James Hilton we can now offer the ISC No.2 kit with appropriate transfers! These are based on the livery worn by the loco in its late industrial career. https://www.railwaymania.net/shop/avonside-b4-bodykit-isc2-edwin-hulse I made a video to show how they go on, and the results:
  5. Sounds cool, might be worth looking at some common features and seeing what you might be able to make using what you have available? So it looks like almost always, the cylinders and chimney are located just in front of the leading axle, and the two driving axles sit either side of the firebox. The leading wheelset seems to usually be quite large. I would say overall dimensions are usually similar to an 0-6-0T, some cases identical such as the Terriers that were temporarily converted - note the splashers have been retained on 'Boxhill'
  6. I am SO EXCITED that the Avonside B4 kit is in the latest edition of British Railway Modelling Magazine in a build article alongside the Hardys Hobbies 16" Bagnall! Thanks to Phil Parker for doing the article and build, hope you enjoyed it!
  7. "Why do you want to borrow the company camera?" -"Well...." Nothing kills like overkill I guess, and in my defence my little camera was over by the desk. The little 14" Bagnall is ready for weathering and nameplates before it joins the Tidmouth Docks Authority fleet, posed here with its stablemates. I got some cheap laser cut card organisers for my work area which work quite well. I had wanted to posh MDF ones but once I'd added them up the cost was substantial. I've cleared what will become the layout/diorama area. and got some of these to help me organise 'active projects' and prevent parts going missing. My supervisor said this was a good idea, as were head and/or tummy rubs. I also splashed some birthday cash and got one of these beauties - have been after one for ages and this had a little discount due to a damaged box. Soon to become a TDA loco.
  8. It does look like a submarine! https://www.flickr.com/photos/tibshelf/8171795106
  9. Would an enclosed cab/tender cab have prevented that?
  10. Just for a bit of fun, reproduced from 'Charlie Strong - a lifetime as an honest businessman' by Wild Goose Publishing.
  11. Hurrah! The Avonside B4 (late) kits are now available. 3 variants are on offer: Snowdown Colliery 'St. Dunstan' https://www.railwaymania.net/…/avonside-b4-bodykit-st-dunst… Snowdown Colliery 'St. Thomas' https://www.railwaymania.net/…/avonside-b4-bodykit-st-thomas Mersey Docks and Harbour Board No.3 https://www.railwaymania.net/shop/avonside-b4-bodykit-mdhb3 All are designed to fit the Hornby Peckett B2 chassis with no modification. £49.50 each including UK postage.
  12. Well you know, I was trying to work out a way of getting the full lifetime of the 9F would also mean yards would not need to be electrified as it could run on its steam reserves when shunting.
  13. From earlier in the thread, a 25kV converted 9F with heating elements in the boiler and ground-level water filler - no climbing on top of the tender when under the wires!
  14. Makes me think of the methane-powered train in Mad Max 3. Was combustion a concern in a gas works environment?
  15. That's made me think of something a bit more mundane, but a town gas supply would be able to heat a steam boiler and create a reservoir, so a gasworks shunter could have been a fireless loco?
  16. This spotlight focuses on the Alumina wagons for the Tidmouth-Peel Godred traffic, heavily inspired by the NE ones used on the Burntisland (which I fumble the pronunciation of) to Fort William route.
  17. Looks great 47406 - note that you used ply, it is very smart. We got trains running again on the layout yesterday and did some testing with the Class 41 - this is an ancient Hornby HST with the pewter cab conversion, and remotored with Hornby Class 67 motor and bogies, using a Bachmann Junior DCC chip. Was very impressed it managed well with 9 old coaches in tow, struggled with 10. Makes me confident that 2 power cars will do ok with a full HST rake.
  18. That does sound rather fascinating, I'd love to give it a go. With my Mk.1 timetables I cludged it by taking distance between A and Z, then average speed between stops, then number of stops x dwell time per stop. So it's not terribly scientific but was a short hand method of figuring out how to get trains to meet up at certain junctions/connections, or depart at specific times.
  19. Didn’t take long for the Terrier to be pulled apart to repaint...
  20. It does depend on which one you are modelling. On the 14" Bagnalls like this one, there is no protrusion above the running board as far as I can see - the sandboxes are above the cylinders though. I suspect that on Alfred and Judy the steam chest sticks up as the running board is so much lower. What I was going to do with this one is cut away the vertical part of the cylinder cover (as I have done on the 0-6-0 chassis), and potentially also add a wrapper to increase the diameter of the cylinders slightly, maybe from brass or styrene strip, to bring it closer to the underside of the running board. Hornby made the motor block as tall as they possibly could on both Pecketts, which restricts what kind of bodies can go on.
  21. 27th September but the discounted stuff is disappearing fast. All the Pecketts were gone when I was there
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