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  1. There is the LSWR road van coming from Kernow shortly. A couple ended up at the Longmoor Military Railway.
  2. My gremlin would have said scoff the lot and damn the consequences.
  3. I would love to see a kit in 1/72 or 1/76 scale. A kit would be preferable as they varied considerably as to what windows were fitted according to role.
  4. Its a CMP Chevrolet C8. The smallest of the CMP vehicles. It served much the same purposes as the Humber 4x4, staff car, ambulance etc.
  5. It appears that it depends on the vaccination centre. Some have set up a system where they can contact those waiting and call them in for the jab so as to use up the jabs (as Tony said above whilst I was typing this). Others however have not done so for various reasons and they've been wasted.
  6. Backing out the way he did was also stupid, and probably illegal.
  7. I'm looking into the possibility of converting the four wheel brake into a GE example. The main difference is the guards lookout windows, six instead of four and shallower. It looks possible to be able to cut out the window aperture, file off the raised detail and fit an etched end to the coach. I will need to obtain an example first though to see if its feasible.
  8. Looking at the models (and the real thing) it is apparent that the door tops stand proud. Would an etched or laser cut door tops be feasible? Or even complete sides such as those made for the Ratio 4 wheelers.
  9. Wouldn't the door tops be wrong for the Metropolitan Railway?
  10. Also illegal, and a reason for getting the car crushed.
  11. I had a UTI about 20 years ago and it does affect you mentally. I hardly knew what day of the week it was sometimes and not helped by some of the anti-biotics I took.
  12. I seem to recall one such incident, where and when I couldn't say.
  13. If your not a rivet counter its a very useful vehicle. Often used for things such as fruit and fish traffic and many lasted for a long time as tool vans etc.
  14. Some people still think it should have been rebuilt and re-opened, why? It was built to serve a ferry service that no longer runs and there is now no reason or need for the line.
  15. Then there's the question of where to put the battery. Not a problem on brake vehicles but could be on other stock.
  16. The only major difference between the various Whitcomb locomotives was the cab, the shape of the bonnets was the same. As originally supplied to British forces for use in North Africa they had a full size boxy 'American' cab (and cow catchers). They also had a double row of vents on the hood side panels covered by wire mesh. Later when the war moved on to Italy the cabs were cut down to fit the Italian loading gauge. It was two of these locomotives that ended up in Longmore. For D-day initially the cut down version was continued with a slightly more rounded cab and the hood vents changed to a
  17. There's a few on E-bay, but check prices and vendors rating. Also at the moment if your buying from China it will take some time for it to arrive.
  18. I have ordered one just recently but I have a feeling that I may have ordered one when they were first announced.
  19. Is it a dent? It might be a reflection like on the other side panels.
  20. I found this a couple of years ago when I ordered an 'exclusive' Oxford Diecast model. It was delivered promptly but had a fault which I was able to deal with without the need to send it back.
  21. There's room in the 48DS for a stay alive so it shouldn't be a problem.
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