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  1. As I remember it, the photograph would not look much different if it was in colour.
  2. Just noticed the baby buggy parked next to the sign.
  3. Brazil is 5' 6", the same as the Iberian Peninsula. It would not be difficult as although in this case they are one-offs many components are standardised and companies such as GE and English Electric (5' 3" gauge 08's for Victoria Railways) design their products with different gauges in mind.
  4. More on the buildings history. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Manor_Hospital,_Salisbury
  5. If I won the lottery I wouldn't be moving very far. Just around the corner are some very nice chalet type houses with four bedrooms, two on the ground floor.
  6. There would probably been regional differences such as occurred with nationalisation when it eventually happened. The Western region went its own way and the Southern slightly less so with diesel hydraulics and electro-diesels respectively. The North Eastern had been looking at main line electrification prior to the grouping but it didn't go forward largely due to finances but perhaps with central funding it could have happened. The ECML electrified at 1500v DC before 1939 anyone?
  7. Most bungalows hereabouts are snapped up by developers, demolished and at least two houses and sometimes as many as five houses built on the site. Its known as bungalow eating.
  8. They sound very cruel but then not as cruel as a choke chain.
  9. If Gresley had gone down the compounding route Stanier was bound to follow. Or for that matter if Stanier came up with a compound pacific likely as not Gresley would have followed suit. Then would have Bullied considered compounding for the West Country routes? Or Hawksworth for the Cornish routes?
  10. I recall there being a You Tube clip of a car having an altercation with a tank.
  11. Problem with my garage is it was built in 1959, the same year that the 105E Ford Anglia, the Triumph Herald and of course the Mini were introduced. The problem today is that cars are far bigger and even a modern day 'mini' car would have trouble fitting into it.
  12. Went through his listings, no sign of the rest of it.
  13. That was the premises acquired by Standard after WW2 and IIRC was a wartime shadow factory. The original Triumph works was a former spinning mill in Priory Street and this was the one that burnt down.
  14. My order has just arrived this morning. They look great but will have to wait until later to examine them fully as I'm off out soon.
  15. I was wondering about the small wheels, unusual for coaching stock.
  16. Those diorama bases are thrown out by many modellers. I have several sections of the 'road' that comes with the German 8 wheel armoured car. trimmed and joined together* and the 'shell hole' filled in they can make a reasonable length of road for the layout. *Alternated with each piece the opposite way to its neighbour.
  17. About fifty years ago I knew a few retired prison officers. One of them had been stationed in a young offenders unit in the late 50's. They had a group of teddy boys in for various offences and their leader was a stroppy so-and-so. This led to a sit down by the inmates led by the stroppy one. My friend asked the senior officer what could be done. He told him watch what I do. He then went to the cell of the troublemaker, pulled back the bedclothes and peed on the bed. He then collected the urine stained sheets. He took them to where the inmates were, held them up and said "You've wet your bed again ******." There was never any trouble from that quarter again.
  18. My order was dispatched on the 21st. No sign of the postman yet this morning and he's usually been and gone by now.
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