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  1. I see they've been suspended not for having the man cave but on fire/health and safety grounds.
  2. I doubt it, Minic Motorway cars were way overscale, it might fit one of these though. https://www.asiatees.com/display?Miscellaneous-All-Parts-Hop-Ups-Upgrades&brand=Miscellaneous&model=All&id=175701&pid=1
  3. That shouldn't be a problem for me. I have a shoebox full of battered Cararama and Oxford cars picked up at swap meets for pennies so I should be able to find some suitable wheels.
  4. I can imagine what would happen if the lights went green just as the barriers were coming down. Some chancer would try to cross.
  5. There's six available, all listed separately, I've bid on one of them.
  6. I've looked for it in vain on e-bay. Can you give a link or item number please?
  7. Take a look at some 1:1 scale items. I have seen all sorts of bits used as loads many removed from things such as old telephones and household items. I have even used the internals from a 'pull-and-go' toy truck suitably painted.
  8. Its 'A nostalgic look at Liverpool trams 1945-1957' by Steve Palmer & Brian Martin. I've checked it but there seems to be no reference to the bus services. The tram service was route number 3 but sadly no mention of bus services.
  9. I have a book on the Liverpool tramways but I can't access it at the moment. When I do I'll have to check to see if there's any information.
  10. And some of them covered long distances and covered large areas.
  11. A former Pacific Electric line now only used as a headshunt.
  12. https://newsthump.com/2020/09/20/boris-johnson-insists-he-can-hold-back-the-second-wave-like-a-right-cnut/?utm_source=NewsThump+Newsletter+Subscribers&utm_campaign=c8f9e6e303-RSS_EMAIL_DAILYBRIEFING1&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_7d11245827-c8f9e6e303-435921077&mc_cid=c8f9e6e303&mc_eid=53df6e2043
  13. For a minute I thought you meant a different Presidential election. Oh hang on......
  14. NOT mine but posted here with permission. Brierley Canal Road. Blog here on RMweb. Courtesy of Chris Nevard.
  15. The bottom line is the disparity between the two dimensions. There's probably some disparity on almost every bridge that is signed as this one is but it should never be as much as in this case. It should be no more than a couple of inches or five centimetres.
  16. Actually the British vehicles are quite interesting. The ice cream van is a Bedford CF, the Transit motorhome with CI body and the ice cream van on the right which is unusual being on a BMC FG chassis.
  17. As pointed out, 13 feet is not 4.1 metres but is considerably less which in this instance as pointed out is 5.4 inches (13 feet is 3.96 metres). Thats still a difference of nearly five and a half inches. If your driving 44 tons of HGV that is 4 metres high and the sign says 4.1 metres you have every right to expect it to be the indicated height and the margin of error between the two systems should be far less than in this case (5.4 inches, nearly 3%).
  18. Unlike EFE Corgi buses do not have the plastic plug that holds the metal pillars that hold the model together. It is necessary therefore do drill a hole as close to the pillars as possible. Looking at your picture it appears that the small round studs along the centre line are where the pillars are so drill through them.
  19. Definitely a Wiking model, probably a German prototype such as Hymer or Westphalia. Both companies better known in the UK for motor caravans.
  20. Whatever dimension is correct its going to make a lot of money for the lawyers.
  21. 20 centimetres is a whopping 8 inches in old money. If that sort of discrepancy is common its no surprise that continental drivers and many younger drivers who have only been taught metric keep hitting bridges.
  22. The LNER painted most of their camping coaches in the green/cream tourist livery. They were frequently moved about the system and placed in storage during the winter months as well so it would be quite legitimate to include one in a (goods?) train formation.
  23. It says 4 metres/13 feet on the bridge sign. 4 metres is 13 feet 1.5 inches. I wonder if some signs have even greater discrepancies.
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