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  1. For this weekend only our usual service will be steam operated both days for NO extra cost. Brookes No1 will be in action on both Saturday and Sunday from 10.30am AND we have our ever-popular pop-model railway exhibits. Come and enjoy a ride in the last of the summer sunshine and take a stroll in the park.
  2. こんにちは Kon'nichiwa This weekend we have something completely different. A Japanese N gauge layout
  3. 26007 on the Sunday along with some from my archive of the same loco when it did the S&C service in 1990 into the other side of Keighley station. Just over a minute enjoy the thrash.
  4. Last weekend we had an O scale shunting layout based upon Slough Estates just a few feet away from our Hudswell Clarke loco Slough Estates number 3 (model of which was also on site). Well it's back to a little normality this weekend after our very successful gala last week. However there's still plenty to see with three more model railways on display. 'River Don Steelworks' in 00 gauge, 'Angst-Lesspork' in 009 and 'Lockden' also in 009. There is some fantastic modelling talent on show so pop along for a look.
  5. One simple thing to do that was posted not long after these 08's were issued is to improve the pickups. The factory ones wipe onto the tyre tread and can pick up muck. I can't remember who originally posted it (on here) but mine has had pickups fitted that wipe the back of the flanges and this makes a big difference.
  6. The alternative is to use the alignment pin as the electrical connection to the selected track.
  7. On one YT site I saw a variable resistor (potentiometer) used on a workbench to adjust the brightness of LED's. Upon the desired dimness is achieved the resistance was measured so that a normal resistor could be used instead. Many will start with a 1K Ohm and also have a variable one to adjust the brightness similar to the Just Plug system from Bachmann. Subject to the lighting type to be represented you might like to look at various online retail outlets as many do "flicker" to represent way that flames move in the wind. Many LED projects are available from https://www.layouts4u.net/
  8. I have seen YT of a guy in USA who used an ATTiny to take a single output from a decoder to create a rotary beacon. Depending upon era a coach might need interior lights, central door locking lights and a driving trailer control of the head/tail lights. Like many I have a few spare decoders as a few sound chips have been fitted.
  9. I'd always have an external transformer similar to those for laptops these days giving low voltage to the controller. Many years ago whilst working at a boarding school one of the lads brought his desktop machine for us to repair after the PSU went pop. He was from USA and didn't realise that he didn't have a switching PSU. Easy replacement PSU ensured that OK in UK and USA.
  10. It's Bank Holiday so that only means one thing...3 days of steam with 1310! Also the continuation of our pop-up model railway exhibition. This weekend sees 'Middleton Colliery' in 00 built by members of the Trust. Also 'Swiss Cottage' in 00/009 depicting a WW1 trench supply yard. Let's hope the sunshine makes an appearance as well.
  11. I only have singular units so there is no conflicts. Blue Pullman uses it's class number. Derby light weight uses 4 digits from power car number. There was mention of having issue with some locos where they have no number as an example my prototype Deltic is numbered 8999 ie 1 less than D9000.
  12. Looks like I might be tempted by Enterprise stock hoping for a big Hunslet in future. I do like the details included in these and envisage that the technologies used will pass into future models. Lighting and details reminds me of a Canadian manufacturers north American products. How about a tail lamp also controlled by magnetic wand on the brake end?
  13. AMJ

    EBay madness

    I always think that if you want something have multiple browser windows open to compare what is on offer. But then there are many folks who are blinkered into thinking that "I won it", no you are the punter who paid the most!
  14. The bank holiday weekend (all 3 days) will feature another 2 layout. One of which is the colliery layout built by various Middleton members. I have been asked to keep an eye and operate this on Saturday. Different layouts of various scales etc are planned each weekend until the end of September.
  15. @brianthesnail96I'm sure knowing Bachmann that if you wait long enough your preferred loco will be in the range.
  16. Our Pop-Up model railway exhibitions continue with 'Watson Street' (EM gauge) and 'Dolwyn' (4mm narrow gauge). Diesel service on Saturday with 'Austins No1' and steam on Sunday with NER 1310 back in action. Hope to see you all there! This will be a premier for Watson Street.
  17. Soundtraxx support should be able to assist. Suggest that if you are in the UK contact by email due to the time difference between here and Colorado. https://soundtraxx.com/support/troubleshooting/
  18. Lionel Strang always seems to have a positive vibe and a sense of humour on all that I have seen him on. He does a great monthly show with Ron Marsh (Rons trains n things) and Tony Cook.
  19. Might not be a decoder/throttle issue, as the loco has been sat for a while are the wheels and pickups clean?
  20. A rather nice video celebrating twenty years
  21. The models are planned for both each Saturday and Sunday they are located on the mezzanine floor up the steps next to Henry de Lacy. @Crantocksorry you had a wasted visit, this was due to person attempting to fill jobs late on Friday when they should have been filled on Monday. It's the first time in 60+ years that we have cancelled a day. I was disgusted as were many of us who could have run the railway and were on site.
  22. I suppose that there are a few different schools of thought about fitting a crane with motors for all of the possible animations. Traverse Jib up/down Rotate jib Hoist hook Technically unless you had a decoder that could cope with 4 reversing motors I presume that most would require 4 decoders. A quick dirty thought might be a low powered relay from a different function on a decoder to direct the motor output to the relevant motor. Tempted to experiment at some time with one of these https://sarissa-precision.com/products/steamcrane-rollingstock?fbclid=IwAR1BLvBAe1sTxwbu1PMBFGnKesFqF_KQIQIIdiNLjLbpDL_ZxM5F3BKRRSo
  23. Yesterday was the first weekend with our pop up mini model railway exhibitions. Layouts yesterday were Ilkley in T scale and Millfield Yard in N scale. Each weekend there will be two different layouts each weekend for the next few weekends. Admission free, train rides at normal fares. See link to main site below.
  24. I can understand the logic in taking an existing vehicle as a testbed for different technology. A JD will make a change to Cat power that seems to showing in many other items. Wonder how long before someone tries a JCB engine. I can envisage that someone will do a loco/unit that runs on batteries and then sit at a station on the juice recharging.
  25. An excuse to get one and run it with the Hattons Genesis GCR livery coaches.
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