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  1. Rich There aren't any commercial replacements for the short, stocky buffers between the coaches. It isn't impossible to build your own with some brass tubes. It does get difficult to spring them properly, but if you make your own coupling to go round your worst curve, that won't be needed. Mike
  2. I think you'll find these crossheads and slidebars are for BR and LMS engines, they certainly aren't a GW design. Consequently, they won't have the length of slidebar to cover the stroke of the engine. I could be mistaken, but don't think I am. There are lots of spares for OO Halls on Peters spares. Start there, it will be cheaper. Mike
  3. The website is back up and the page with the webshop, is working. Dare I chance an order for flux? Mike
  4. Hi Mike Just wondered if you'd had time to do the missing motion bracket etches for the 3P yet. No pressure, just a question. regards Mike
  5. Superb observation and utterly convincing modelling. Mike
  6. Rich A tip I had over etching, especially where fine detail was required. Use the thickest material possible and then half etch. That way you get a reasonable strength in the length of the side and a good depth of definition in the detail. I believe your coach will benefit from using etched sides. To my eyes you've lost some detail in the printing / cutting. Mike
  7. RIch This is what I use for my coaches. https://www.wizardmodels.ltd/shop/wagons/c20/ Mike
  8. Hold your horses Rich, I have an absolute mountain of Comet bogies, what size do you need? If I have them, they're yours for the postage. I'll never use them - I have been meaning to put them on Ebay.... But I do have a question on the L22, were the rain strips really that thick? Stay safe Mike
  9. Roxey mouldings are worth a try. And I know Mark Seward - who runs the GWR modeller Facebook group - also does a fully working GWR corridor connector. The Masokit ones are good, but you will need surgery on your index finger, because you have to hold so many parts to solder them in...don't ask! I made 3 sets and I could not stand the thought of more burning flesh, so gave up and used paper ones from Modelmania in Bristol UK. Mike
  10. It appears Andrew has started to put the instruction sheets up with the sides. All the ones I have were complete. Mike
  11. Cracking job on what's a difficult build, especially with the rebates in the roof. Did this sit on 9" bogies? You could always get some brass sheet and make your own chassis, bit hair shirt, but with some 1.5mm brass L angle... Mike
  12. That's now going to be a problem...the Comet site has been taken down, so trying to find the bits that went with the sides is going to be hard work. I don't know if Andrew is going to re-publish that information. It was so handy and useful to see which parts were needed to complete the kit. Mike
  13. It's because the buffers were different at either end of the coach. Nearly all B sets were paired for life...there are exceptions. The buffers where the sets joined were much small than the normal. This was certinly true of the E147 sets. Have a look at Tim Ventons site, there are photos to show this. Mike
  14. Nice one Rich, that's what I would have done. I'd like to see the finished job. I was going to do a set for Little Mill...but that won't be happening now. Mike
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