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  1. Very convincing and in the same vien as the surrounding buildings.
  2. Doesn't Rumney Models do these? Either as a kit or upgrade. I'm sure Justin would be a good starting point. rumneymodels.co.uk Mike
  3. Try 247 models. https://www.247developments.co.uk/loco_detailing.html Mike
  4. I think most of the B set history is covered here: http://www.gwr.org.uk/b-set-notes.html Mike
  5. Like it, I take it the joins are from the limiting factor of the print length? You get a better picture of this things size on your Twitter photos. Will you be printing the doors as well? Stay safe mate Mike
  6. Cheers Mike - best news of the week. Mike
  7. HI Mike I sent payment Saturday, have I been lucky to get the 3P etches? regards Mike G
  8. Can't comment on the Star kit, but I did build the County. Threw most of it away, had to scratch build the boiler, firebox, smoke box and lets not forget the splashers. The footplate was the wrong length. Used a Comet chassis. The castings were good. As already said a good intoduction to scratch building. But, strangely enough the tender was great! Mike
  9. Mike Love the Stannier. In 4mm - how much and when will it be available? regards Mike
  10. You could always check the diameter (plenty of sources for that, if you're struggling give em a shout and I'll find it) and make them out of brass pipe. BTW, all the parts for the 42xx have now been sourced and having successfully been made redundant on 20/12 I have no reason not to start it - other than finishing a 56, 57 and another Brit! Happy Christmas mate! Mike
  11. Excellently produced video, thanks for taking the time to post. I thought it was a really good programme of layouts and really friendly. Mike
  12. Already been fixed...but thanks Mike
  13. Yep - goes together well. Just use your head when it comes to bending stuff up and don't rush at it without thinking first. And don't be afraid to put supports in to help with construction...they can come out after (the frame for the tanks needed extra support - I'm a bit ham fisted!) Mike
  14. This is the Churchward model I almost finished...still haven't finished the buffer beams! Not the best of paint jobs I've ever done. The only tricky bit is the smoke box wrapper. You either have to be very good with a file or have a friend with a lathe. If you want to know more PM me. Mike
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