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  1. Excellently produced video, thanks for taking the time to post. I thought it was a really good programme of layouts and really friendly. Mike
  2. Already been fixed...but thanks Mike
  3. Yep - goes together well. Just use your head when it comes to bending stuff up and don't rush at it without thinking first. And don't be afraid to put supports in to help with construction...they can come out after (the frame for the tanks needed extra support - I'm a bit ham fisted!) Mike
  4. This is the Churchward model I almost finished...still haven't finished the buffer beams! Not the best of paint jobs I've ever done. The only tricky bit is the smoke box wrapper. You either have to be very good with a file or have a friend with a lathe. If you want to know more PM me. Mike
  5. Just found the photo of this before you started....Brother you have your work cut out for this! Can't wait to see the next steps...good luck Mike (I bought a Stannier 2-6-4 tank off ebay based on the pictures taken - an incomplete model - once received I realized why it was incomplete. Dreadful build quality and not salvageable, not in my lifetime anyway)
  6. Nick You can solder them on depending which paint you use. If it's enamel or acrylic, then it's no don't do it (don't ask). You can do it with cellulose, well I have and haven't had a problem in over 50 (Comet) coaches and they've been lined and numbered prior. I think the trick is not to linger with the iron if it doesn't take first time, come away, clean and have another go. The alternative is to put them in with cyano BEFORE you put the glazing in - and leave to dry for 24 hrs so that the fumes disappear. I've been using Klear (original formula) for putting the glazing in my coaches. Hope you're keeping well. Mike
  7. Gordon Saw this at Justin's a couple of weeks ago - wasn't completed then - I have to say the build quality is truly inspiring. And yes I still hate talent! Excellent stuff from Mr Newitt! Mike
  8. This is what they look like on a coach. Certainly add to the appearance. I didn't find them that bad to fit, but I have to admit to having to re-position these twice to get the same distance from the edge of the roof. Mike
  9. If you really want to go that far on your wagon detailing then Craig Welsh (late of this list) did a full sprung chassis for PO wagons which in included both the cleat and the capping. They are fiddly, I know, I made up 22 of the blighters! I'm sure these are still available through the Scale4 stores. Mike
  10. Where and when can we see this beaut perform? Totally convincing Dave. Mike
  11. Beautiful work Dave. Hope we get to see it run. Mike
  12. Mike When do you foresee the Stannier being available for purchase? And an estimated price? kind regards Mike
  13. Most of the Newport MRS are RMW members. I understand they're exhibiting there as well. Mike
  14. Fair play those are excellent. Where did you get the guards security bars from? My collection of Dave Geen parts have now been eaten up. Mike
  15. I can almost smell the dirt from here. Magnificent!
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