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  1. Just needs a little added grease by the rollers (stools) and the pins and pivots on the cranks.
  2. I would mix the two, I don't think there are any RTR Churchwards, to add to the mix.
  3. The trouble is that an awful lot of freight travelled at night, so even less chance of being photographed. Don't quote me but the Tavistock Junction article may have run to as many as three issues. I wonder if the Teign valley ball clay was sent by rail to Fowey in your period.
  4. I would have thought there would have been a steady China Clay traffic flow to the potteries and returning empties. I remember reading somewhere (possibly the article(s) on Tavistock Junction in the GWJ) there was a twenty or thirty wagon train from Cornwall to Tavistock Junction on a more or less daily basis, I don't know where it went from there, but I doubt that it would have been put into ships in the Plymouth area, so that would suggest onward travel eastwards. Perhaps the Stationmaster has timetable for the period, that would shed some light on it.
  5. Whatever was available that conformed to the requirements of the CWP, carriage working program. The GW rarely used fixed formations except on regular suburban services. No set formations like on the SR.
  6. If it's the branch from Witham, that will be what was Foster Yeomans quarry at Merehead.
  7. If it's on under lying clay, puddles will form, but they don't tend to last for more than a few hours after the rain has stopped, sorry! But it does slow the rot of the sleepers as they aren't laying in water.
  8. Such an area may have used ash, there's a plentiful supply for the cost of putting it on a wagon and transporting to site. It also compacts well and usually is free draining.
  9. Hi Gordon, Have you considered LED tape lighting strip, available in lengths of up to 5 metres, some come with a dimmer switch. It's usually sold for under kitchen wall cabinets. If you take a look at Kevin's Little Muddle thread, he uses some waterproof strips, he uses one strip of cool white and one of warm white, he fitted it two or three years ago and it certainly enhanced his photos.
  10. When I need a glossy finish, I use satin varnish, rather than gloss.
  11. It was a war time link, similar to the one at Lydford and St Budeaux in Plymouth. After nationalisation BR(W) passenger trains terminzated at the BR(S) station and goods was dealt with at the ex GW station.
  12. If you don't get any joy, try Modelu, they may be able to help.
  13. My local builders merchants, Palladium, sell 2.4 x 1.2 x 35mm sheets of double foiled Celotex. We used it to make a false ceiling in our club room. We just had an uninsulated pitch roof, adding the false ceiling has stabilised the temperature band from around 8C to 20C and reduced our winter heating bill by about half.
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