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Quite a bit done over last couple of weeks, all the track is now down on the first board and I’ve started to solder on the droppers, once these are done and it’s all tested I’ll go to work on ballasting the track 




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Quite a bit of progress on the siding next to the shed over the last week or two.


I’ve firstly ballasted the siding using sand and fine granite chippings, I’ve then rubbed in Das clay to give a gunky look, then the first stage of weathering was applied which was rust to the rail.  This was then followed by a mix of talc mixed with black an gunmetal blue paint.


 I’m pretty pleased so far and I’ve set up a new YouTube channel especially for 8N




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Good morning it’s been I while I must admit but I’m slowly progressing.  First up rather than North Mersey Diesel I’ll be renaming it Edge Hill as the layout is based on the real diesel fuelling depot there with only a few tweaks so thought maybe as well give it it’s proper name.  Board number two has been built, track laid and the wiring is nearly complete.  Also Edge Hill now has its water tower thanks to the very talented Rob Law















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33 minutes ago, Dmudriver said:

Nice, Paul!  Particularly the cab (roof!!) ride!! 


You'll have to get that worker to raise his arm in response to the warning tones, though!!




Thanks Rod I keep telling him but he’s to busy with his rolly ;)



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22 hours ago, Les Johnson said:

Yes Paul, welcome back. That water tower is amazing, as I’m sure the rest of the layout will be. What you’ve done with that grubby bit of track is something else!!


Thank you Les that’s much appreciated, the water tower is great I just need to make a base for it now that will slot into the ground so to speak so I can remove it when not in use.


thanks again

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Had an hour before work so having programmed the first Cobalt digital point motor the other day I got it installed to the board this morning with no issues, I skis have to say the ECoS is the best bit of money I’ve ever spent and worth every penny.




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Since the last post not much has happened other than I made a start on the base for the water tower, pretty happy how this has turned out with the weeds etc and I also made a start on one of the small details that will be scattered around the depot 113B60BB-392E-4897-94F8-5E731690BC6F.jpeg.d6a70169020c9420ee644575ccbe0485.jpeg









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On 04/11/2020 at 09:03, P.C.M said:

Look forwards to seeing how you weather this one up.


Cheers Peter.



Cheers Peter I’ll post some pics this morning 

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