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Live webcam at Grosmont, NYMR.

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16 hours ago, Boris said:

In theory you should see the schools dotting about tomorrow on and off from about 945 stretching its legs.


I was expecting to see 20s and 40s on track lifting trains , those rusty rails look like it was in the late 60s when scrap trains were still coming from the malton direction 

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Posted (edited)

They're keen:



Come with bags, perhaps they are camping out to be on the first train :D


However, I can see that the Thompson coach and it's train have been placed there since 14th May so some activity underway ahead of re-opening. 

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I haven't noticed many people at Grosmont. However a bloke just walked down the platform whilst I was posting this. Looked like an enthusiast rather than a random tourist.


On the Ffestiniog webcam I've seen quite a few sitting on the platform benches at Porthmadog. Especially when the sun was out.


Looks nicely kept still.







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