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Martin's new builds - tales from the dining room table on to the next jobs


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The station is for my Cornish branch project, 5 layers of plastic card, about 1/3rd through making.


Currently working on window sills and plinths.


The tender is a LRM MR tender for my 2P project, this will be one of the pair which were the last MR 2Ps at Gloucester.


It will be similar era to my IC DMU!

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2 hours ago, Rich Papper said:

I'm liking the building - one is working it's way up my jobs list. What is the chassis to be?


A Midland railway 2p in br condition

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Started on the body, spent the morning filing the inside of the body shell so I can put plastic card inside for the RHD conversion

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Today was busy


Finishing off RHD conversion on RHS.

More designwork on station

Drilled and fitted crank pins to MR drivers,


Ordered 3 LowRiders from High Level.

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Today has been busy with swapping the kitchen tap valves and struggling with seized hot handle.


So a late start this wekend for modelling. Giving the 2P a slight rest beside filling the boiler side as part of the conversion. Still need to find a 4F chimney, just a case of knowing what is what.


So back to the 120 and the motor bogie, I will build the 120 on its own but will pair build the IC power bogies as I will build the two intermediates straight after the two centres.


Next weekend I hope it is OK for a spraying session, will be maroon on three vehicles, OR grey on the 120.

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I used the Lima cross member as the Hornby one is too wide, I will solder a brass U over the top to mount in the chassis.


Not sure if to use side on  length, length probably better then can chop off the sides.


I lopped off the upper Lima roller fittings at both ends will leave the bottoms one and use as a base for a coupling.


There is about 1 to 2 mm sideplay in the Triang hole, I had to take quite a bit out of the chassis.


This is an experiment, when I get it right I will know exactly what to do with the next pair.

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I used earth wire from the old cable to shed  at the last house ad too short here. Been no power in shed for 2 decades.


Works well as bands easily.


Low riders are smooth and compact but not overly powerful .3 is their limit

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Not much to report but


Done another underfloor exhaust

More door hinges

DMSL reprofiled ends as too sharp


Glued side frames to Lowrider

Added interior partiitions


Now have a week off and one job will be to paint it


Also still working on wagons

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