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A change of Size and direction, Blakeney (Glos.)

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On 21/12/2019 at 07:40, westerner said:

They definitely are. If I remember correctly when I was very young back in the 1950s, they were known as "matchbox tanks" in my home town of Gloucester. Perhaps because the tanks looked like matchboxes and England's Glory matches were made in Gloucester.


Morelands factory - opposite the Wagon Works, if memory serves.

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8 hours ago, Mulgabill said:

You mean the trading estate, opposite the carting track, if you model the current scene.


Incidentally it is/was a manufactory accoding to the carved stone embelishment.




Next you'll be telling me there isn't a railway between Weston Road and the Park.

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4 hours ago, JelleJan said:

That looks great Alan, now your 3716 only needs a couple of Berry Wiggins tankers, like mine...




Jelle Jan

I recognise one of those, haha, very nice mate.

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Bucked up enough courage this afternoon to paint the backscene, I was rather worried that I might spoil the sky, I'll let you be the judge of that. To tie in the hanging basket liner I will be giving it a light airbrush with the Tamiya Flat Green.










It was all done with one main colour Tamiya Flat Green with a touch of Tamiya Neutral Grey for the further trees and Tamiya Blue to increase the dept of colour for the darker hues. It was all applied with an old Junior School brush  in a jabbing motion with just the tip of the brush hitting the sky surface. What it seems to have done is bring out the touches of blue in the sky, which unfortunately does not really show up in the photos.



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Alan that looks fantastic, cant belive you've only used 3 colours! I've just painted my first backscene, and while I'm pleased with it, it is nowhere near the standard of yours, it really does give an added depth to your layout. Did you blend the colours on the board? Well done :)

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The station building now primed and with a roof and windows, at the moment no door or chimneys. 






There will be a hedge and trees running behaind the platform.

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It seems ages since I last posted. Work on the layout has been held up somewhat with me going down with what is known locally as "The Cough". An awful lot of people seem to have had a hacking non productive cough which means once you start you keep coughing. Not the best thing to have if you are trying to model, especially if that involves glues, bits of polystyrene and strands from hanging basket liner. Rather knocked my mojo sideways for a about 10 days. I'm pleased to say that it now seems to have gone and work has now continued on the station building. it is now getting to a completed state. I'll but some photos up in the next couple of days

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I have to say I like that backscene. I didn't pay anywhere near enough attention in art classes all those years ago to even manage anything a tenth as good.

They certainly evoke the spirit of one of the captions on a photograph of Blakeney in H.W.Paar's book - "Looking west to the fair hills of Dean, that lured the Central line to its unhappy destiny".

Will you be including a milepost like the one in the book, with Forest of Dean Central Railway misspelled as CFDR?


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I've been having "fun " with my computer (changing from Windows 7 to 10). However layout beginning to get there. I've started laying out the landscape on the viewers side of the layout. at the moment nothing stuck down so photos are of the polystyrene.





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