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I want to make a casting of a 3D print, and I think I'm going to answer my question since this is the first casting I'm going to do but here goes anyway.  I was going to place the model (top down) on a glass plate and surround the model with plasticine to the level of the buffers.  Since these are the smallest part I'm worried they will break off, unless they are form by both parts of the mould.  So where the white line would be the where the two haves of the mould would meet.  I hope that makes sense.


Is this the right way of looking at it.





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That would work ok. I presume you are casting in Resin with a silicone mould.  


One way I have done a 2 part mould in the past is to make up a box then roll out some plasticine and lightly press the wagon into it so it is just near to the join. I then make up some silicone mould and pour it in until it gets to the point where you'd like the mould to join. Let it set then cover this silicone in vaseline/mould release, place your register marks/cones/tabs into this and then pour the next lot of silicone so it covers the wagon. When it has set you can open the mould carefully and remove the plasticene and first pour (discard this), this leaves a lovely flat face. Put the mould back into the box and cover with vaseline/mould release and pour the bottom part of the mould.

Don't forget your airways so you don't get trapped air and decide how you are going to fill the mould.


@gr.king is much more eperienced with resin than I am and produces some lovely items.

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