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  1. Do you mean a bit like this Ray Clicking on the picture will take you to the Flickr album with extended captions and a couple more photos.
  2. Couldn't have done it without the sound base layout that Vaughan built and sold to me. It would be very difficult to operate without DCC too, which was also installed by Vaughan. Having no run round facility involves using two loco's just to transfer from one siding to the other without trapping the loco, it would need a dozens of small sections and switches to do it with analogue control.
  3. A mucky wash has now been applied to the ground and ballast to tone them down a little. after all it is supposed to be an industrial environment. The same treatment has been started on the buildings, most of the low relief back ones have been done but not the ones at the ends yet. The moving sector plate has been found to be a little too short,as it will only take one wagon with the longest loco's. It is proving possible to add four inches to it without lengthening the base board it is mounted on, fortunate really as the total fiddle areas are as long as the scenic area already. I also have a plan to motorize it's movement to save walking up and down the layout, as it is operated from the front when exhibited. Knowing my snail like progress I have decided to construct every thing to do the alterations BEFORE I rip out the present arrangement, just in case it is not completed before it is exhibited at Borth y Gest in August, or indeed Bala in September! In all probability it will still be manually operated at both of these even if the lengthening is complete, although all the parts are in hand or on order for the mechanisation, mostly Meccano parts and old fashioned push button and micro switches.
  4. These pictures from the Mid Hants railway last year were taken particularly to illustrate just how uneven real sheet metal on loco's really is. Those rivets along the tank sides aren't exactly in line either!
  5. I've not been on RMweb for some considerable time, so found it quite interesting that you and I are going down similar paths. In more ways than one too, subject matter and motive power and mine is also almost an Inglenook ,by default rather than design. Mine is 7mm , a dairy, but is 0-16.5 and one of the loco's is a modified dock shunter. So, a photo for you to mull over. Clicking on it should take you to my Flickr site and click on the Album "The Creamery" if you're interested.
  6. Progress still being made,slowly! A new longer fiddle stick/yard has been produced for the left hand end. As this end has two exit lines which differ in height by 10 mm the fiddle is longer than I would really like as the rear road has to have a down grade to the sector plate. If I had used points it would have made it longer than the layout! It was exhibition tested at the Trent Valley 7mm narrow gauge "do" in Mickleover and certainly added to operating interest. Excuse the poor start and end to the video, operating and picture taking really needs 3 hands!!
  7. Wales Porthmadog "Spooners Bar on" the Festiniog station. Ales but not the large range they used to have. reasonable food too "The Australia" Couple of hundred yards over the river from Spooners. Brewey tap for Purple Moose brewery does food too. "The Station" Entrance on Porthmadog standard gauge station, opposite end of town to the other two In all of these expect to hear Welsh being spoken, you're in Wales, the folks are Welsh and it really is their natural language in this area, they're not doing it to be arkward!!
  8. I achieved this effect by using "Slaters" dressed stone walling embossed plastic sheet as the ground surface for my quayside layout. It has the similar size variation and almost flush infill. How successful this has been I will leave viewers to judge. This is 7mm/1 ft narrow gauge.(0-16.5). I seem to think (looking back about 15 years) that the walling is for 4 mm scale walls so maybe use 2 m scale for 4mm setts.
  9. That combo would probably put you below the tens at the strip.
  10. Try looking for "N" gauge wagon chassis.
  11. Mmm ! According to the findings with Genclene I should be long gone by now but i'm approaching the 3/4 of a century mark.. I used to install and vulcanize the joints on conveyor belts in a foundry for some 5 or 6 years out of 13 years in the foundry. Worked in an atmosphere full of pulverized coal dust (used in the foundry casting sand) and cleaned the joints in the belts before vulcanizing them with Genclene sloshed on with rags out of a gallon can of the stuff. The can was filled from a tap in a 45 gallon drum. Found it very handy for assembling plastic kits too. Then again I seem to have defied all of the rules, my working life in maintenance consisted of working in a provender mill (flour dust), a rubber works(french chalk dust), the foundry as above and a concrete works( lime stone and cement dust). Hobby is resin casting and building models using superglue and plastic solvents. I must be one of the luckiest blokes around as lung function tests have found no problems at all. Oh and I also fired steam loco's on the Festiniog Railway burning waste oil of unknown provenance for 20 years. Thankfully for following generations most of these activities have been firmly taken control of by Health and Safety and COSHH rules now. I seemed to have run just in front of H & S and their mostly sensible bans all my working life.
  12. Mol, off topic a little. I don't suppose you have any info on the rather tired and battered vessel in the foreground of this shot? It just appears interesting, basic, and small enough to be built in 7mm scale as a waterline model and I have two wharf side layouts (1 canal and 1 dockside) and no vessels! TIA Phil T.
  13. The beauty of coke is that it doesn't produce clinker, one of the reasons most blacksmiths used it in their forges. I used to see my Dad fetching coke for his forge in a large two wheel barrow, large because coke is light but bulky, it was light enough that he could tow it with his push bike.. I do remember him saying that the gasworks at Burton almost gave it away as they made so much of it that it was almost a nuisance by product, his boss was very keen on that idea. (How come I can remember details like this from 60 years ago ,yet I can't tell you what I had for dinner yesterday?) Phil T.
  14. Another plus point of using Gibson wheels is that if you order direct from them you can specify 26mm axle length, which is pretty much the standard 00 axle, or shorter 24.5mm equivalent to the old Lima axle length. Phil T.
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