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Lancaster Lane Sidings


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Depending on the weather, early morning’s can provide some great lighting through the window shutters in the bedroom. 




A real moody shot.




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Thank you all for the kind comments! Always enjoy getting creative with a bit of photography.


Today’s job is to weather the new mineral wagons, taking the edge off them.




Starting with a light wash of black to add some definition to the slats and bolts.




After the wash has dried, weathering powders we’re added. Rust around the hinges and bolts and charcoal black added to the panels before being wiped with cotton buds to create a streaky effect.




A coat of varnish needs to be added and then a few photos will be taken on the layout. A subtle job but at least they don’t look brand new plastic.

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Not much happening on the layout however more steam on the mainline this week! 35028 Merchant Navy Class ‘Clan Line’ passed through one of my local stations on the Man of Kent Pathfinder Tour.




Always an impressive sight at speed!



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Nothing new to add at the moment. Another busy weekend of photography meant the layout went untouched til this morning when a few wagons were shunted around for a few hours.


Both Peckett’s working overtime while the BR locos are away getting some digital tlc. A few small projects planned for this weekend however.





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I’d be lying if I said I didn’t spend yesterday drawing up plans for the second board of Lancaster Lane…the addictive nature of this hobby!


Anyway, new plans aside. A lovely sunrise this morning.



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