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The Railways of Devon


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Well we were the railways of South Devon but in true SWAG fashion we have now extended our boarders to encompass the whole of Devon. So welcome to all lovers of the railways of Devon prototype or model.

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Awakening an old topic, the Princetown branch! Any info on the quarry workings? I have the usual books on the subject which include the track diagrams so know a bit but pictures of workings are scarce. Probably not many interested in trains back then, even fewer with cameras.



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Some suggestions...

The High Moorland Visitor Centre (I think thats its name) in Princetown might have something. I appreciate you are not well placed to visit!

Also have a look at the old OS on NLS or Oldmaps where layouts can be seen.

Twelveheads Press have published some books on life on the moor with images, but I don't know if the quarries feature.


Paul B

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