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  1. It is topsoil, isn't it? Just the inspiration I've been searching for... for my last three 16 tonners!!!
  2. I'm gonna break the rules here and post a photo that could include a 16 tonner, but I can't be certain! Thing is, I like it so much for all the 'line-side interest', I really want to/ought to share it. I took it a few moments before the one in 2305, above, in the opposite direction. Hope you like it... and can find a 16 tonner!!
  3. Brian... I'm now pretty sure that the third of the 3 photos is of Tamworth High Level, and the second one Tamworth Low level... taken from the High Level station! Signal Engineer... what a fantastic memory you have!!! Can't work out where the other photo you mention is located, but, yes, that is Lawden Road in the photo, and I've since wondered whether I must have been 'trespassing'. Totally changed now, of course!
  4. Hi Brian. I thought exactly the same... then 'noticed' the overhead power lines!
  5. Found another! Same time, probably somewhere near Tamworth or Lichfield. Looks like I must have thrown down my bike, grabbed my camera, ran into the field, pointed the camera in the right direction and hoped I got the engine before it completely disappeared!
  6. And another about the same time... at Tamworth. I must have cycled there!
  7. Taken by me in my yoof. Early 60s, just south of B'ham city centre.
  8. Wonderful, and timely, photos, Robin. I'm just about to weather a few more grey mineral wagons, and the examples here are an inspiration! Lovely, thanks for posting.
  9. That's interesting David. I'll follow that up.... and Andy, the hole-punch idea sounds great. I think I know someone with a leather one. Churchward/Modellex make vents for their kits... but I've asked, and unfortunately they don't do them as separate items. Saw some exquisite ones on a signal box at Pendon... so someone knows/knew how to make them!!!
  10. I dooooo like your weathering, Rick. Always have done. Superb's the word! ... and all achieved without the 'aid' of an airbrush.
  11. Thanks for your kind suggestions Steve. Fact is, if I did have access to a lathe I wouldn't know how to use it (!!)... and my electric drill is the one I first bought in 1974 (probably an Xmas present from guess who!) and I tend to use it as little as possible!! Still works, though. A 2-speed Black and Decker! Anyway, I was thinking more along the lines of plastic rod (or tube) inserted into plastic tube for the bulk of the vent... and then hoping for inspiration to provide the conical top piece... which is really quite tiny. The whole unit is about 8-10 mmm tall. Re the plastic approach, the tube of the cotton buds I have fits perfectly into the slightly larger tube I saved from an 'anti-bac' spray bottle (I hang on to a bit of everything... just in case!) and they actually look about the right diameter too. I'll see how that develops... Best wishes
  12. I'm not far off finishing my attempt at modelling the former box at Goodrington... but one sticking point is how best to replicate the 3 ventilation thingies on the ridge of the roof. Can't seem to find a ready-made source... so any tips from those 'signal box makers' who've made some would be very much appreciated.
  13. Absolutely love your layout, Tony. Every scene is a gem... EVERYTHING in each of them 'fits' so well. Congratulations!!! One little scene particularly interests me as I'm about to create a coal yard, and I'd love to know where you got/how you made those full coal bags?
  14. Thanks for the explanation, Tony. Very useful indeed to know how you went about laying the track to such good effect! I've nothing but admiration for all you've done... track (and it's layout/alignment), buildings, weathering... all top class I'd say! I've been umming and arring as to whether to re-space the sleepers on my plain track, but as I'll have lots of turnouts in series (not unlike you have) I'm thinking the contrast might look a bit odd. Now I've seen how good your 'unmodified' plain track looks in relation to the point work, I don't think I'll be bothering with the re-spacing after all! So glad you posted! Cheers PS Just taken a glance at Wakefield West. Talk about jaw-dropping! Wow!!
  15. I agree entirely with Allan, particularly about the trackwork.... and isn't it Peco?! Brilliant stuff! Can you please tell me, Tony, what's in between some of the sleepers along the lines serving the turntable and the forthcoming shed (?) alongside? Magnets maybe?
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