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Class 20 "chopper" new and old photos...

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Photo by 'Deva Bob' : D8103 at Eastfield c.1971, note the style of yellow nose treatment with the dividing line between yellow and blue off kilter compared to most of the pre-Tops blue 20s....



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Being Western Region based I didn't see Class 20s very often but in the early 1970s they were regular sights through Oxford on MGR workings to Didcot Power Station. Interestingly the headcodes always seemed to be 6Zxx......

Here's 8154 + 8175 light engine at Oxford on 16/6/73.....1867685761_730616_D81548175Oxford-Copy.jpg.de3f7905fa44e4aad3e8eaa1b09d55e7.jpg


And 20198 + 8037 in Didcot Yard during that TOPS in-between period - date 27/10/73 (this would have been my first TOPS 20).....



And 20063 photographed near Toton on 15/10/77 from a train being hauled by 44002!......'63 seems to have lost its data panel......



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