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Class "31s" ....Photos....

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Just come across some old photos if they're of any interest... Sorry about the quality, they were taken with a cheap Russian camera and prints have been knocking around for years.


31423, failed at B'ham New Street, June 16th 1986 (I at least I think 1986, didn't write the year on the photo)




31423, same day, being shunted by a suprisingly green 08604:




31144 at Saltley Depot, April 1st 1986



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Posted recently in the "changing face of Bristol thread"

31106 skinhead in well weathered banger blue approaches Bristol Bath road, early 1980s.

A scene that is now just a memory.


Neil post-6925-0-63192300-1419804936_thumb.jpg

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I have few class 31 pictures, but here are a couple...



Not a great shot as they caught me by surprise; 31110 and 31203 heading south through Rugby sometime in the summer of 1997.



31255 stabled at Carlisle back in about 1994



Not an everyday location for a 31 - 31190 stabled at Fort William. Again don't know the date - probably c2003

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