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What colour to paint the railway room?

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The problem I have found with some colours described by the manufacturers as greys is that they can take on a lot of different hues depending on the light. I have just repainted a room which was supposed to be grey, but when the sun shone on the house at the end of the garden it took on a distinctly lilac look. 

There is no substitute IMHO for investing in three or four sample pots and trying out in different parts and with different lighting types / positions. After all, you don't really want the sky to turn green when your favourite express loco passes through.

Especially if your loco of choice is painted Garter Blue, Caledonian Blue, Crimson Lake or Black.

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is'nt the sky in the uk usually a shade of battleship grey? it was last august i was over anyway

Ah, but the sun always shines on my little bit of wherever the current layout is based.


Currently it's West Virginia and I'm sure they must have sunny days there occasionally.

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The colour I used was Johnstone's paint, Blue Horizon

The attached photo Is not the greatest picture and the layout is only temporarily in place, but it gives you an indication of my layout, backscene and light blue walls. Ceiling is white.



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And a quick shot of sunny West Virginia!




No idea what the paint brand is or the shade, it was in the bargain bits in one of the discount DIY places years ago!



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I used a gloss white paint for the ceiling, and a very light sky blue for the walls. Both were actually just leftover paint that I had, but the difference it makes is immense. Much better and brighter than bare wood. 

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