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Fawlty Towers


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Thanks for the link to the floorplan  :angel:


I've been studying the drawings and would like to hear everyone's opinion ...  be wrong to assert that measurement between the outer corners of room B and F would be approx. 25 feet?


Best regards 


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Old thread I know, but did anyone get anywhere with this?

I have just tried modelling it with a CAD program from online diagrams & typically of film/TV, it doesn't really work at all.

In 1 episode, Sybil mentions that it has 22 rooms but I can't really see any way it can have more than 7.

In places, the upstairs is bigger than downstairs.

The kitchen is tiny too..smaller than my one at home. I think they must use TARDIS technology!


But really who cares about technicalities like this. It should make a nice scratchbuilding project!

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