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TPO - where was is placed in a consist?


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Agree they were usually at the head of the train.


So you had to walk all the way along the train to post a letter in the box - and pay 1/2d more for the privilege!


I think there were some cases where the TPO was at the tail of the train for easier shunting en route.

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 Definitely steam hauled, in spite of the diseasel limping along behind. ;)


That wasn't uncommon in the far west where a steam pilot was sometimes used on diesel hauled trains.

A Hall or Grange assisting 2x D6300 or a Warship.



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There were instances where the TPO was at the head of the train when it started, then would become the last vehicle. This was the case with the Carmarthen to Bristol TPO. The main train would arrive at Carmarthen from Milford Haven, formed of sleeping cars and seated carriages. The mail coach, and sometimes a BG, would be attached to what had been the tail end, and was now the front. The train would run into the terminus station at Swansea, where the vehicles conveying mail would now be at the rear when the train left for Cardiff. This would facilitate detaching them at Cardiff, for onward conveyance to Bristol. The sleeping cars and seated coaches would continue to Paddington.

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