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Pont-y-dulais (Dulais Bridge with apologies)

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What a super little layout; your ground work is exceptional.  I've sketched a plan or two based on the Pontarddulais exchange sidings before.  A couple of other plans to get out the way first though!

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On 04/11/2020 at 11:05, James Hilton said:

Model making, when you have the mental capacity, is a real tonic

I'm not sure how many people recognise this factor, but it's something that really resonates with me.


You can have as much spare time as you like, but if you're not in the right place mentally and emotionally, modelling really doesn't come easily, at least with me it doesn't.


Another way of saying it perhaps, is that you need to be in the right frame of mind to be creative.


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34 minutes ago, Captain Kernow said:

Agreed and if I may say so, your heaps of coal and ash (?) are very well observed.

Thanks! They’re formed from DAS clay, with the fingers pushed onto a piece of sheet glass to dry. Once dry, painted, then once that is dry covered with PVA and bedded into a dab of PVA on the layout and then sprinkled with either coal or ash from the fire... the corner pile against the shed was formed in the same way but around a corner of something as well as on the glass.


35 minutes ago, Captain Kernow said:

I'm not sure how many people recognise this factor, but it's something that really resonates with me.

In general people don’t talk about mental health enough. Mine has taken a battering over the years after my Dad died so I’ve learnt that modelling can only help when I’m in a calmer space, but at those moments it really does help. These days even during the lock down I’ve felt more in tune with it, and happy to accept whether I’m up or down and not dwell but take each day as it comes.

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To both The Captain and James Hilton,
Can I thank you for pointing out that having loads of time during lock down doesn't equate to loads of modelling.
A close friend of mine can't understand why I'm having difficulty in lock down. He has a family and actual physical contact. 
I'm a solitary soul and have found that hard.
I'm now, thanks to Friends all over the world, coming to James's point of view. I'm just rolling along from day to day.
Check on your solitary Friends, no matter how comfortable they may seem, lock down is HARD.
This place has been a great place to visit during lock down. Thanks to all involved.

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